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  1. thanks very helpful, don't really recall signing anything when I gave the car back.
  2. it's all in Nevada. I just gave the car back to the dealer.
  3. I am hoping to find some good help In Nevada, I had my car repo’d from coming out of divorce, nothing I could do… it seemed like the best move. anyway to make a long story short. After the Repo about 3 months later I received a letter for the bank notice to pay in full and they will be selling the car, then nothing for 9 months. I get a letter from a collection company wanting $13,600 I respond with this > Dear Mr. Recoveries Thanks for your letter I just received it. Sorry for the delay in returning correspondence I am currently struggling with unemployment and homelessness and on the good graces of friends and family. I am looking at all legal means to resolve this. First I need to start by getting the assignment of this debt or it’s probably safe to say the debt is not valid. As referenced in the top of the letter, I am financially bankrupt and only have the support of friends and family. Because this is a legal matter any future communication will be in writing. *no response from the letter. like the letter say’s, I have been getting my flowers kicked, so flash forward here present day it is now 13 months, like the letter has said I have been sleeping at my moms saving money, im a little better off. I would like to get this fixed before it gets out of control. I have called some attorneys, not real promising. looks like with such a low amount of debt, I’m prolly on my own with this and im not going to turn my money over to these debt settlement scam agencies. my questions are this - what should I try to settle this for? what is my next step? and advice going forward? what are the chances of getting sued? and do I have this correct that in Nevada they have 3 years SOL on this?
  4. ok so here is the deal, about 5 years ago I went to the hospital. There was a small balance about 200-300 remaining from what the insurance didn't pay. The billing department says to me, they will settle this for about 50% $150 bucks-or-so, so I pay. BUT!!!! THESE GUY WERE MORONS!!! Denver Health, these pieces of chocolate's don't know their flowers from a hole in the ground! SO, I tell them before paying I want a statement saying settled an PAID IN FULL! Flash forward about 4 years later, I get these deadbeat collection company that is listing this bill on my credit, never heard from the collection company, nothing.... I contact the collection company, they do nothing... I dispute the bill with equfax, their findings "it remains on my credit". So now after a few months, digging a copy of this bill up - I have a copy of my bill with the Paid in full, and the charge from my credit card and I am not sure who I should contact first or what I should do. any ideas?
  5. well I have been working on fixing all my problems, first I want to say thanks to Mr. Y chat who has been the most help to me fixing 4500 in problems to date! next question I quit CCCS and have been working this on my own and have made payments to this collection Company threw the services of CCCS. now I owe in the area of 200 +- dollars. can I sent them a Dispute letter? I want to pay them, OR should I call the OC and try to get this called back any ideas, and I have my credit reports on the way so should I wait till I get them. thanks
  6. mypenplease


    well here is what happen so far *car is gone *we recived a paper that said "accounting" and an est. balance *I talked to them and we agreed to payments of 225 mo. 14% on 9k and change balance and that is it? havent made 1st payment yet (5days) now i have looked up repo stuff on here and from what i have seen this cant be it???? any ideas???? this is wellsfargo and we live in Nevada
  7. i know there are many ways to get a report, what is the best way to get all 3 cheap and quick! im working things out and want to see what is being reported at this time. i want you all to know your info has helped a ton and made puting this all back together easier thanks, Scott
  8. well the long and the short or this is that i have been fighting this CC company for 1800 over breaking a lease, ok then we find out that they forged the lease to go after my friend. can we prove it? yes he was in colorado when the lease was signed on the date they forged, we can prove this "YES" my phone calls and landloard there in colorado, work records and they ran his credit report to qulfi. him to be there on the day he came to Nevada place was a real POS we have pictures and all kind of crap we keep good records any ideas oh yea we have the real lease!
  9. well this is very confusing, I get calls all hours, these are the differnt things that happen I have had calls up to about 11:30pm and tonight or this morning rather 3:34 am im shocked and the best one is I have had 20 calls in a row like every min. never any messages, this is my cell phone! I have talked to all of them at one time or another and I am on CCCS (4MO) things are getting better, i dont pick up the phone anymore, why? i really cant change my number i wish any ideas? i feel like im being stocked!!!!!!
  10. im am sure that someone knows where the sample letters for disputing collections and stop calling letters are on this board, the funny thing is that i found them once! and the stupid thing is now i cant?!? thanks Scott
  11. so how long can you keep your car them looking for it before i get i a mess, they want it back on the 18th i get paid the 23rd am i pushing it or what
  12. well im about to be Repo and last ditch efforts i should try???? this has been going on for 4 months i owe to much to sell i guess i dont know what to ask or to say i have till the 18th is what they say. help me please
  13. hell, to be hosent i would do nearly anything, and yea i would do that
  14. wife does medical records and new born screening for the state i do building Project Mgr.

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