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  1. Add me to the list.. Paypal CLD from 25k to 1024. I would let them close it as I am not ever using it either
  2. I would be mad if they rounded down my number of chickens instead of making it a whole chicken or at least some legs...
  3. SMH... this will be just like how Walgreens said a few quarters ago and retracted in the last quarter earnings, that theft wasn't a huge problem as they said Must be desperate to steal from a dollar store... cant be more than a buck and quarter that you need to steal.
  4. Not just that, they need a cook year all year... you are in hibernation some of that time ... 😀
  5. Cit is good at letting people get in.. its AMEX that is worse...
  6. wow blast from the past.. welcome suirrel girl. With interest rates being high, the 0% cards have practically dried up. Citi DPR has one that is 15 months for 0%. Try your luck. https://www.citi.com/credit-cards/citi-diamond-preferred-credit-card
  7. Titktok and the stupidity of the tiktokers is up top on my list.. slim fit and lulu yoga pants are second
  8. open the last statement, check under balances portion to see if they charged any interest or to find out when the offer expired or the current balances APR being charged.
  9. Make sure the 2nd BT is also 0%, else the payments are applied to a higher % portion of the BT and then the pay off amount also goes to higher interest portion of the BT, there by keeping the 0% unpaid after the BT due date raising interest to higher APR. A big gotcha on how the Credit card companies use the law to screw the consumer in more than 1 way.
  10. My wife always asks the CT imaging or xRay place for their cash price to avoid this hassle. IF we are not even close to meeting deductible we pay cash price before the appointment. Sometimes its PITA to deal with insurance and justification on some of these processes, like our doc doesnt know any better than a pencil pusher or a bot.
  11. Ever since helicopter parenting got involved, nothing is off the table to keep the offspring happy, even if they have to kill someone. No one works hard anymore and yet everyone wants easy life. God forbid you tell kids to study, they say how stressed they are with life and yet play video games 24/7 with taking time to be on social media. God forbid you tell them to get a job..
  12. Some companies are using this as a headline to raise prices... dollar store losing money due to thievery, I cannot belive there are dumb people to do that
  13. https://www.cnn.com/2023/05/26/us/marlin-high-school-texas-graduation/index.html
  14. Hope not just smoke an mirrors like Walgreens said a few quarters ago https://www.cnbc.com/2023/01/05/walgreens-may-have-overstated-theft-concerns.html
  15. I applied on Feb 7th, expedited and got it around Apr 24th... took full 10 weeks as claimed for expedited processing..
  16. After seeing this thread, I tried to pull CK for me and my spouse. EQ is missing on both.. I think its an issue with CK pulling EQ or Sunday maintenance... no need to panic..
  17. When I bought our house 10 years ago, our house made lot of noises in winter (still does). We were convinced that we had some one living in the attic
  18. Are you carrying a balance on this card and paying interest? if that is the case, you are like a cash cow to the credit card issuers and they can jack up the rate as they like If you pay off every month, then APR doesnt matter, as you are not paying a dime in interest and they dont make any money off of you. I hope you are the one from 2nd category, not the first one.
  19. Chase is notorious on shutting down accounts due to SAR's. They would not give any reason and the dept that does the SAR is not accessible to most internal employees either. If that is the reason for shutdown, then you will not have much luck getting in back
  20. May be FDIC insurance should increase to 500K or even 1Mil and then stop bailing out banks/people over that limit
  21. You mean, they do not have DUI's or workplace restrictions 😀
  22. Every damn merchant increased prices citing inflation as an excuse. Capitalism working at its finest....
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