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  1. Hacker News points to twitter -- states the Equifax has remove the $125.00 payout option and only allow the credit monitoring after millions have submitted claims for the cash option. Left out the links, but Google search should find the associated stories.
  2. App for Chase Sapphire Preferred Instant Approval 22.5K 60K UR points SUB w/ $4K spend / 3 months 701 FICO 8/ 730 FICO 9 W2 Income 150K on app (actual 170K) Before this Available credit was; 15K/0.00 NCFU Flagship 6K/2.00 NCFU nRewards 1K/0.00 AMEX Delta Gold 3,050/600 Paypal credit (hidden currently)
  3. Hi WayChat, Yes, I have followed the program steps. Additionally, I have received the CMRR green card and verified the personal money order has been deposited. The next step (as I understand it) is to re-dispute with the CRAs and then send copy of the CRAs re-disputed letter to the OC's HIPAA Compliance department, Legal department or both. Thanks, willjr20
  4. Hi WhyChat, I have a question about where the follow up letter to the OC is sent (with letter to the CRA as an enclosure) after confirmation of the bank money order deposit. The possible choices are the OC Legal department, the OC HIPAA Compliance Office or both. Under the section below the instructions state Legal dept; INSTRUCTIONS FOR FOLLOW UP TO "HIPAA" LETTER TO ORIGINAL CREDITOR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER 3- Send a copy of the follow up letter to the OC (legal dept) with the cover letter,(follows letter to CRA) and above the followup letter the instructions state HIPAA Compliance dept; (see below) (Send a copy to the HIPAA Compliance Dept. of the OC health provider(CMRR) with the following cover letter) Could you direct me to which is correct? Thanks, willjr20
  5. Hi I used to regularly deposit cash in to my son’s account. It was free and immediately available to him. (I dislike using Western Union) Both he and I have Wells Fargo accounts. Within the pass 10 months or so, the rules around depositing into accounts where you are not an authorized user changed. (They stated that the changes had to do with fraud prevention and anti-money laundering) Wells Fargo directed me to use Zelle which allows the same availability of funds but also allows each banking institution traceability as to who deposited what amount into what account. Zelle is owned by the banks Bank of America, BB&T Capital One, Navy Federal Credit Union JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, Ally, US Bank and Wells Fargo. Thanks, Willjr20
  6. Hi, On 28th August, the “Missouri Data Breach Notification Law,†or House Bill 62 took effect, this bill enforces care and attention of residents personal information (Social Security Numbers, Driver’s Licence Numbers, and information which could be used to access a residents financial accounts). Googling "Missouri Data Breach Notification Law" should give you the actual text of the law. willjr20
  7. Hi, What link on superpages.com did you used to list your business with superpages pinkivy98? I tried the link listed earlier in the posting and it does not allow you to add a new listing. Thanks, willjr20
  8. Dr. Mark E. Whitten is the actual guy who performed the LASIK procedure on Tiger Woods. He is a part of the TLC eye center. They (support staff) he is very good. A co-worker of my mine had both of his eyes done by him no problems whatsoever. willjr20
  9. Hi, Look in any of Marv's post the link is at the bottom of his post. (Light blue color) willjr20
  10. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/artic...-2004Oct22.html
  11. willjr20

    Credit Approved

    name of institution: Bank of America type of card: VISA Platinum approved/denied: Approved score: 689 credit limit: 5500 cra(s) pulled: TU State: VA 1 (4 year old paid judgment) 2 (utilization @ 64%) 3 (income 96k+)
  12. Hi, I have a Sony 50 in rear projection tv. The picture is very good. However, about 5 months ago I bought a Infocus X1 front projector (Best Buy) 800.00 (online) screen 106 in dig. 200.00. total cost 1000.00. The picture quality is comparable to most rear projection tv and some lcd/plasmas. Cost is less and supports HD. Project bulb is replaceable. The Infocus is a excellent value for the money. Note: This is a personal opinion. Thanks, willjr20
  13. updated with result : 10.06.2004 ATT Wireless settled with me. I filed suit my suit on Sept. 22 and was contacted by ATT Legel on Oct. 4, Agreement was signed by both parties on Oct 5. Without overstepping the nNon-disclosure, I got 90% of what I wanted. willjr20
  14. updated with result : 10.06.2004 ATT Wireless settled with me. I filed suit my suit on Sept. 22 and was contacted by ATT Legel on Oct. 4, Agreement was signed by both parties on Oct 5. Without overstepping the nNon-disclosure, I got 90% of what I wanted. willjr20

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