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  1. https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/yoga/yoga-c-series/Yoga-C640/p/88YGC601300
  2. Sorry if I hurt your feelings....
  3. I dont think its artificially low. Not enough people have been tested.
  4. What are the sources of the information in your response?
  5. Why do you have to be an [bleep].
  6. Was Citi included in your BK?
  7. I work in tech and never seen a $2K coat either, but I have seen plenty of $300 flip flops...
  8. How many of us filed a BK or skipped paying a charge off debt because the creditor would not PFD or there would be no score gain benefit.
  9. Chapter 7 BK is not an option for you. A Chapter 13 is more likely. Because of your job and assets you would probably have to payback close to 100% of the debt owed. If you walk away from your debt, there is a 100% change you will be sued and the amount they will sue will be for is the debt owed, interest/penalties, and legal. It will mess up your credit far beyond SOL. You have many options for clearing out the debt. 1) budget 2) DMP through a non profit credit counseling service 3) take out a HELOC 4) 401K loan.
  10. Call Amex and see if they have a Str8 version of the card.
  11. Have you thought of getting a consolidation/installment loan?

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