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  1. Try going to a ball game, which sucks like watching paint dry... Family of 4 with decent seats/food/transportation costs at least 300$. And they play 165 game regular season.. no wonder their contracts are in 100+mil range for mediocre players... top players can collect billion in their life time (thank god for uncle sam)
  2. We have cheap goods addiction.. we dont care how they are made and who makes them...
  3. some one didn't get their exact denominations and get upset??
  4. Do you think they provided the owner with a loaner, equivalent or a higher model?
  5. I frequently get email from Nfcu.org aka fake Navy Federal It looks real, and the email Id it comes from has domain response.nfcu.org. First time when I clicked on the link "View Your eMessage" took me to login page and seemed exactly like NFCU webpage.. but looking at the address bar gave it away. Needless to say I closed the browser. The log/pwd, the secure ID, the rSA token, the pass code on phone are hackable. Can we fake DNA???
  6. You are right.. I just saw that and almost feel like they are going to devalue thankyou points soon...
  7. This would be my last card to use unless I cant get anything more than 2%. But now they decided to make it exciting..NOT... from 2% CB to 2 Thankyou points.. Seems like they are thanking us for carrying this super turd card... going back to sock drawer with monthly 5.12$ re-occurring VOIP monthly tax. It feels like more lenders are cutting CB benefits and its getting tough to find a card and use it as a daily...
  8. Good luck to all. 0 cards in 4+ years. I will need to get a few more high CL cards this year.
  9. Leslies Power powder plus, 50 LB last year was 179, now 259. Steep increase...yikes....
  10. Inquiries do not hurt and they are healthy if you are not applying to a million cards. That said, there was a way to do this in the beginning when Apple card just came out. PROCEED with caution... They DID a soft inquiry to see if you qualify and if you actually apply after pre-qual, they did a HARD inquiry. They pulled TU in most cases and after the soft inquiry, some of them scary cats froze the TU report to avoid Hard inquiry. NOT SURE if that is still the case, but if you want the card, go for it. Good for 0% on apple products with 3 to 5% cash back, and is daily on purchase, is the only benefit I see with this card. Hate it use it at any other place for a mere 1%.. yikes....
  11. A lot of people on BH are going head over heels on these I-Bonds...
  12. Amazing progress... Eating right is the way to go that I have learned in my 15 year journey to get better. IF you dont eat right, no matter how much exercise you do, it only takes you so far. But eating right with exercise takes you the end zone and a touch down. We fell off the ladder and started eating more crap but we have changed our diet in the last month and seeing good progress ... Keep up the good work and keep us informed, I will be the one man support group JIC you need.
  13. I suspect the driver took the route but too busy to deliver, so they updated as delivered
  14. So far two times, UPS updated the package delivered and it was delivered the next day. Or porch pirates.. one of the two...
  15. Big ZERO for me in the last 5+ years. Nothing interests me anymore
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