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  1. I've used it, and it's great. Try to keep the balance in the green though if you can, because they will charge you interest if you carry a balance on that overdraft line of credit...
  2. Has anyone's TrueCredit fees or agreement changed this month? I know they changed the monthly cost of the 3-in-1 a while back from 9.95 to 14.95, however I was told that since I was an existing customer that I could keep the 9.95 3-in-1. I was charged 9.95 today, but when I went to pull my reports I was asked to make a new order. After calling I was told that the fee changed in December, and that I would have to pay more, even though I've only been paying the 9.95 since then. I also remember something like this happening early last year but I was able to keep the 9.95 rate. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone else still paying 9.95 for the 3-in1? Heads up for those who may not have tried to pull today...
  3. I got my first luv this morning too. Been an AMEX member since December of 2005, doubled my Blue CL on activation over the phone then. Tried for Luv with the form at 6 months, got nuthin... then continued to get the form. Frustrated, I went ahead and did the quick app for HHilton Honors about 2 weeks ago, and got a nice approval and CL with that... now 2 weeks later I get 1k luv on my Blue. Guess I'm finally in the AMEX circle of trust.
  4. Scores are about 650, 658, and 689. Here was her reason for not doing escrow: "With the amount of down payment that you wish to utilize, we would also suggest that you waive your escrows. This means that you would be responsible for providing proof that there is one year of hazard//homeowner's insurance on the property at the time of closing; however, we would not collect additional monies at closing (or with your payment) for the annual tax or insurance amounts. This would allow you to keep your money working for you in your chosen type of investment during the course of the year and then be responsible for the payment of the taxes and insurance as each of them come due during the year" I'm going to do escrow, and I found out that I have distant family that works for countrywide and she provided a good GFE, and I'm going with them for now. Thanks everyone Wish me luck!
  5. Where is the point being paid? Is that the 6 days interest? I didn't notice a point, thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to other replies as well. I am going to get another gfe from a second broker. Thanks again everyone
  6. Here is a GFE that I just recieved. She wants to waive escrow, and said that I shouldn't persue first time buyer programs because could raise my interest rate? That's news to me. Any and all input is appreciated. Regular 30 year fixed: Interest Rate: 6% Origination Fee: 1% $1085.00 Appraisal: $325 (already have one from the seller, so this will go) Credit report: $60 Lender/Broker Admin Fee: $850 Escrow Waiver Fee: $275 Title Charges: Closing or Escrow Fee: $400 Doc Prep Fee: $325 Title Insurance: $175 Survey: (If no existing survey) $400 Est Closing Costs: $3510 Interest for 6 days: $107.01 Hazard Insurance Premium: $1200 Estimated pre-paid items/reserves: $1307.01 Total estimated settlement charges: $4817.01 Purchase price: $155,000 (it'll be less actually) Loan amount: $108,500 Funds needed to close: $51,317.01 It looks decent, I'm just confused as to why she would recommend that I not do the things I mentioned above. I'm trying to minimize out of pocket expenses to $45k or less.
  7. It could be exciting to get maybe half a million or so and toss it in a safe for 10 years, if you can afford the few hundred bucks and get it at the correct rate. It's a relatively small investment, and if the return is as everyone speculates then you'll make one heck of a profit. Don't go crazy and drop thousands of dollars into it. I've seen guys who've dropped $10,000+ US for suitcases full of the stuff in 2004. I had a few hundred thousand, but sold it because after some research I doubted that it'll work out as planned. The only folks getting rich off of it are the Jordanian, Egyptian, and other folks who are selling the stuff on ebay, and elsewhere. I advise doing a lot of research into FOREX before you drop a lot of cash into something like that. Actually, you'd to really make a good guess on the ID you'd have to do a lot of research in history, politics, economics, etc. etc. etc. There aren't even any banks outside of the middle east who will exchange the ID. So, if you had some and decided to cash out.... you couldn't just go down to the corner bank to do it. You'd have to fly to Kuwait, The UAE, or Baghdad. Or sell it on ebay.... Also, there is a good chance that when or if the value skyrockets the ID will be revalued and new currency will be issued. Look at what just happened with the Turkish Lira (minus the skyrocketing value)...
  8. That's it. I'm jumping off the 610 bridge tomorrow evening. After work. Cause you know, I have to go in. HAH. Which bridge would that be? North loop east? South loop west? East loop north? South? West loop south? Or one of the transitional ones? (pretty much only people from Houston will even uderstand this)
  9. Jeeez. Apperantly I need to get my single butt back to Houston with the quickness. *wink wink nudge nudge* I'm on the other side of the world, and even my long time "crush" got roses and chocolate covered strawberries delivered.
  10. Some things don't seem to add up here but.... It can stay on your credit report for 7 years, they can't try to collect after 4. Sounds like you might have some legal recourse depending on how the events actually unfolded. Check up on TAA laws. They can't rent the apartment out until your lease is up or fully defaulted on (with proper notification and legal action breaking the lease). Of course, legal stuff could be more expensive than just paying them.
  11. I've searched and searched and read the horror and success stores about CMI. I'm more curious about those who may have been working on them and not updated their stories/posts with the result. Compared to CMI, others have been easy. I've got one Verizon Wireless collection from 2000 (that I have absolutely no knowledge of, never used Verizon), and one Time Warner collection from 2003 that have been "verified" after disputes (keeping me out of the 700 club!). DVs have gone out, just waiting now... but CMI is such a stubborn bully that I thought a fresh thread with updated or unknown success stores would be good. So, what has your experience been with CMI?
  12. Two words: Newbies Section Two More Words: Debt Validation
  13. I've been reading a lot trying to get as much info as I can before I go for a mortgage in a year or so. I see a lot of folks talking about providing rental and work history for 2 years. I'm wondering if this might cause a problem when I try for a mortgage. I'm a contractor. Not really self employed, more of a worker bee for contracting companies. So, in the last couple of years I've done jobs for a few companies... multiple times.. so my work history seems inconsistant because I may have done a 6 month project with company A, then a year with company B, then gone back to company A for 6 months... then started something new with company C. Eventually I could go back to company A or B after work with company C is done, or could start a new project with company D. This is how my career has been for 10 years or so. Also, in the last couple of years the only rental history I have is about 10 months worth.. and that is fading since I have done a lot of overseas work and have had housing provided for me by the company or customer. Up until about 2003 I had solid rental history for 8 years or so... but will that count or will I need to provide that info? Will the fact that I haven't "been with the same company" or had little to no rental history for the last 2 years be a problem? Scores expected at the time of application should be a min. of 650 or so, possibly low 700's at best. I'll be putting a min. of 20%-30% down, with "reserves" of close to 100k or possibly more. I'll most likely only be seeking a $110k to $150k max principle loan. Will these things help a lender overlook the lack of rental history and "stable" employment? Let it be clear that I had no problem finding jobs, I just finish the jobs and move on to the next. Thx
  14. This is a known issue, and happened to several people (including myself) when they made changes to their services in the Nov/Dec timeframe. Contact them via email or phone, and they will fix it for you.
  15. Wells Fargo has a service called "OneLook" that allows you to put all of your accounts on a single page. 401k, savings, ING accounts, credit cards, store cards, loans, etc. Pretty much all info even if it's not a WF account. They're getting rid of this service Feb 10 I really like being able to see all of my balances/etc all in one location. Does anyone know of another established place that does this? I think HSBC has this also, but I don't want to switch banks.

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