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  1. I suspect the driver took the route but too busy to deliver, so they updated as delivered
  2. So far two times, UPS updated the package delivered and it was delivered the next day. Or porch pirates.. one of the two...
  3. Big ZERO for me in the last 5+ years. Nothing interests me anymore
  4. Few years ago we had couple of them in our apartment go bad at night and we couldnt take the chirping. I pulled them off the wall and put them in the bucket full of water... 🙂 that shut them up quickly
  5. There is an option, it asks us do you want to select the bills or should we choose. I clicked choose for me and the freaking ATM gave me 2 hundreds for a 200$ cash withdrawal.. I had to step into Walmart, bought gum and asked the lady to break it and she gave me the look.. man it was horrible..
  6. We all are fully vaccinated at home. Both my 12 and 14 yrs old got Pfizer and they felt nothing... they been playing all day after 1 and 2nd shots. I on the other hand had fatigue and pain at injection site and had to take on tyelonol before going to bed and felt fine the next day.
  7. Dont worry they will send you a few peanuts when the courts decide the fate, while the lawyers handlings the case will get rich.
  8. From feeling no pain in arm to almost popped a Tylenol before going to bed and slept good. Now the pain is almost gone, feel just fine.
  9. Scratch that.. i am feeling tired and lethargic, hopefully it will pass off by tomorrow
  10. Got my second shot of Pfizer this morning and so far so good.
  11. Since the pandemic our HOA has relaxed a lot and now I see weeds growing in the front yard of every house, garbage cans left for days after the truck came and left, dog sh*t every where... fee like living in the getto. On the bright side, my next door neighbor and the neighbor across are really good people and love to chat up with us when they can.
  12. I got my first dost of Pfizer on Tuesday evening. Wednesday I felt tired and took a nap while the short hurt like Flue shot. But Thursday things got back to normal and feel like nothing happened. 2nd shot is scheduled for Mar 30th.
  13. $400 ear marked for St.Marys food back and the rest for buying Draftkings stock.
  14. I use bitwarden, host it on my windows PC. $0 cost. Also can secure that with YubiKey, but a little lazy to set that up...
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