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  1. It seems we got off the subject: did these additional infos sent in resolved the situation favorably?
  2. HAVE YOU EVER RESOLVED THIS ? ANYONE WITH ALIKE PROBLEM RESOLVED THEM? A friend was denied and when called, the rep who was overseas said you had one hard credit inquiry in the last 12 months and that is too many. It sounded like they could not come up with real reason, or admit a blacklist, so they came up with a "reason."
  3. Are there recommended credit unions for credit cards that one could join? For example Navy Federal is very highly recommended. but there are no membership organization routes for non living military to join?
  4. My Dad who passed away served in the Korean War, but when called NF they said that does not make me eligible. May one join a related organization ( if not been directly in service, nor any living family members in service currently ) ?
  5. Trying to help relative with a closed Chase account from several years ago ( account always current, but Chase says they closed because of too much credit and not using their card), then Chase granted new accounts. No churning on either account. Then Chase closed that new account aftert couple years while it never had a single late--and even paid in full on schedule after closed. Now Chase says "unsatisfactory previous experience" Refuse to state exact specific reason. Then the latest info from CA: it does not matter what we did a few years ago, "we change our policies all the time." Any practical suggestions?
  6. But is it true that AMEX will only consider for CLI if the last prior CLI on any card over 6 months?
  7. Hegemony: how in the world on 850 max scale you, or anyone, has such variance in their scores? Or, am I missing it?
  8. Wonderful to hear some success stories. ANY OTHER APPROACHES?
  9. State Farm Bank is advertising for new card business. But be careful: with FICO almost 800 and not a single late in last 10 years, never bk: they pulled both TU and EQ, then denied and stated they thought application was "fraudulent." When asked for what was fraudulent or to reconsider they stated that we do not discuss or disclose anything-- Asked for reconsideration peron: do not reconsider. Asked for address: do not disclose; asked for a supervisor: no supervisor. They seemed to be the unfriendlest bunch ever dealt with ---which is a very special place when compare to CrapOne or Baclays.
  10. Thank you all. Which # is the best recon line for this?
  11. Trying to help friend who has FICO of over 771 and never late in the last 10 years. In the mid 1990s while sick / disabled / in hospital was victim of ID fraud including a Chase card which thief did not pay and went into default and Chase wrote off. When friend got healthier she sent Chase documents and Chase removed negative info and actually issued new cards. While all Chase cards were current --during financial crisis--Chase wanted to reduce cc in 2009 and since friend did not use them much---closed all cards and paid them off. In new application in 2013 Chase said that they found an old 1990 card unpaid--although do not have any information -Chase deemed it to be "unsatisfactory relationship." Friend does not keep old documents ( alike to Chase)--but the fact that Chase afterwards opened new card is proof that Chase removed the prior ID Theft accounts from her file?
  12. What can you do when your FICO is 780 and you get response from bank for card application that " we determined that your application is fraudulent." Then they would not say anything more, nor even with whom to discuss at their bank or regiulators. Aren't hey obligated to disclose more , or at least explain or a clue why "fraudulent ?"

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