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  1. Above of all, all 10 players, except the keeper doenst wear sissy gloves, like we see in Baseball 🙂
  2. Several forms of cricket 5 days, both teams play twice 1 day, both teams play once and who ever scores more runs win and then there is a short form, called 20-20, each side plays 20 overs, roughly 120+ balls or pitches for the bball folks.. team that scores highest wins. I like both Cricket and baseball and played both
  3. Glad our state is at the top..NOT...
  4. You should forgive those types as they didn't see your walker.. grand pa... 😀
  5. Last time when I opened my Credit files (mortgage refi), chase got hold of the files and started bombarding me with preapprovals online. After refi, I locked my EX file and applied and they wanted to pull EX and wouldnt approve, they pulled Tu also. This time I am not falling for it and I am not applying for anything, just let these preapprovals sit there and go away in time....
  6. Systematic dismantling of rules to protect the consumer, transfer of wealth has been the great agenda for the past 3+ years. With the pandemic, you are lucky if you have some to look at your complaint.
  7. You crack me up... You cant get want you want.. we never learn this lesson ....ever....
  8. I know some one who went to get the testing done, stayed in line inside his car for 4 hours, only to be told they ran out of tests. How efficient is this process, from top to bottom. Sucks for sure... All those promises and bragging.. ouch...
  9. Hopefully July 4th didnt make it worse. I think most got it to their senses and started wearing Masks in AZ though the cases are still high, hospitalizations are high, 93% ICU beds are full, but hoping for a break. There are reports that AZ initiatiated crisis care with 0 to 4 pts determined during initial triage. People getting higher points will get the best medical care while with lower pts are left to fate. This is not the country I envisioned off.. sucks to be in this situation..
  10. Heavy cream and some hard work with sugar will get you the whipped cream... Google or Youtube will help you
  11. I have a $20 bill in my wallet, since Nov of last year.. never had a reason to shell out cash.. I wont .. went to a store to shop and when I reached counter they said, cash or debit.. I left without buying anything...
  12. Well the Economy is forcing banks to cut on exposure and since you are already using their cards to the fullest, and adding AU's triggered this action. You can call EO and plead your case and show them you are capable of paying it back and you were a good customer with a big spending and paying habits, may be.. I say May be.. they will reopen a few cards.. but highly unlikely in this environment.
  13. Glad that you cleared that up. So, when do we start collecting the reward ..lol....

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