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  1. Midland Funding is one of the collection agencies that will delete their tradeline if the DOFD is 2+ years.
  2. WhyChat's guide is very informative. I would keep your hopes for a PFD from Chase to a minimum. PFD is nearly impossible from banks and I never saw anyone get one from a bank.
  3. I would first contact Chase. I bet they still have it. If they sold it they need to update to reflect the sale and zero out the balance.
  4. Whats the DOFD on the Well Fargo Account.
  5. You could, although I would call exactly 3 months to the day. It also might be worth a call to find out the exact day they can remove and then call on that day. Somtimes they can remove before the 3 months.
  6. What does your attorney recommend? Also, did you inform them of the other two debts?
  7. Generally 3 months to the day. So if its July 12, 2012 EE would be April 12, 2012. Sometimes they can delete 4 months early. I would call the Dispute Dept and find out the exact date to call and get it deleted.
  8. To add on to CV post, The Optima offer is guaranteed as long as the outstanding balances owed to Amex is paid and you have not filed for BK. Was your overseas assignment military service? If so, you can use that as leverage into other options. Amex will sometimes reinstate the account when the balances are paid. You do need to unfreeze all your CR when you apply for the Discover card.
  9. If your scores are in the 800s and you haven't used the card and plan on not using it, then I would think about letting it go. Get a card that will benefit you and your needs.
  10. I dont think you need a store card. The Equifax score is a FAKO score, you need to see what you real FICO scores are. Also, you should have a small balance on one of your cards. The should give you up to a 20 point bump on your FICO scores. I know you n=mentioned that you were never late on CC payments, but 640 (even though its a FAKO) seems low, can you provide more detail on your credit profile, ie 1) Accounts you currently have and when they were opened, 2) Any closed accounts 3) Any negatives on your account.
  11. The guidelines around 1099C is ambiguous at best. Here is a link from a law firm about 1099C: http://www.stcwlaw.com/images/legal-primer/the-issuance-1099-C-fair-credit-reporting-act.pdf
  12. I think its most likely an disorganization issue and not anything misleading. Id call them and find out when they sent the request to the CRA. Id also mention the update as they could have sent accidentally sent incorrect information to the CRA.
  13. FDIC Rule 5000 adjustment (positive re-aging) is voluntary and intended for 30 day late payments. You can ask these creditors for a adjustment but it would be a stretch as it takes missing 6 payments before it goes to charge off status.
  14. +1 Regarding the utility collection, get a pay for delete and let them know you are Military. They tend to be accommodating to our service men and women.
  15. What was the time frame from when you paid it, the date of the confirmation letter, and how many days they said it could take for updated records.

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