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  1. Called today to cancel and was told I could have all three unlimited for $11.95 for 6 months. Jumped on it to get my *B.
  2. We got hit really hard when the housing bubble burst. There were 3 properties. The last property was soldin June 2012. The b/c was discharged in aug 2011. The f/c will be off the report in 2/14. This has been ongoing since 2006 due to difficulty obtaining loan mod approvals, etc. I wanted to add DH on to my mortgage in 2013 since his income is more stable than mine. I am self employed now but will be a w2 employee then. But it's looking like he may not be able to be on a new mortgage until 2015.
  3. The "real" question I was asking was the process of obtaining a mortgage and what is required from a mortgage processing prospective. The 1003 application is located on google in pdf form which I have reviewed. It asks if you have had a foreclosure, bankruptcy or were a part of a foreclosure in the last 7 years. Thank God these do not apply to me. I just wondered how they would begin to investigate 2 years post bankruptcy or 3 years post foreclosure sale if it was not displayed on a credit report.
  4. I have been reading the post regarding 2 yr post bk, 3 yrs post foreclosure sale. As you may know, many times the bank may not foreclose for many years after they file the first motion in court. Question: if the mortgage is no longer on your credit report, how will they know you have had a foreclosure?
  5. i just disputed them on experian and equifax and got success. thanx guys. on my way back from my 2006 high lol
  6. I also had crown jewelers and it worked wonders while it lasted. For ordering a $50 item, I received a 1500 trade line on my report. Whenever you can get a 3000 trade line for spending 600 that you were going to spend any way, it's a great trade off. The process to credit building or re building is reducing or eliminating your baddies and adding positive trade lines. Excuse me if I'm missing your point.
  7. Malano furniture is giving furniture credit without credit check. 20% down, 90 days same as cash. Great for rebuilding credit. They say it reports to credit bureaus. We needed a dining room table so I'll see after 30 days if it reports.
  8. account closed.....after further review, they "reserved their right" to close the account immediately and irrevocably. Good thing I never made a deposit into the accounts. So it seems they are doing back office searches on accounts opened online.
  9. If that does happen, they have to give you a 30 day notice. They can't shut you down right away. This is because of direct deposit. I heard that Star Financial bank does not do EWS/Chex, just telcheck. They may not close the account right away, but you wont be able to get a deposit in or make a withdrawal, even with the federal funds coming in. Happened to me. The monies got sent back to the government and i had to find another place for them to be sent to.
  10. received the signature cards in the mail for a checking and savings account. passed the credit verification with equifax for checking accounts. waiting to see if they send the debit cards and how long the account will stay open for. i have 2 personal accounts now usaa and BOA but u never no cuz chase put me in chex for fraud for what i dont know. havent been able to take it off yet. but i always say never put all ur eggs in one basket
  11. regions will close you once they figure out who you are. The do a backdoor sweep of accounts once they are opened and close them later. Could be 2 months later. It happened to me. Hopefully things will be better for you since you opened online and i opened in the store.
  12. o yes they denied me. closed my new accounts and the 2 ones i had 6 months before in good standing. still working on suing due to this horrendous lie of account fraud. the office of currency did not want to get involved and the credit atty i called here said they dont sue credit reporting agencies. i need to get a business account and do not want to put someone's name on my corporation for many reasons.
  13. I contacted the Office of Currency again. On March 18th, Chase sent them supporting documents. The case is still in review with them. I will not be distracted. The problem is they are not reporting that I owe them from 1998. They are saying the account that they closed in March 2009 was for suspected fraud. What does that mean? I was not overdrawn on this account nor did I deposit a large check and withdraw the money out before they could find out the check was bogus. When the Office of Currency sees that I did not commit fraud, they will have to close the case. If not, I'll fight for my rights. BTW, chexsystems took off the baddie I had with US Bank because they did not verify the information. I didn't even ask for that lol.
  14. @mca, i see an inquiry from Regions on my chexsystems report. They must be working together now.

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