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  1. I use bitwarden, host it on my windows PC. $0 cost. Also can secure that with YubiKey, but a little lazy to set that up...
  2. I am exclusively using this turd on 5% categories and auto pay every month before the statement is generated. I wish I can find 5% categories for my cable/mobile ....
  3. I almost never use safari and at times I forgot I had one I downloaded Brave, which I like very much built on Chromiium Firefox Opera and all of them failed me to login. Now i used Safari and it worked. Thanks for the tip.
  4. I might be leaving a lot on the table but I have 0 cards with annual fee and would like to keep it that way until Covid is complete gone (could only happen in my dreams)
  5. The Big negative for me is - I CANT LOGIN TO PENFED.ORG ON ANY BROWSERS ON MY MAC. It might be my adblocker or stop html video auto play or any other plugin that might be causing the login frame to open up. I have to use Mobile app to pay or look up transactions. I only used twice this year, each for Christmas and thanksgiving promos Only.
  6. Like CV said, my paycheck goes into 3 different checking accounts too. the main account gets 80% of the check and the rest is divided into the other 2 accounts, which I use for bill pay. Paycheck that is deposited into the main checking account (alliant credit union), I sweep it to savings leaving enough for mortgage and other big items that I need to pay that week/month. I NEVER use debit card and walked off the stores which demand cash or debit card.
  7. I have multiple and use them a few times a month for billPay. My primary checking is very private as my paychecks go to it and will transfers to savings and other checking as needed.
  8. Happy New Year to all. Lets hope for a better 2021, with less divisions, less vitriol, good health, better judgment and above all a year where we can talk to people, face to face.
  9. A day comes we all trade with trinkets and sticks and stones... no country is going to repay it back to others
  10. Do you know how far that lasts? I would buy Coscto Kirkland GC for one full year ....
  11. I have reoccurring billing every month and after the statement last night, I saw a online purchase bonus and was wondering if anyone get this? I dont recall signing up for any promotion for sure, as this is only used for the two purchases as shown below. Anyone see anything like this on their statements?
  12. Yea I am hating it, but I know its not a great game, but missing some sitcoms bugs me
  13. I heard there is still a 2 months waiting period for most appliances.
  14. We are going to try the cornish hens this year, with only 4 in the family and only available are big a$$ turkeys now, 3 pack conish hen seems logical.
  15. Buyers from CA are scooping up every damn house that barely has a sale sign, and with cash. The housing inventory is very low and local buyers cant get a house for the life of us, cant compete with CA cash.
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