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  1. busted2

    Why I never donate to a GoFundMe campaign.

    Everybody makes valid points. 🙂
  2. busted2

    Why I never donate to a GoFundMe campaign.

    You are so harsh that you feel people deserve to be defrauded? Everybody does dumb things. It seems obvious to me it was a sucker bet, I agree. Some people are comfortable sending money for nothing tangible in return via fraud prone websites, I guess??
  3. busted2

    What's Your Most Ridiculous Purchase?

    Liberace’s to go milkshakes.
  4. I’d see if an ITF or similar account with a child beneficiary shields you. An account in your name but legitimately in trust for a child. If that can apply. Better then a levy. Some variations of this theme work because the money does not really belong to you. Only a lawyer can guide you optimally. Just tossing out some ideas...
  5. busted2

    Citi Blacklist?

    Citi seems to engender mixed responses. Thanks for the input.
  6. busted2

    Citi Blacklist?

    Citi CO approximately 1998 here. Would a Citi Secured be anymore likely to be approved then unsecured? Reasoning is I am perfectly fine letting it age and graduate if it is the best bet. Counterpoint is my Fico average is above 730. Thanks. I will add information if I decide a plan of action and apply. 🙂
  7. busted2

    Barclay Love- So far

    Yes, I am aware of the effective payment of some interest but for some brevity my only point was I was surprised about the CLI. Glad you mentioned the possibility of Barclay collecting interest on a non-PIF 0% BT as a possible factor in the CLI. Yes, I met the spend and applied same to an international flight. Took the edge off. I don’t mind the 3% BT fee because as it was in my best interest and as a bonus may have a tangentially positive effect on my account relationship. Who knows? Thanks for the reply.
  8. busted2

    Barclay Love- So far

    FWIW, I never paid any revolving interest. I did pay 3% TF for the 0% BT. I still owe 80% of original BT and have only 6 months left on 0%. Maybe they think I will carry some of the BT after promo period. Don’t claim to know. Anyway, thanks for the information. 🙂
  9. busted2

    Barclay Love- So far

    The way the algorithms are set up is beyond comprehension. I barely use the card and was over 50% utilization (mostly 0% BT) and got a Auto CLI. This is strictly a YMMV game. Unfair is not relevant it seems.
  10. busted2

    Barclay Love- So far

    I see a lot of comments suggesting Barclay is in a loveless marriage with some/all of its cardholders. My account somehow escaped the dreaded sale, btw. At exactly 6 months into our relationship they gave me auto love. $7.5K to $10.5K. I only have two other cards- neither Barclay. Total of only 3 TL’s. No HP after the Barclay A+ application six months ago. Motivation to apply: SUB and 0% BT. 1HP Barclay (TU). About 7-10% average monthly utilization over the six month period (not counting original $5K BT). BT was only paid down about 20%. It was at $4K when the six month auto CLI hit. No installments. Thin file. Fico average 735. AAOA 7 years. Arrival+ utilization 57% pre-Auto CLI. Overall Ut: 18%. Hoping they don’t divorce me with some Wizard of Oz behind the curtain algorithm down the road. Thank you all for the years of help.
  11. busted2

    Credit Card "Pre-Selector" sites?

    ^ Much appreciated.
  12. Anybody curious what their desired market is. I have never had a problem personally but undesirable data keeps coming in. They are reported as difficult, their technology is behind (mailing documents). Approval rarely smooth. They discontinue cards, they sell accounts. It sounds like somebody married but actually wants a divorce. So their desired market and growth in the U.S is?
  13. I have been here since 2003 so not trying to shill anybody. Google MCO Crypto Card or Crypto dot com (same company). I think they are the closest to actual impllimentation. Their are also others closer then Mastercard, too. The CNBC article is on a very basic level. Creditboards has been a fantastic help to me so I only chime in if I think I can be as helpful as others have been to me. I have a Visa card reserved with MCO. They have a free card so if they never pass the endless compliance hurdles you are pretty much in the clear. They also spent a fortune on the Crypto dot com name and hired fin-tech experts. Unclear if they or any other company will be able to gain widespread use, or survive, or if I ever see the above Visa card, just a data point. They seem closest to adoption. Their are others.
  14. busted2

    Credit Card "Pre-Selector" sites?

    I have my reports frozen. (Sometimes I regret the hassle.) Anyway, do any of those links get under it for the purposes of prequalification? I assume not. Amex is my specific target. The backstory: 17 year old baddies from Amex. When I tried to prequalify Amex only said no offers at this time and made no reference to past history. Not sure if that suggests the baddies are not a factor and the respose was based on frozen reports.
  15. busted2

    BT Strategy Questions

    Will do. Appreciate it.

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