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  1. Spraying Poo Pouri (heavy duty scent) on the bags works better, according to a friend.
  2. Interesting. My experience has been that EX deletes 3-4 months and EQ was 30 days.
  3. Experian early exclusion/deletion: 3-4 month. Trans Union early exclusion/deletion : 6 months. Equifax early exclusion/deletion: 1 month/YMMV.
  4. Tasting notes: https://ibhu.co.za/indlovu_old/tasting-notes/
  5. Vantage 3.0 is similar to FICO 9 where they hit you hard for lates and other negatives within a 24 month period. So you should see a bump in Vantage score when your lates turn 24 or 25 months. They also hit you hard with utilization, so getting your balances down would get you another bump.
  6. What is your current credit profile, ie, cards you have, balance/credit line, age of cards?
  7. I think it was your banking relationship that prevented Chase from shutting you down sooner.
  8. You are so bad. LOL! I have never been to a Walmart. I need to go and see what Im missing.
  9. Midland and Portfolio will delete. Their policies are on their website.
  10. What states do you think gets it right?
  11. Ive read alot of post of people getting approved 5 years post BK as long as Amex wasnt IIB or they were paid.
  12. Generally, if you pay them off you are off the blacklist.
  13. dvd


    LOL! Its true though, but I forgot you are on hold for a while.
  14. I did have a 3B before I purchased the EQ. Prior to that I only purchased a EQ 1B and I got the score, which is on the dashboard lower right corner.

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