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  1. If you were declined by Capital One, chances are it was for verification reasons and not because of a lack of score. I agree with Centex, that a local community bank or credit union would be your best bet for a secured card.
  2. When did you start your payment plan? Did you make one payment for all 4 accounts? Do you have access to your bank records?
  3. This happened to me. Amex was monthly reporting your account all along as an charge off with a balance, which suppresses your score. When you paid it off, they wipe out your previous history but report it as a charge off with a zero balance and a memo that it was paid or settled. The original charge off date remains the same. You should get a score bump because the charge off now has a zero balance and going forward it will stop monthly reporting. Wait a few months and dispute it. Chances are it will be deleted. Back in the BD days the whole tradeline would disappear once payment was made
  4. Oh good. When you call New Accounts and they don't have your application. See if you can fax the copies. If they say no, ask for a supervisor. This has happened to alot of folks in the past,
  5. Just wait a few days and call them back. Did you by chance make a copy of the application?
  6. Call Amex Collections at 800-921-6490 let them know you havent received the application. Also, you might ask to see if you can have your account reinstated instead of the Optima application.
  7. I think you should be ok once the BK falls off (or 5 years 1 month) with Amex.
  8. Couple of things: Most banks and CU will override Chexsystem entry if it shows paid. Just explain to the CU what happened. If you are replying to a CU for loans, open up a savings instead of a checking. You can also dispute it with the vague reason as "incorrect information" and chances are BofA will not respond. It will be removed for non response after 30 days.
  9. Spraying Poo Pouri (heavy duty scent) on the bags works better, according to a friend.
  10. Interesting. My experience has been that EX deletes 3-4 months and EQ was 30 days.
  11. Experian early exclusion/deletion: 3-4 month. Trans Union early exclusion/deletion : 6 months. Equifax early exclusion/deletion: 1 month/YMMV.
  12. Tasting notes: https://ibhu.co.za/indlovu_old/tasting-notes/
  13. Vantage 3.0 is similar to FICO 9 where they hit you hard for lates and other negatives within a 24 month period. So you should see a bump in Vantage score when your lates turn 24 or 25 months. They also hit you hard with utilization, so getting your balances down would get you another bump.
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