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  1. But did she sell the photos? I thought the photos came from public record? Or I guess they wouldn't be public record, would they? Idk.... Yea, I agree with you if the friend made $$ off of this. But I was assuming before that she didn't, that she just was trying to do the honest, right thing.
  2. Ya know, I am in one of those really irritable moods today. I would REALLY love to walk in that school and take it out on that principal. For REAL?! Good grief, haven't they put your family through enough crap? I would probably call the police department and ask them exactly what your daughter is allowed and not allowed to do. Are they going to arrest her for being in a car and dropping another student off? As far as my understanding, the school district has NO authority over a homeschooled student to tell them where they can and cannot go. I have never, ever heard of a h
  3. Do you think she was set up? She is claiming the hairdresser set her up. Well, I don't really care if she was set up or not, if the hairdresser honestly felt something was wrong, then she did the right thing by taking the pictures and turning her in. I'd do the same in a heartbeat if I felt that my friend was abusing/neglecting her kids. Suleman really needs to quit the whining about getting set up. Boohoo. I wonder if the friend got paid any $$ for the pics? Fwiw, after reading the article where the hairdresser was interviewed, I think there MIGHT be a good CPS case with
  4. I saw this a few days ago and almost posted it. Honestly, looking at the pictures, I don't see anything that proves child neglect or abuse. So what if the kids are sitting on a potty outside and walking around with no bottoms? MY kids did that when they were potty training in the summer. I guess somebody should call CPS on me. The only thing the pictures prove is that she needs to clean up her house. But if she's fine with living in a graffiti-ed mess, more power to her.
  5. Does she still have all of her work from her classes? You could make a portfolio of all the work she did this year and do your own transcript/diploma and give her credit for it. That is an option. Idk if it would be possible, but perhaps an attorney to get involved. If she has medical/mental issues, how can they refuse to give her credit just because she missed so much school? Would they do that for a child that fought cancer? Just doesn't seem right to me. A-holes. K12 has staggered start dates. (k12.com) I was looking at them for a Latin course for DD for over
  6. I just thought of something else, but I'm pretty sure that most online schools only allow kids to start in the Fall. They may not allow her to start right now. So you may have to do some sort of homeschooling on your own to finish out the year. That could be as simple as checking materials out of the library or using some of the endless online cirriculum resources, at least to finish up this year. Under the laws of your state, all she has to do is something at home "equivalent" to public school. "Equivalent" is roughly interpreted. If she simply has library materials related to school su
  7. I just looked up the laws for what I am guessing your state is, and it looks like you are not even REQUIRED to notify the school. This just pi$$es me off that that school is misleading you. Enough already of their shenanigans. I'm going to PM the information to you.
  8. No you don't. Do not talk to them again. Check the notification laws of your state, and follow the law to a T. Don't depend on the school to tell you what you have to do to homeschool. Most school districts are not friendly to homeschoolers. It's kind of like asking a CA for help out of the goodness of their heart. It won't happen. Most states, you likely have to send a standardized test score or portfolio of the work that has been done, or have a teacher evaluate their work (somebody that YOU hire) at the end of the year. You do not have to prove ANYTHING to them when you send yo
  9. mason


    Um, yea, I think I'd want to choke her too. That is maddening. I'm glad the dean worked it out for you. Imagine all the extra money you would have had to spend on another semester for 3 classes. I think the reason why they're making me re-take Human Phys. is because I got a D in it (it was with this teacher that I'm trying to avoid ) but at the time, a D would be accepted and allow me to move on, but they've changed that rule and now you have to get at least a C. If it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't have to take it. But I am not taking a chance with that guy. Out of t
  10. It definitely needs reported. She didn't actually say it in front of me, she said it to my mom. She's reporting it.
  11. If it were me, I wouldn't do it at all unless I married the guy (and that would be after long, careful consideration). I don't trust people and my kids come first. There are many men who are very good at passing themselves off as someone they are not and your kids could pay the dear price for that. Don't take the chance with your kids safety. Fwiw, my daughters friend was over last week and told us that her moms live in boyfriend was touching her behind....and mom didn't believe her. It happens. Don't risk it.
  12. If you homeschool, you can actually make your own transcript and issue your own diploma. Most colleges/universities are accepting those now because homeschooling has become so common and they really want those students. There's plenty of resources on the internet on how to do this. Of course, a GED is also a possibility, but it's not your only option.
  13. Um, what tactics do you guys use with the kids to keep them at bay so he can work? LOL SplashMom, It is a sales and service support position. Mostly headset work, trouble shooting, stuff like that. Part time right now, to see how it works out. I have some student loans I want to pay off, and extra cash never hurts. LOL We both like that I will be available during the day for the kids, and for our 3 year old. We don't like sitters, know what I mean? The hours are flexible so it will work. Lol, lots and lots of threats. Actually, it hasn't been too much of a problem. Most of the t
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