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  1. Most of mine were based upon Frauduent activity by unscrupulous car dealers, and I discussed the matter with a couple of the Mods who said that there was no harm in disputing them so I moved forward. Letter to Creditor: Name: Address: SSN: Birthdate: AmeriCredit 801 Cherry Street, Suite 3900 Fort Worth, Texas 76102 Dear Creditor: During a standard review of my credit files from the three major credit reporting agencies I was dismayed to find inquiries posted by Americredit on the following dates: 06/23/2005 7/10/2005 As you are probably aware, the credit reporting agencies regard inquiries as a statement of fact and will not allow a consumer to dispute them. They maintain that if the inquiry is on file then the company listed did in fact view the consumer’s record. Since it is unlawful under the Fair Credit Reporting Act for a person to view a consumer report without a ‘permissible purpose’ I am writing this letter. I don't recall applying for credit with Americredit. From the FCRA 616. Civil liability for willful noncompliance [15 U.S.C. 1681n] "Civil liability for knowing noncompliance. Any person who obtains a consumer report from a consumer reporting agency under false pretenses or knowingly without a permissible purpose shall be liable to the consumer reporting agency for actual damages sustained by the consumer reporting agency or $1,000 per incident, whichever is greater." From the 1998 FTC Greenblatt opinion letter at http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/fcra/greenblt.htm: "Any person who procures a consumer report under false pretenses, or knowingly without a permissible purpose, is liable for $1000 per incident or actual damages (whichever is greater) to both the consumer and to the consumer reporting agency from which the report is procured." Also from the Fair Credit Reporting Act: 617. Civil liability for negligent noncompliance [15 U.S.C. 1681o] (a) In general. Any person who is negligent in failing to comply with any requirement imposed under this title with respect to any consumer is liable to that consumer in an amount equal to the sum of (1) any actual damages sustained by the consumer as a result of the failure; (2) in the case of any successful action to enforce any liability under this section, the costs of the action together with reasonable attorney's fees as determined by the court. Please explain your permissible purpose for your obtaining my credit file on multiple occasions and provide me with the written authorization endorsed by myself. Should you not have a authorized permissible purpose, please arrange for payment of $1,000 for each violation within 15 days from the date of this letter to the name at the address listed at the top of this page. I look forward to hearing from you to resolve this in an expeditious and amicable manner. You may reply to FAX number (000) 000-0000 Sincerely, Letter to CRA: September 21, 2006 Name: Address: SSN: Birthdate: Equifax P.O. Box 740241 Atlanta, GA 30374 Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing to dispute items in my credit report. The following inquiries were made without my request or consent. Please remove them from my credit report. < Insert list of Creditors and dates here.> I have enclosed a copy of my credit report with these items Highlighted. Please investigate this error immediately, and provide me with written proof including my signature of the Permissible purpose for which this Inquiry was made, If you cannot provide me with such, Please remove the Inquiry from Credit Report and update my credit report accordingly. Please send me a copy of your investigation results and an updated copy of my credit report. Sincerely, Send Certified Mail RRQ. Final note, When you have 56 inquiries on your CR with ONE CRA, that translates to over a hundred point hit. Wwith duplicates on the same day, There is no reason not to try and remove them, it has worked for me and I hope it works for others. As soon as I complete the follow up template for those who chose not to respond the first time and/or sent delay letters I will post it as well.
  2. No Reason to be sorry, I am sorry it took so long to respond. I called all Three and informed them that I had found inquiries on CR that I had no knowledge of being placed TU and EQ asked which ones they were and gladly opened disputes for them, EXP atarted with the schpiel about they are only reporting what they are given. Next, I downloaded the Inquiry letter in the letters section, I modified it so that I could put multiple entries on it and sent one to each creditor who had placed multiple inquiries on my report and for those that were placed by unscrupulous car dealers when I was trying to buy a car. Then I sent those to each Creditor, at the same time I modified the letter and sent Disputes to Each CRA Disputing each and every inquiry on my report. This has been VERY productive to date, and in the words of the immortal Yogi Berra it ain't ova till its ova, cause I have just begun to fight. BTW, an added update, 4 more inquiries have been removed and the next to last Baddie just went the way of the dodo bird YA-HOOOO. If you want I can give you my templates if that would help it is very easy to use, and do be sure to include your SSN on the letters it is next to impossible for them to find them without having it.
  3. Yeah, i know it can take 30-60 days for CRA's to find resolution, but this is a creditor/CA that said they submitted a "delete" for my PFD and usually those happen quickly. (not a "not mine" or dispute with the cra) I agree, it was happening within days up until August, now its taking forever, I have several deletes pendning and am going crazy waiting..
  4. On The advice of Others who have much more Experience than I do , I first called them and started with a phone call, This worked VERY successfully with TU and Equifax, Then I sent Dispute Letters based upon the one in the Templates section to each creditor listed, At the same time I changed the Template and bulk added all of the Inquiries per CRA to each one and sent each CRA its own version, within two days TU and EQ were deleting them, EX sent a stall letter which I responded to VERY Harshly, including a copy of their own stall letter with my response, and since then I have been getting calls from Each Creditor I sent Letters to, offering to remove them, it takes a little while for Experian to remove them but in the end they while cave. They just have to be reminded of what their responsibility is to us. One thing I didn't mention earlier was the WHYCHAT's HIPPAA dispute works like a charm, it takes a little forebearance and downloading and and including a copy of the completed HIPPAA complaint with the signature box highlghted with a create note wrote in highlighter, but it is phenomenal what the sight of a completed HIPPAA complaint will do to a Doctor. Just never plan on going back to them again.
