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  1. We are going to try the cornish hens this year, with only 4 in the family and only available are big a$$ turkeys now, 3 pack conish hen seems logical.
  2. Buyers from CA are scooping up every damn house that barely has a sale sign, and with cash. The housing inventory is very low and local buyers cant get a house for the life of us, cant compete with CA cash.
  3. Thank you for taking this action. A good thread so far, until it got sidetracked.
  4. USAA is now closed, waiting on PatelCo to close the accounts. Next round, First command credit card.. I have no idea how to reach them as they report on my credit card as active and the only card I have had expired in 2014. This will be interesting...
  5. Yep, got one of those 3 years back. Due to your exception credit history (mind you, I had 835+ Ficos on all three), they raised my limit from 1200 to 1500 and offered me a BT with 3% fee capped at $200. I couldnt even do the math on that.... Now all the patelco accounts are closed (hopefully), 3 IRA, savings, Checking and CC. Good riddance...
  6. Finally I sent letters to close both USAA and PatelCo.. Need to cull a few more of these turds.. they never grew up with me...
  7. Exactly,... start your own thread and start name calling in that one.
  8. Glad you are still around. On interwebs its easy to misconstrue someones comments and at the same time, we should develop some thick skin too. My thoughts - if the card is working for you, great. It might not work for others, then so be it.
  9. K-shaped recovery is going nicely for Wallstreet with Fed funds at 0% while the main street is looking for help/handout to sustain/survive.
  10. Same old crap for the past 4 quarters, $2100 for two cards and 30K for autos, useless
  11. Right??? Every company that buys back stock, should be forced to keep aside the same amount they buyback with. We should not be bailing out corporations for their stupidity.
  12. Last time I applied for BofA, they thefted me and they refused to put the original CL back, even after they close the new card. I might get my spouse to apply for that card...
  13. I am at 0/60 rule and so far nothing interests me as my travel is at 0% and my online shopping is at 200% and need something that has no caps.
  14. I have one too many offers from Chase and I am not seeing how Chase is offering so many cards for me, is this 1999 when things all seems rosy? Needless to say i am not interested in any cards.

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