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  1. Chapter 7 BK is not an option for you. A Chapter 13 is more likely. Because of your job and assets you would probably have to payback close to 100% of the debt owed. If you walk away from your debt, there is a 100% change you will be sued and the amount they will sue will be for is the debt owed, interest/penalties, and legal. It will mess up your credit far beyond SOL. You have many options for clearing out the debt. 1) budget 2) DMP through a non profit credit counseling service 3) take out a HELOC 4) 401K loan.
  2. Call Amex and see if they have a Str8 version of the card.
  3. Have you thought of getting a consolidation/installment loan?
  4. Chances are its a Zombie Debt Collector trying to collect a debt past the SOL.
  5. https://infotracer.com/lien-search/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=court&utm_keyword=maryland tax lien_b
  6. I'm hoping others, with more experience than I, can chime in on negotiation advice. One thing to note is that I think you are within your states SOL, so you don't have a lot of room to negotiate. Also, are you able to settle for more than 25%?
  7. You can negotiate a settlement with Midland. Note: The removal of tradeline after settlement with Midland is only removing Midland's collection, not the original creditor, ArtVan.
  8. Midland has a policy in place where if you pay or settle with them, they will delete their tradeline. No need to PDF with them.
  9. Midland Funding is one of the collection agencies that will delete their tradeline if the DOFD is 2+ years.
  10. WhyChat's guide is very informative. I would keep your hopes for a PFD from Chase to a minimum. PFD is nearly impossible from banks and I never saw anyone get one from a bank.
  11. I would first contact Chase. I bet they still have it. If they sold it they need to update to reflect the sale and zero out the balance.
  12. Whats the DOFD on the Well Fargo Account.
  13. You could, although I would call exactly 3 months to the day. It also might be worth a call to find out the exact day they can remove and then call on that day. Somtimes they can remove before the 3 months.

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