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  1. I finally got the judgment issues ironed out. I went to Wachovia, whom I bank with and they didn't hassle me a bit. I was offered a 6.759% 30 year fixed, and I am putting down 3%. The house is listed for $149,000.00 and in pretty decent shape. I offered $143,000.00 with the stipulation that the seller pay $5000 in closing costs. I have yet to here from the seller, but I just put the bid in this morning. Do you all think the asking price that I have given is reasonable, considering asking for them to pay closing? The houses in this community have sold for around $139,000.
  2. Suntrust told me that it is still showing unpaid on my credit report. They said once I got letters from my creditors in regards to the 2 accounts, I need to fax them to Suntrust, they will get with the reporting agencies and get them updated as paid. Does this sound right to you Cedski?
  3. Alright, I finally took the step and went to Suntrust to be pre-qualified. I gave the lady all of my information about me and my wife, she ran the credit reports, then asked me about the 2 judgments that are showing on my reports. I told her I knew what they were and I had paid them both in full. She told me before we can go ahead, I need a letter from each creditor showing that I have satisfied the judgment and my account with them. Do I really need this for just pre-qualifying? As I have understood in the past, I thought lenders required you to have them paid by closing? I am still awaiting letters from these 2 creditors and it seems to be taking forever. What is worrying me the most is that I have to let me landlord know by this monday July 31st if I am moving out at the end of September or not. I can just go month to month after the end of September, but they jack my rent to market rate which is $250 more than what I pay now. How long does it typically take to close? The mortgage loan specialist I have been dealing with told me as little as 2 weeks, but could take up to 90 days. Man I am stressed. I have really got myself in a predicament now. Sorry to vent, please help me!!!!!!!!!!
  4. If I have the finances available, should I just go ahead and pay it to be safe? I would request a receipt and letter from the creditor that it is paid in full and I am no longer obligated.
  5. Anyone have any ideas??? I need help please.
  6. I also posted in the mortgage forum because of the relevance of going for a mortgage next month. I have an unpaid judgment from 2000 on my report for $839.96. What is the best way to approach the judgment to pay it off as well as possibly getting it removed from my credit report? The judgment is only showing on Experian and they have been a "you know what" to try and get it deleted. Should I send the oc a letter asking if paid off to agree to........????? Please advise.
  7. I have a judgment for $839.96 back from 2000 and it is still showing unpaid on my credit report. I have not paid it up until now, but I do know what it is for and who to contact to pay it off. What is my best approach to handling this that will help me when I go to the bank next month to try for a mortgage? Should I send them a letter asking to verify the payoff amount and agree to satisfy the judgement? Wouldn't it be best to pay it off before going to the loan officer? Please advise.
  8. My wife and I are looking at a house in Greensboro, NC that is listing for $183,700. All of houses in this neighborhood are very close to one another and the most the have sold for is $166,000.00. If we decide to put an offer on the house, what do you think should be the lowest I should ask for with closings costs included? Does anyone recommend SunTrust bank for a mortgage? I am not soliciting, just askin if anyone has had personal experience with them. I currently have a car loan with them and also a checking and savings account.
  9. Finally started getting **B** 3 weeks ago, I was getting one everyday for 5 days straight, since then, nothing. Is that normal?
  10. Nevermind......got approved last night and drove away with it. great finance rate 4.99% and right at the monthly payments we wanted.
  11. Wife: EQ - 728 EX - 724 TU - 726 Providian $2K (6 months old account) $900 balance Cap One $700( 8 months old) 0 balance FIrst Premier $250 (14 months old) 0 balance No derogatories Me: EQ - 668 EX - 690 TU - 701 Hooters MC $5200 ( 3 months old) $252 balance Cap One $700 ( 8 months old) $200 balance HSBS MC $750 ( 8 months old) $305 balance Home Depot $500 ( 8 months old) $39 balance First Premier $250 (14 months old) 0 balance Total Visa $250 ( 16 months old) 0 balance 1 derog on all 3 cr's for judgment $4K from 1999. In a payment plan now. Looking at a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder LE 4X4 $30K $4K down. What are me odds?
  12. It is on all 3 credit reports and is due to fall of in September of this year. I am not going house hunting until January, so it will be off my reports by then.
  13. This judgment was entered in the Maryland Court system in 1999. I currently live in NC and have for 6 years now. I will have to go to the court that originally issued the judgment to have it vacated, right?
  14. I am going to be sending my final payment to a creditor that has a judgment against me. I have email correspondence but I am wondering what to ask for in writing before I send my final payment to ensure this judgment goes away and is off my credit reports. Do I ask for satisfied or vacated? I am not lawfully intelligent so I have no idea what to do to keep myself from being screwed. Anyone have any feedback? I am not sending final payment until I get something in writing by them.
  15. I was approved for $5200.00, but TU is my best score (as you can see below). I just got my card yesterday, 13.98% APR and 0 annual fee. I am happy, because to date, this is my largest credit limit.

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