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  1. What r some negatives to such a loan? I get negatives like rate, time frame, closing of maybe good accounts. What i really wanna no is does this bomb the credit and why? I might be tired of credit cards, multiple payments, etc. Such a loan, if debt is under 10k could be paid off quickly enough where rate might not hurt too much if over a years time frame...? Then prime ish rates might come into play...
  2. When you take a consolidated loan...do they pay off the debt BEFORE the card or loan is closed or AFTER it is closed? If you cant get a personal loan is this your next best option...? How does before or after affect the credit if its closed, but paid? Is that a good way to go if you have less than a certain amount? How does one loan payment, if you have a car loan and student loan... affect the credit then? Can you obtain credit again during the loan payoff or only after...? How are you treated by the credit card companies...? Really curious about this process.
  3. tdslf

    Raising score

    Let me look at some of those cards but I fairly sure no lates. Newer cards though. High interest loan before paid that off with Navy. Up until 3 or 4 months cards most were maxed. Cleared them and closed when I could. Student loan high and will prolly stay that way.
  4. tdslf

    Raising score

    Both of those are negatives but I dont have them. The scores are inching up from me having had a gazillion cards about a year ago. Im just trying to see what other things I can do to help it along. I get my scores from FICO.
  5. tdslf

    Raising score

    Both of those are negatives but I dont have them. The scores are inching up from me having had a gazillion cards about a year ago. Im just trying to see what other things I can do to help it along.
  6. tdslf

    Raising score

    no rewards worth having yearly fee low limits or combo of all. my 5 cards left ranging 1k or above. pif every month. charge everything. none of the cards closed were the oldest. so I should try the following: pay loan down to 8%. loan is 3k. term is 24 months. then leave $2 on 1 card each month...?
  7. tdslf

    Raising score

    I dont have any negatives. I just got rid of a foreclosure off all the reports at the beginning of the year. I also closed several cards. Pay the loan down? I thought a consistent payment history would help me with Navy. so you say pay that down to 8%? This would help how seeing as I would still be paying. Shorter pay period...? I paln to pay this off come March when I get some quarterly monies. Penfed let me open a checking, savings and line of credit at $500. Its been 2 years and any other product, they've said go fly. Rejected for everything beyond the basics....? No loyalty to me.
  8. tdslf

    Raising score

    Im trying to figure out the best way to raise my scores since they seem to be hovering in the mid 600's. I have the following: 5 credit cards- all have zero balances 1 student loan -balance is high but no lates on it-current Just closed my PenFed since I cant get jack from them. 2 products with Navy, a. secured loan just got 2 days ago at 2.4%, b. rewards card 2k limit car loan at 1.9% What else can I do to get the scale moving?
  9. All fine and good to pay it back if you havent spent of the money but what if you have? What if he cant pay it off for 6 months or so?
  10. Was approved for NF secured cc in May with 1k limit. Just today they increased my limit to 2k. Does this mean they're going to cash out my 1k or keep it?
  11. Site has officially gone rogue. Confusing.... Question Bought furniture for a couple k and the deal is 90 days same as cash but after 90 days the interest is bogus. Would you pay it off immediately if you had the cash or wait a while for it to register on your report after 90 days then pay it off. Also this would deplete the savings by a couple k which I didn't want to do...
  12. tdslf


    Well, they first turned me down because I have a foreclosure that was on but since fell off. Then they told me because I have a large car laon and student loans, they say recently I have excess credit obligations......also, I did not ask for a overdraft account, at least I don't remember asking for that. It just popped up on my CR and I was looking over my CR and saw it and didn't know how it got there. will they close this overdraft account if I close the checking...?
  13. Can I get help with getting a link to a list of secured cards if there is any....
  14. tdslf


    I have Penfed and I don't have any products with them besides the checking, savings and the overdraft line which reports on the CR. I was thinking of closing it since I have been running at least 1k through the checking once a month but can't get a cc. Should I keep it just because the overdraft reports as as a positive but they also charge me $10 a month service charge. Starting to not see an upside to waiting to get on their good side.
  15. Just curious...WTF did you buy for that kind of cheese....? I'm asking a serious question........cause I wanna know how that much debt comes about. I worried about 20k in cc debt.
  16. Must be longer than 9yrs for some of us. In 2006 I charged off two of their cards for a total of about 3k. Every time I apply they tell me to go fly.......... . Two weeks ago........go fly.
  17. I just got an offer from FP. A $1000 limit. I closed this card last year some time,
  18. Thanks for the info. My account with this money is still frozen.Coroner just signed off on the certificate 20days later and I apparently have to go to court just to have access to his NFCU account.Before they froze my account (and the money is still in my account) I paid all his credit cards.But he also was a party to future monies in a lawsuit and I more than likely will need to be administrator for these people to talk to me or disperse any settlement money. Need to hit the court...But Im stillnot understanding how MY account is frozen since I am the spouse and have the minor children.
  19. They said I would have to bring a death cert and something else,,cant recall the name of iright now and then they would disperse the funds to me. We did not mix these accounts since we just started them...thought we had time..
  20. Am not joint account holder but if NFCU asked for a benny, I would be it. How does being a benny help me with this...?
  21. I personally taked to coroner, he will sign. My other questions. What will I need besides the death certificate to access his bank accounts...? And why would they come into my account and take money based off a rumor and not the certificate...?
  22. My husband died recently. He had accounts at NFCU. Since we were used to going in and out of each others accounts, I went in and took money out to pay his bills off. I transfered money out of his account to my NFCU account and paid bills. I then transfered more money to take care of some business into my savings. NFCU put my savings account on hold, so I dont have access to it. The funds came from his account. Its froze. Now, I kinda get that because he died, I cant touch his funds, after the fact, but how do they go into my account and take it out? Without me informing them he died seeing as how I dont have a death certificate. She said they saw an obituary. HUH....? That could have been a fake in the newspaper.....So obituaries are legal documents now....? So, since they took the word of the newspaper, why not just take my marriage certificate as proof we are married...? Were they not supposed to freeze HIS account...how come mine. Also, how do I now get access to his accounts beyond the death certificate...an affidavit,,,what else do I need? Side note...Called the body to science people husband donated his body to to see about a death certificate. I was told that the doctor in the hospital and the coroner of the county in which he died wont sign off on the death certificate....!! Neither one of them wants to sign. WTF is that about...? Nobody wants to sign off so the argument has to be settled by the state....?
  23. Primary really is the AU. Original primary is dead.
  24. Thinking maybe keep both cards and then year from now, since dead spouse had 2 year history on 2k card, close card after a year to help build history for spouse.

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