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  1. Your charge off will fall off your credit report after 7 yrs + ~6 months from DOLA automatically. when it's time, get your paperworks together and send them to all the credit bureaus CMRR. CA can not stop it.
  2. If they'll accept half the judgement amount AND sign " Judgment satisfied " then you're ok to go on w/ your life. If they won't sign satisfaction of judgment they'll sell the unsatisfied portion of the judgment to other scum bags who'll make your life miserable. It's your call g/l
  3. Canada hands down and return later back to the US if you wish or do BK and stay in the US
  4. I assume you meant the USPS, and to go there in person? Yep, you can pick up a few moving packs.
  5. Did they give you the 125 credit right away? Who do they pull? Ouray good to see you where have you been? Nice to ya too coco...after I do my first direct deposit I'll get my $125 in about a month. I bought a house last year for $420K @ 6/125% fixed 30 years and now I'm refing for 4.376% 30 years fixed. My monthly mortgage payment will be lower by $330 a month . By opening Chase Checking acct I'll lower my mortgage rate by 0.125% Coco, I've Been working real hard as a CS for a major retailer weird hours but I can't complain. BTW, I traded my Chase Freedom card to Chase Freedom Plus. I now pay $30 AF but I get 6 categories instead of 3 and higher $$ rewards on my gas purchases. I keep my wife's and my credit spotless so my refi was so easy
  6. If you don't see chase's $125 online any longer and you want that coupon to open Chase checking account. Go to USPO and get a moving to a new address pack, you'll find the coupon inside.
  7. Now that your FICO dropped you may see your CL reduced on your remaining cards. Sign of the time.
  8. "the purpose of this fee is to support the ongoing maintenance of your account, as well as the wide range of benefits available to you...." When I called tonite to cancel the card, even cs was surprised that there was an AF on this card. buey buey BofA I'm left with only $178K CL
  9. I too have a virtual # that was assigned to me by my voip provider . I guess American Agencies is calling virtual #s to collect on virtual debts from virtual debtors
  10. Erroneously posted first on Credit Forum http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/asiapcf/02/2...ting/index.html
  11. http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/asiapcf/02/2...ting/index.html
  12. I love my Sony Bravia 40" 720p lcd. picked it up last week for $850 @ Costco. It was returned a day before, no box. I've got Sony b/r dvd and watched Casino Royale on it. The picture was stunning.

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