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  1. I too am in a similar situation. Is it possible to quit working with the CA and just send in whatever you can afford to the OC? I am afraid of having my wages garnished, but my CA is asking for payments I can't afford.
  2. Hi All, I've been away for a while, but more about that later. My cousin is going through a similar issue. The OC wants her to settle the account. The original balance was over 8k, they are willing to settle for $3700. She just got off the phone with them and they told here they will take monthly payments of $500. She is unsure if she can do it or not. What are her options? Thanks,
  3. cher

    139 days past due

    Okay, I called this morning. I am 151 days past due. I asked for a forbearance, but was told that with my type of loan, a forbearance is only granted if you are current and have no cosigners. I have all of my forbearance time available (12 months). To be considered for the interest only payments I have to make payments to be at least 60 days past due. Thanks to all for your help. This board is extremely helpful. I am working on getting extra cash to satisfy this and I will keep you updated. Thanks, Cher
  4. cher

    139 days past due

    Thank you all for all your comments. I feel a lot better. Okay, I will call and ask exactly how much i would have to pay to enter forbeareance and I am going to work like hell to come up with the money. As of now, i don't have any but i will in a few weeks be getting some cash and i will try to use most of that for the loans.. I don't remember exactly when i consolidated but I think it's past twelve months. Now i feel like there is some kind of hope, I want to pay this i don't want to not pay anything, but it seems everytime i spoke to them to offer something it was never good enough. Thanks again, i will keep you all updated. Cher
  5. cher

    139 days past due

    I spoke to them yesterday. They told me there was nothing I could do. I asked for a forbearance, but that was last month and they told me i had to make a payment before they would do anything. I don't have the cash to make a payment. They told me my loan would be going back to the original lender. I consolidated these loans last year. When I spoke to them yesterday all the guy told me to do was give him a number so he could call someone and ask them to pay the loan. I told him i have no one to call. Then he told me to go donate blood or plasma. So I don't know what action i can take if i don't have any money. I am looking into a second job but that probably won't come through for another two weeks.
  6. I've been having some financial trouble. I haven't paid on my loans in 4 months. I don't have enough cash to make a full payment right now? How far am i from having my check garnished or my tax return garnished? I was doing so well with my credit until i moved on my own this past April. Please help.
  7. I had one of those deals with Macys to pay off an old charged off card and receive a new one with a low balance. That was about a year ago. I call every three months like clock work and they increase me $100 each time. I pay this card in full all the time, I'm only at $500, when will they start increasing the increases?
  8. Does the card report as secured?
  9. cher


    I've been gone a while, I thought it was just me. So would someone PM me on how to get daily pulls again. Please?
  10. Oh, I did a search and I see that they recently switched from MBNA to Juniper for financing. Anyone care to tell what scores they were denied or qualified with?
  11. They have 90 days same as cash and I've been ready to do the switch from PC to Mac forever. I want one, but I'm not sure if I should apply for financing or not. If you did apply, what were your scores like?
  12. God I love these boards, I was going to start a post on this exact topic and I come here and you have all the info here. I was curious to know also, so I just got off the phone with a CSR. I was told that all Fleet cards would be converted to BOA unsecured cards by April of this year. Everyone should have a notice in the mail by the end of March and we would be getting our deposits back soon after. I'm so glad I took the advice of someone here and kept adding to my limit reach 1K. Love you guys.
  13. I sent out my second round of disputes two weeks ago. I checked my e-mail just now and this is what they sent: I did review the HSBC Bank, USA N.A. portion of your credit report. Specifically account # 0422312606. I did not find any inaccuracy. The information regarding the above account is complete and accurate. Your letter is general and vague. If you could be specific as to what you disagree with, I could respond to that particular item. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions Thank You, SR. Recovery Specialist External Recovery They also sent me a letter in response to the one I sent them: Dear Cher: Thank you for contacting Direct Banking about your Installment Loan account. We have referred this matter to our Recoveries Department. Our Direct Bank is always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet al your banking needs. Just call 1-800-975-HSBC and speak with one of our professionals. Thank you for choosing HSBC for your financial needs. What do you think?
  14. I love hearing stories like yours. They give us all a reason to keep pushing. Good Going!
  15. I'm sorry I always get confused between the two. I was following the sequence in the OC thread by Sassy. I also sent two verification letters. I can't wait to send the third.

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