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  1. Credit Collection Service is one of the agencies that will delete after payment/settlement.
  2. Since you PIF/completed the DMP, you should not have any problems getting the Gold Card. Just make sure you have low utilization on the CSP prior to applying.
  3. I wonder if they would be willing to re-open the LOC for the customers that proactively closed their accounts.
  4. What I meant by converting was to offer a term loan. If accepted the PLOC balance would be transferred to the loan. It would be a new account but the impact could gain the customer a few points. You can offer to convert to a credit card at either the same APR or the same APR on the remaining balance and a new APR for new charges. Bottom line is that Wells should have though come up with a better plan. Separate the customers in default and the ones in good standing, which I dont think they did from the start. I dont think they give a s**t.
  5. IMHO, Wells Fargo had a lot of options. This includes: The option to convert the PLOC ( in good standing) to a credit card or an installment loan product. Sell the PLOC portfolio. Not to report to the CRA as "Closed by the Credit Grantor) not that the remark has any impact on score. Give more time so that the customer has time to make other arrangements. Look at other areas of their balance sheet to reduce their liability.
  6. That is a big hit for a loan payoff. Are you sure there was not anything else that could have dropped your score, like an increase in cc balances? What is your current score?
  7. Midland is one of the JDB that will delete if you settle with them. I believe they state this on their website.
  8. I wonder if they are re-launching the card in the future, as that card was very popular.
  9. Heads up- When you product change a Wells credit card they close the account and open a new account.
  10. They wont until the card is paid off.
  11. If you were declined by Capital One, chances are it was for verification reasons and not because of a lack of score. I agree with Centex, that a local community bank or credit union would be your best bet for a secured card.
  12. When did you start your payment plan? Did you make one payment for all 4 accounts? Do you have access to your bank records?
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