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  1. No one can suggest you anything with the limited info you have provided
  2. Good to know. Do you know how soon I can ask for the next one 🙂
  3. You gave me the spirit and click CLI on my cash rewards. Asked for 31,000 and got it instantly.
  4. Why bother taking insurance as we never use it, when needed to use they jack the rates the next time. I should get into insurance business... reject anything and everything, rate hikes and shut down and run off when the claims go high. What else am I missing in this industry?
  5. I paid off my defaulted Amex in 2006 and next month they approved me a Hilton card. Few months later a Clear card. Now they are both sitting at 30K. If I remember correctly, only a few fell thru the cracks and got in. But majority got rejected as Amex keeps records of everyone, and remembers like an elephant.
  6. 4+ years of application hiatus. I wish there is something that I like. so far nothing interests me...
  7. I have some money sitting on the sidelines here...
  8. Thanks to iPhone tech, I will only pick up calls that are from my contact list. Rest are screened and sent to voicemail. If I get a voicemail that is important, I will return the call. Most scammer do not leave any message.
  9. Their automated approval system thought otherwise. You do not want to apply while the baddies on the account. Let them fall off then apply for a good product and build your relationship in a positive way.
  10. Its been 5 years I havent applied for any card. Nothing is interesting to me... lost Paypal, 25k to 10xx, some weird CL ... dont care
  11. Lately I am feeling lucky with "Fortiva invitation to apply" I am getting at least 3 emails per day.
  12. There is so much commentary about stores hiding their inability to sell due to inflation and bad decisions and then blaming theft as the main reason. Cant say we are not selling enough we are closing, but easy to convince the folks that theft is a problem and we are shutting down ...
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