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  1. I know what you are getting at... I am on some forums where people are just PLAIN *Admin prohibits insults that reference an individual's intelligence.*.. I like those forums but cant tell my secretary every hour to hold my phone as I need to fight with some dumb guy on the internet... lol...
  2. I chose to ignore the posts I do not like..
  3. Please get well soon and take care of yourself and pray for your speedy recovery and good health
  4. I got the free link for EQ and signed up for both, I and spouse
  5. WF is stuck in the past and this is one bank I will NEVER EVER do business with EVER...
  6. You've Received a Virtual Prepaid Card! $5.21 Per the terms of the Settlement, your pre-paid card is enclosed for your Equifax Data Breach Settlement Initial Claims Period claim payment of $5.21. REDEMPTION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Click the Redeem Virtual Card button below or visit the redemption site by clicking this URL: https://www.myprepaidcenter.com/redee That's what both I and spouse got it. Wondering if this is legit?
  7. From sunny AZ, good to see this but hate to be there in that weather...
  8. I havent bought a pen in like 10 years or may be 15 years. Only time I ever used a pen was to sign docs related to Mortgage refi or a check that my freaking HOA wants every 6 months. My signature changed so much that I cant even identify it myself. All due to computer and online and docusign.......
  9. Well then its time for the oil (mafia) cartel to reduce production and jack up the price or the fake war extend into another region of the EU. Wind/Solar is the way to kill those m-o-f-o-'s... we cant win the cartel for sure
  10. only time I use alexa is "When is my package coming"... I have Siri on phone which is almost crappy, google waking up at odd times to say crap.. Too many of these listening to us every day and none can give exactly what we want.. I for one, would like one of these devices to tell me the Lotto number, for once 🙂
  11. I am an exclusive Alliant member and 99% of my money goes in there....
  12. Todays USPS informed delivery shows the following coming to our house 4 St.Jude envelopes, one for each in the households including 2 teens 2 Mathews crossing 2 Alzheimer's association 1 Habitat for Humanity 1 Lutheran world relief 2 citi bank checks 2 citi banks enrollment into flex loan 1 BofA check All this is 100% junk to me and I hate to toss in the recycle or shredder whenever I collect the mail. So far unsubscribed from St.Jude successfully.. trying to get to others
  13. I should have done this year after year. My address/name is with every charity in the state and I am fed up with shredding address labels I get every other day. I get So much mail from these charities and I just feel like I am helpless as I do not an option to opt out.
  14. I do not believe they are paying 22$ for a McDonalds worker. It feels like Subaru is using this excuse to not do any manufacturing here but keep it in third world so they can make a lot of money for the investors. this whole stock market is a88 backwards, they want economy flourishing with low wages, and with low wages, people cant afford to buy much and then economy tanks.. just *Admin prohibits insults that reference an individual's intelligence.* ....
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