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  1. Let us not forget that there are people using a ssn with their name and as the federal bureaus are right now, we are not allowed as consumers to see all information tied to our ssn. Therefore, if someone is using your ssn with their name we will never know, although the CRA's have this information.
  2. So how did these short but simple letters go, any luck?
  3. Special K

    Sold CO

    I do not know about the OP, but mine are being reported by the OC by 2 CRA's and the JDB on EQ. The DOLA is 1/2000 with a CO date of 8/2000. It was sold to LVNV, but having difficulty getting it removed as the OC. Any advise would be appreciated.
  4. Thought this was George humor until I clicked the link and received the exact same error message. Web Server Zen The Web Page You Seek Cannot be located, but Countless more exist. Jump home, grasshopper.
  5. No it cannot be proven, and they did not even send to my correct address. I sent them the first DV Feb of 2005 when I first discovered the account on my CR. I was informed via phone at that time that they did not have to and that they would continue reporting even if even though I claimed it was not mine, then the rep became real abusive towards me. I only paid it as I it was a small amount (under $100) and I was working with a LO regarding a mortgage. During the year that they have had this 1st DV I have disputed numerous times with all CRA's and they continue to verifty and change the date of status. I just noticed something, how could they send me my first letter in June 2001, when that is the same month they were assigned this account from the OC, as well as reported to the CRA's. Don't they have to wait until after the 30 + 5 days from when they send the initial to report? However, I do plan on waiting until after the CA's 30 days of my DV to send a response.
  6. This letter was sent concerning a paid collection that I only learned of the account by accessing my credit report last year, way before CB and AOC. February 10, 2006 Scumbag CA Attn: Scubag CA President RE: Account: Dear Mr. Scumbag CA President: I dispute your claims in their entirety and request validation pursuant to the FDCPA. In addition I would like to inform you that as of this date I have yet to receive any response regarding the request for validation from your company since my February 2005 letter. In as much as, I never received any previous notification from your company regarding this account prior to obtaining a copy of my credit reports in February 2005, in which, it was promptly paid. That is, I seek unequivocal proof that I was legally obligated to pay this debt, and that you were legally entitled to collect it as the account was paid on February 2005. If this information is unable to be provided I demand an immediate deletion within (10) days regarding this account from all agencies on my credit report, furthermore, I am requesting a letter from your company informing me of the deletions. Please communicate with me only in writing at the address listed above, as it is inconvenient to receive calls. Sincerely, original signed on file Now here is the letter I received from the scumbag CA attorney. March 4, 2006 Dear Honest Consumer: I write at the request of our client, Scumbag CA, who has forwarded your letter dated February 10, 2006 to us for response. Our clients records show that the validation notice on the subject account was mailed to you on June 21, 2001; thus, the validation of debt period under 15 USC Section 1692g( has expired. Scumbag CA has reported your account as disputed to all credit reporting agencies to which it subscribes. There appears no principled basis upon which to adhere to your request to delte the questioned rating. To the extent that this is a communication with regard to debt collection, we are required to recite that this is an attempt by a debt collector to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Sincerely, Over priced, under paid well known attorney Here is how this account with this scumbag CA is currently being reported. EQ Date Reported: 04/2005 Date Assigned: 06/2001 Creditor Classification: Utilities Creditor Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Accounts Number: XXXXXXXX Account Owner: Individual Account. Original Amount Owned: $XX Date of 1 st Delinquency: 01/2001 Balance Date: 04/2005 Balance Owned: $0 Last Payment Date: n/a Status Date: 04/2005 Status: P - Paid Comments: Consumer disputes - reinvestigation in progress EX Account Number: XXXXXXXXXXXX Original Creditor: Status: Paid,Closed/Collection account. Status Details: This item was verified and updated on Feb 2006. Date Opened: 06/2001 Type: Collection Reported Since: 02/2006 Terms: 1 Months Date of Status: 02/2006 Monthly Payment: $0 Credit Limit/Original Amount: $same as paid amount High Balance: NA Recent Balance: NA TC Responsibility: Individual Condition: Paid Original Balance: $XX Balance: $0 Date Opened: 06/01/2001 Date Reported: 02/23/2006 As well as not receiving validation at any time and that they did not send to the correct address, since it was never received they make it appear that it is a recent account and not paid in 2/2005. To think all of this and all I wanted was proof that it was mine and not as a result of the idenitiy theft I have been the victim of. Please help with responding to this lower than life pond scum sucking scumbag CA attorney.
  7. Alaska statue states that anyone that collects a debt in which was not originally generated with them is a collection agency. IDARE, do you need the same type of information for non AZ residents, along with a statement that such interpritation would be a major factor to not move or purchase property within the state? You can PM me or post the type of info needed for non residents so other members can respond. I can provide the contact information for an Alaska state investigator (collections) regarding the numerous illegal practices the JDB's perform and get away with the majority of the time, so he can discuss these matters and concerns with the Superintendent. Please let me know if this information is needed.
  8. Most public record information is obtained by LEXIS-NEXIS directly from the government custodian of the records. http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/privacy/wkshp97/com...s1/lexisnex.htm

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