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  1. I recently applied for a PNC cash rewards card on or around June 16th. I received a confirmation email from PNC stating that I was approved for this card specifically and that they would be automatically upgrading Me to PNC cash rewards signature and would be soon mailing me out my card with the terms and conditions. I applied online directly from an offer linked to my checking account. Yesterday I received an email stating I would be receiving a Points card and Lo and behold a points card shows up in my online account NOT a cash rewards card. I am frustrated. I was routed to underwriting today who tell me there is nothing they can do which is ridiculous. I asked to speak to a supervisor and told none were available and I'd need to wait for call back. Still waiting. Any advice? I had my credit report run to apply for what I thought was a good rewards card after much research so bow my credit score goes down a couple points. To me this I'd fraudulent as I signed online the terms and conditions for the cash rewards card and not this points card. Canceling this card I did not request is not an answer as it could further hurt my report. Thank you.
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