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  1. Well then its time for the oil (mafia) cartel to reduce production and jack up the price or the fake war extend into another region of the EU. Wind/Solar is the way to kill those m-o-f-o-'s... we cant win the cartel for sure
  2. only time I use alexa is "When is my package coming"... I have Siri on phone which is almost crappy, google waking up at odd times to say crap.. Too many of these listening to us every day and none can give exactly what we want.. I for one, would like one of these devices to tell me the Lotto number, for once 🙂
  3. I am an exclusive Alliant member and 99% of my money goes in there....
  4. Todays USPS informed delivery shows the following coming to our house 4 St.Jude envelopes, one for each in the households including 2 teens 2 Mathews crossing 2 Alzheimer's association 1 Habitat for Humanity 1 Lutheran world relief 2 citi bank checks 2 citi banks enrollment into flex loan 1 BofA check All this is 100% junk to me and I hate to toss in the recycle or shredder whenever I collect the mail. So far unsubscribed from St.Jude successfully.. trying to get to others
  5. I should have done this year after year. My address/name is with every charity in the state and I am fed up with shredding address labels I get every other day. I get So much mail from these charities and I just feel like I am helpless as I do not an option to opt out.
  6. I do not believe they are paying 22$ for a McDonalds worker. It feels like Subaru is using this excuse to not do any manufacturing here but keep it in third world so they can make a lot of money for the investors. this whole stock market is a88 backwards, they want economy flourishing with low wages, and with low wages, people cant afford to buy much and then economy tanks.. just *Admin prohibits insults that reference an individual's intelligence.* ....
  7. Same here and and I logged in two different times.
  8. I think they did, he was forced to stop tweeting without an approval from his company lawyers. But since he is the richest man, no one could force him to do anything
  9. Called the court and they couldnt find it. They told me to contact CA DMV and its been not easy to get them on the buzz.
  10. I tried a few times and each time it says no record found followed by system maintenance message. I will try again on Monday, then call them up.
  11. I have tried this link and nothing comes up. Will calling the courthouse on Monday work? I might have to drive down 200+ Miles to sort this out if needed.
  12. I got a speeding ticket in Blythe, CA and I had paid the fine and I have the details of the check that was cashed out. Recently when applying for a new job, the background check came up with unpaid ticket and I need to take care of this and show the perspective employer that it is taken care off. What/Where should I look for this? Thanks in Advance...
  13. In the last year, I used 0 checks and 0 first class stamp. Bill pay from Bank for the oddball billers is a nice to have...
  14. mailing? how do you do that? -------🏃‍♂️-------
  15. Try going to a ball game, which sucks like watching paint dry... Family of 4 with decent seats/food/transportation costs at least 300$. And they play 165 game regular season.. no wonder their contracts are in 100+mil range for mediocre players... top players can collect billion in their life time (thank god for uncle sam)
  16. We have cheap goods addiction.. we dont care how they are made and who makes them...
  17. some one didn't get their exact denominations and get upset??
  18. Do you think they provided the owner with a loaner, equivalent or a higher model?
  19. I frequently get email from Nfcu.org aka fake Navy Federal It looks real, and the email Id it comes from has domain response.nfcu.org. First time when I clicked on the link "View Your eMessage" took me to login page and seemed exactly like NFCU webpage.. but looking at the address bar gave it away. Needless to say I closed the browser. The log/pwd, the secure ID, the rSA token, the pass code on phone are hackable. Can we fake DNA???
  20. You are right.. I just saw that and almost feel like they are going to devalue thankyou points soon...
  21. This would be my last card to use unless I cant get anything more than 2%. But now they decided to make it exciting..NOT... from 2% CB to 2 Thankyou points.. Seems like they are thanking us for carrying this super turd card... going back to sock drawer with monthly 5.12$ re-occurring VOIP monthly tax. It feels like more lenders are cutting CB benefits and its getting tough to find a card and use it as a daily...
  22. Good luck to all. 0 cards in 4+ years. I will need to get a few more high CL cards this year.
  23. Leslies Power powder plus, 50 LB last year was 179, now 259. Steep increase...yikes....
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