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  1. I called. Loan to income ration issue. They asked for co-borrower. They don’t consider that a decline. IDS and Broccoli Pee never frozen. EU EX and Innovis frozen. TU unlocked for app. I will ask for $20K not $25K in a few months and see where that takes me. Thank you for being the reply CV. It’s a sad world where 25K loans and 900K in slightly counterfeit $1 USD bills are both rejected.
  2. Every time I ship 900,000 individual USD bills they never give me the slightest trouble.
  3. All Ficos Including TU Above 750. Util. 4%. On a whim, knowing it was a soft pull unless approved, I applied for $25K. I only unfroze TU. I remained opted out of pre-approved offers (it was years ago I did that I am not sure if that is an issue). LC was not able to make an offer (a polite decline) and a chance to add a co-signer was mentioned. No guidance. No counter offer. I emailed them but when I sent it I received no confirmation from LC the query was received and they never replied back. Maybe I was just plain declined. Maybe I woefully failed to unlock proper rep
  4. Pick the most accurate tagline of the three: “Where you know your banker and your banker knows you.“ “Go ahead. You can rely on us.” “Free Checking Account Now, Stab You In The Back Latter.”
  5. I will focus on factors 1-974 then. Let you know when I get to 975. 👍🏻
  6. Does highest amount owed form a basis for higher starting limits or during CLI requests or is highest amount owed not relevant and/or only viewed manually? Random Examples: Card #1 CL $20000 Highest Balance Owed $18000 Current Balance 0 Card #2 CL $20000 Highest Balance Owed $10000 Current Balance 0 Card #3 CL $20000 Highest Balance Owed $1000 Current Balance 0 All things being equal, which one of the above highest balances owed, if any, helps with a higher CL? 👉🏻 Highest amount owed at least has a memory for those of us who PIF befor
  7. busted2

    BT Checks

    I get a lots use on promo BT offers when they (rarely) appear. My track record of paying by the promo expiration is 100%. Anyway as data gets more sophisticated, I was curious if other banks are made immediately aware of the use of electronic or check BT to your checking account. I ask this because I time the BT’s for after the accounts report to buy time before the increased utilization appears. I have a three month period of high utilization- sometimes 28.9 to 68.9%- followed by 1% utilization. I don’t want to raise flags about BT usage. I am conservative about trying to avoid AA. Don’t want
  8. So the BT fee 1-2-3% alone might not be attractive enough, maybe. The shifting sands strategy is as good a guess as any, too. Thanks.
  9. Barclays MC was tossing me beautiful BT offers. Example: 12 months, O% int, 2% fee., etc. I could direct deposit to my bank account. Everything huggy face kissy poo. Second highest limit (even now.) One BT for $5000 PIF. Six months later BT $8000 PIF. Did downgrade from $89 card to free one a year ago. For the last six months current offer: 23% int, 3% fee, no direct deposit, creditor payment only. My data points steady Freddy. Mid-High 700’s. Well under 8.9% overall, all usual advice followed, not credit seeking, only one reporting balance, etc. etc. I realize their
  10. His concerns are valid to him and I am nobody to be dismissive. I respect them. However: 1) Life Happens 2) I see Neurotic First World Concerns based on his empiric wealth. I spend a lot of time in third world countries. One helper asks us to pay her daily so she can buy food for the day, when she arrives home her adult children are sometimes waiting for the money too because they can not cook dinner for their own family without it. Perspective.
  11. thank you for the specific DP of 25 months although I have no idea how “young” reflects on Fico, that’s all part of the fun...🙂
  12. A personal attack defines your behavior not mine. I use it constantly overseas and my experiences are absolutely 100% accurate for me overseas with GV. I will not respond further it just becomes circular with those ego invested in their opinions. Lol.
  13. My GV number that will will forward a text or email transcript without regard to geo location. A GV call can also be sent and received internationally via VOIP. Perfectly solves the issue I was responding to or at least my GV does. There are other ways too but that is another subject I guess. ✈️
  14. Suggestions for whoever faces this in the future: You can set up Google Voice from the U.S., or have someone else do it for you. It sends the 2FA text. I have my idea of what I consider a top grade VPN but DYOR. A financial institution or creditor will occasionally still catch a distant VPN. The act of calling them and indicating you travel and so use VOIP and VPN works every time, they see that as a forthright response. You have to be a lawful permanent resident of the U.S, like me, to maintain most accounts. When using no FTF cards abroad try to rotate them every si
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