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  1. Well Alliant took away fraud transactions and some of them were never posted to the closed account. Account balance is in negative and hate to see that. Sent an email to fix that...
  2. This is a credit card and them calling me about fraud and then not flagging the transaction as fraud is a no-no. Also, giving me 2 different numbers to call, one to report the fraud and one to re-order the card.. amateur hour for sure...
  3. Fraud dept called me with a pending transaction, confirmed that I was not in Eastern state (still in AS), they re-issued a new card, which didnt show up after 7 days either. Now, the fraud transaction got posted and when I called, they said the transaction was never flagged as fraud.. hmmm.. why did they call me and re-issue a new card? After calling them, they said it will take 2 weeks for the fraud dept to come back with investigation and then I am responsible for the charge, until the investigation is completed.. really? is that how visa/master card rules are? I thought the card holder is not responsible for any fraud transactions... With an increase in AF, this car is worthless to me from next year. I learned my lesson and would never use my ACU after this year (paid the annual fee) ever again. Hopefully no more fraudulent transactions happen between now an then...
  4. Thats a good write up and I made my mind. I will be canceling this after the current anniversary expiration as i was charged $59 few weeks back.
  5. I think this is not worth it with higher AF. Citi DC is better at $0 AF and 2% CB for day to day usage.
  6. I got charged $59 late last month and I will keep until next year. Will convert or close next year..
  7. hmmmm... I am seeing this language on my card.. BofA thefted twice from 50 to 30k to 20k in the last 7 yrs.. I had stopped using it completely. To request an increased line of credit, complete the form and click "Submit" button. By clicking the "Submit" button, you authorize us to obtain a copy of your credit report and review your credit and employment histories and any other information that allows us to process your request, service your account and manage our relationship with you. Upon request, we will inform you of the name and address of any consumer reporting agency that provided reports to us.
  8. Uber seems to be a best option... You get to sit in every possible car you can think of
  9. My tax burden went up without any change between 2017 vs 2018. So much for the tax cuts.. smh again and again...
  10. Not just NFCU, every bank will do this when you default on their credit products they can go to non-retirements accounts and grab them.
  11. Sue you can, there will not be any restriction. But you cannot transfer balances between two cards that are issued by the same bank.
  12. I got the same email and I have cash rewards. It says to open a platinum card AND transfer your balance.
  13. Your offer is different and mine was for a new card.
  14. After reading the email I got, I think it is on a new card application, not the existing card. -----------Here is the email wording.... As a valued Navy Federal cardholder, you can achieve financial victory with a 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 12 months. After that, a variable APR between 7.99% and 18% applies. Just open a Navy Federal Platinum credit card and transfer your balance from another lender.
  15. Identical to what you have except, I a max 2100 for credit card offers, since my current penfed is at 47,900 limit.

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