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  1. Yeah I was having a brain fart. Thinking of the fee free cash advances I used to enjoy. Totally right about credit and charge cards having grace periods.
  2. Interest is so high that INKs should be treated as a Pay In Full card. I don't remember if they have an interest free grace period if you pay your statement balance off on the paymenu due dates like consumer cards. Wouldn't be sure prized if they didnt.
  3. At 1.5% cashback don't bother going the VGC route. The golden age of churning Navy died a few weeks ago. Best to set your sights on 2% and greater cards.
  4. Next time put the refund on your bank debit card. This is as good as cash deposit in the bank. You also won't loose any rewards (miles, membership rewards or cashback) as a result of the refund hitting your rewards earning credit card.
  5. Sorry Jimmy. You got a crappy analyst. Try calling again and asking for recon. Shoot down their TOO MUCH CREDIT argument by reminding them that you are apping for a BUSINESS card for your business. You have demonstrated you know how to handle your credit lines and 2 personal cards from the summer has no bearing on what you need to get accomplished for your biz. Good luck and report back
  6. Most likely has something to do with the $2,000 in branch business checking bonus they have going on right now.
  7. It is illegal for them to discriminate in housing on the basis of race,color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, and familial status. It is not illegal for them to deny your application because you have proven yourself to be a financial liability in the past. The same goes for a credit card company not approving your application because you have a history of lates and/or defaults on your credit report. Hope this helps.
  8. Its cashback on travel. Its effectively 2.22% cashback. Real $$$ not obitzbucks or whatever its called. If you think you are getting the best value/deal when redeeming those obitzbucks I have some property in Detroit I'd think you'd be interested in.
  9. I thought most gas stations have a cut off (dollar amount or number of gallons) to prevent certain types of CC fraud. If this is the case then the most any preauth can be is the max sale amount. The pumps around me are smart now. I never see a large pre-auth anymore. As soon as I finished pumping (or within minutes) the actual amount is charged to the card.
  10. If you look a little deeper you will see this card isn't worth the plait cuts printed on for many ppl. Just read the fine print and play with the rewards calculator a bit. The Barclays Arrival Card is the best travel card out there.
  11. That's pretty good of them. Must be bcos it's a CLI and not an initial approval. Did you tell them you were self employed? Wondering why they asked for Tax returns...
  12. Yeah, what's the 411 on the fuel rewards?
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