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  1. I love my apple airpods 2, just putting them in the ear would reduce noise around me. Worth the $210 I spent during year end on a sale
  2. Will be under and will keep going down around 1 to 2% until the death curve flattens here in US.
  3. Up until last week, I had 0% with 3% fee for 12 months. now it is 4% fee.. price gouging is what they are trying to do
  4. Need some suggestions for next round of binge watch.. anything similar to homeland would be my ideal fit
  5. Binge watched homeland all episodes.. Now trying to watch westworld...
  6. I like oil going down a lot, which is like a tax free money for everyone in this country. I do not like why the stock market is going down, just pure manipulation for sure
  7. 4 more years and we shall see a 20T and change.... r
  8. I have the same useless stuff shown by CV...
  9. Sony card with CRAP ONE was stuck at 9k for 6+ years. Comenity took over last month and i got a 5k CLI to 14k last week.
  10. I like the new design, modern and very intuitive.. not too many clicks to navigate, unlike the older website
  11. Penfed wants me to use their card and offered $5 as a statement credit. I haven't used their card in ages and so I had to spend time to find the card and then got an amazon gift card fo 0.25$. But when I read the email again, they wanted me to do 5 transactions to be eligible for this $5. REALLY???? Since I was on amazon, got few more GC's and if I had paid attention to the entirety of the email, I would have deleted their email, like I always do. Now I have to remember to pay that sucker in the next few days. What a pain for $5...
  12. Just feels like an invisible card to put our purchases on
  13. Thanks for the tip. Able to login via Experian.com. Also changed my bookmark...
  14. Login page comes up empty every time I try for the past 2 days. anyone else have this problem?
  15. My spouses AppleCard did not get reported yet and was wondering if anyone ever saw this reported to any CRA?

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