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  1. Krish

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    No apps for me in the last 36 months. Only mortgage refi in 2017 Jan.
  2. I tried so many times yesterday at different times and couldnt get in. Now I am in..
  3. After 4 years I used my card with the promotion they sent me. Use the card in oct to spend 500 and $25 will be credited to the account. Used it and saw the credit posted to the account. Now this will go back to the sock drawer..
  4. NO Annual fees on any of my cards..
  5. Krish

    PenFed 4Q18 Offers are Up

    They took away my $40K couch and motor cycle.. bwaaahhhh.....
  6. I got 3 to 4 calls on my phone, with variation of numbers matching my cell digits and I just block them. My block list is getting bigger and bigger. I won't get the call unless they are in my phone book or call them back if they leave a voicemail.
  7. Krish

    EU wants to end DST

    Every freaking year, we Arizonians have to remember when the fall back or spring forward happens. Hate it..
  8. Krish

    John McCain, 1936-2018

    Been watching the TV and was moved by how much he was loved. Great man.. can't find them anymore... RIP JOHN
  9. Krish

    John McCain dead at 81

    I was watching the coverage yesterday and felt sad losing the "maverick" He set himself high standards and he often said that he lived an imperfect life and that failed to live to the standards expected of him during POW years. RIP Mr.John McCain, we Arizonians miss him a lot, and this country salutes you for your service.
  10. I saw that on FOX repeatedly, while nothing else talked about. Shame to bring up immigration status in this case, while nothing was discussed or talked about in other matters...
  11. Next time when I go see him, I will politely refuse any help from anyone other than Doc and let them know they are costing me and that my insurance doesn't cover their services.
  12. I am seeing the same PCP for almost 10+ years and lately, he has more Nursing students, or nurses or students waiting to be Technicians are joining him in the room. Later I get a bill for almost twice for the services, and mostly extra and I my insurance being High deductible, sends those charges my way. I suspect all these extra characters are charging their share .... How do I deal with this situation? I hate to find another PCP, as this guy is really good. TIA.
  13. Krish

    What are you Binge watching now?

    Person of Interest, Madam Secretary, Supernatural and Flash. In that order...
  14. Krish

    Hooray for the Lions!

  15. I am losing money in stocks as I have no patience and I panic easy.. FML..

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