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  1. Thanks to CV for the teach.. here is the CLI...
  2. I tried it and the insert image from URL doesnt like the link (https://imgur.com/a/EBpLvL4)
  3. I had 2 CRAPS ones, both stuck at initial limits for years and years. Sony visa moved to Comenity, and they are little better. After seeing your post, I tried CLI on Sony and is nice to get 3K increase, too bad I dont have any use for this card. ETA: I still cant figure out how to link an image
  4. Something is better than nothing...who is the creditor?
  5. why not more tax breaks and stimulus to keep rich and poor alike going.. Only an asteroid can wipe our debt now
  6. Not surprised. Incompetence is all around and is quite evident in the last few years...
  7. Not impressed, pay fees yearly and then you have to buy $35 to get free shipping..
  8. Its possible if the loan is not fully paid in full or if it is not paid every month.
  9. This thread should be closed and hidden as it is not adding any value other than ways to perpetuate the fraud for those how do not know how to do this.
  10. Well stuff happens when some one on the top ASSumes that there will be 15 and then there will none... now.. it is what it is... sucks and is a shame to see these stores go away...
  11. Its not the same and parents with kids would know how different and bad this online teaching vs on site. Off note: I went to costco and I saw a mom at checkout with 4 young kids in the cart and nothing but 4 bottles of Vodka. NO Food nothing....
  12. Said..well.. I cannot say more than that, as Dr.Fauci himself get a bad rep with morons and alike who think they know better... so ya... social media got mangled by crooked people for their gain and agenda has "The tail that wagged the dog"... Most of them dont know why its called Covid -19 yet they are defining our life and how to live, while refuting the science... and then throwing dirt on Science with false narratives...
  13. Ya, this stupidity has no bounds. I got this question during an online checking account opening, and I can honestly say I can list out 25 that I know off and probably thousands that I do not know. Needless to say I failed... "What is the first name of a person living in the same town as you and has your last name".
  14. RIP and may god rest his soul in peace. He beat cancer and Covid got him.. proves how bad this is...
  15. https://www.texastribune.org/2020/07/29/louie-gohmert-coronavirus/

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