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  1. Hello, Been using AMEX for awhile and made a big mistake of not paying one bill on time. The APR rate went up as high as 29.xx%. I will give the AMEX a call early morning but would like to know in advance if such request can affect your credit score. Back of my head says, it shouldn't affect the score but better to be safe than sorry. Thank you!
  2. My primary name on the Equifax record is my old name and would like to get it replaced with my current and legal name.
  3. Hello there, I perused the newbie thread and found great info on many subjects. As of today, I like to: 1) Get Equifax to change my Primary name with the 'Also Known As' name (switched). 2) Remove previous addresses Do I compose a letter and send it to the bureau(s) via "certified" mail? And wait for a response within 30 days?
  4. Hello, Checking all 3 credit reports, Experian and TransUnion shows my correct name but Equifax shows my old name as default and my new name as 'Also Known As.' I had my old name changed legally and my current driver license shows my new name. What are the procedures to request Equifax to remove my old name from the report and replace it with my new name? Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello, Has anyone removed their outdated personal profile (name and address) before? Would I simply write to the 3 credit bureaus in a formal letter to request removal of the information from my credit report? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello there, I've read the FAQ and other sticky threads and found plenty of excellent resources. Thank you all for the contribution. Just checked the credit reports online and would want to get the outdated personal profile information removed (i.e. old name and previous addresses). Is there a format as to writing a request letter to all 3 credit bureaus to request the outdated information removed? Thank you all in advance!

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