  5. OK, When I first found this site, I was in a state of Panic, I had been forced into a BK, because I wasn't aware of what my rights were and I came out of it in worse shape than I went in. Thanks to Creditboards, and the advice of some of its Senior Members, in ONE YEAR this is the change your help has been intrumental in bringing about in my life. I tried to get an auto loan for the last six months of 05, When I started this journey in Dec. 05, I had a total of 48 negatives across the three CRAs, I was on Chex Systems for an account I closed 4 years ago, and I couldn't borrow a dime for a phone call to save my life. within 6 months I had 30 negatives removed, and had added an average of 40 points to my credit score. I was able to barely swing a car loan even though I make really good money. Fast forward another 9 months, I am down to a total of four negatives( I even got my BK off of Eq, and a paid tax lien off of TU), I have been able to open 7 creditlines which are in Pristine shape and my scores are averaging 614, With some Very helpful advice from PsychDoc, I have been able to remove 18 inquiries from TU and EQ, I am fighting Goliath to get the 56 illegally placed inquiries from EXP, they are a real hardass. Chex has removed the error in their records as well. I have signed agreements with two of the OCs for the removal of two of the last Negatives, and with two of the creditors to remove 12 of the Inqs from EXP. I feel like a new man, I am hoping to buy a home in the next 3 months if my credit holds and the market corrects as it is seeming to. I was looking through the responses from the CRAs that I have received over the year it is funny the excuses they have used to keep from fulfilling their responsibility to me. The last was from Experian when I requested debt verification of the debt, they responded by saying that they do not verify debt the merely report the findings of the CAs. Well, that it for now, and a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to everyone who has helped and been supportive during this time, I thank you greatly.
  6. That is his opinion or translation of the FCRA or Californias credit protection laws, but as we have seen he has a tendency to get things mixed up or interprets them VERY liberally, and when he leaves in November, his replacement may choose not to interpret the law in the same manner. This is why I believe California needs to require the AG to be a Practicing attorney and not a career politician who is a whore to the special interests.
  7. Wouldn't it just be easier to have your Paycheck direct deposited to them.
  8. Does USAA have an online application for their credit products, and can non members apply for their credit cards.
  9. Take a look at recent articles on the MSN money site. It details the reason for this in detail, As accounts age you are ranked by different standards, in one ranking against your peers in that greoup you might be 650+, but by passing some milestone and there any many different ones used, you might drop 50-75 points overnight. They do go into detail there about the problem, there are great discussions going on about how unfair the process is.
  10. Is it true that Experian will not accept disputes by mail? I know this cannot be true but this is what they are professing to the world and through identity theft resources like Identity Guard, so it seems like they can limit what kinds of disputes they will allow to proceed, if someone has an actual address that works and is verified I would appreciate it.
  11. I spoke with an attorney today that has filed a Class Action lawsuit against one of the more stubborn CAs with whom I have been fighting with to get off my CR. they branch that controls my case is asking the court to be relaesed from the lawsuit as there are currently no members of the class that have cases held by that branch, if I join the lawsuit then that changes and they would be held in the case. The question I have for the board is this: Is it extortion for me to Contact the CA and make them an offer to not join the class if they remove the mark from my report? They cannot collect the debt as it was discharged in BK. But it would save them a ton of heartache if I was to sign an agreement to not join the class against them. I don't really want any money from them, I only want my CR cleaned up. Could someone give me some advice on this?
  12. OK, To start with: In Northern California we have a Pox upon mankind known as the Law offices of Paul Stassinos, A Collection Agency for NSF cecks. About eight years ago My home was Burgarlaized and I knew my wallet was stolen, but not that a couple of books of checks. Due to my ATm card being in my wallet my bank closed my account and opened me a new one. Fast Forward Four years and I go to write a check and find that the Check won't be accepted as Chex Systems has me on their system. About a month later I get the most nasty demand letters from "the Law Offices of Paul M. Stassinos" demanding I pay X amount for my dishonored checks or I will be prosecuted. I contacted their office demanding proof of the debt and found the checks were from that old account. I sent them copies of the police report and insurance investigation reports. The decried all the evidence and threatened to procesute. I ignored them for two years, and during a lull in my work a "banking error" occured and I had a check to my dry cleaners returned, when I got the notice I called them and covered the check with my credit card. Instead of them sneding me the chheck they turned the account over to stassinos, who in turned decided to use it as leverage to get payment out of me for the other checks. I forwarded them copies of my statements showing the debt paid, but yet they want over three times the original check. Now we are at the current, last year I fied BK, which removed the debt but it still sits on my record, I have used Lexington Law to try and get them removed to no avail. While searching for a mailing address for them on the WWW to preapre a pay to delete letter, I found that they have lost a couple of Class action lawsuits because of their practices. And I found a couple of decisions which the amount they have posted to my CR inaccurate, because Federal courts have ruled that NSF check fees are illegal in two cases. Now I have a choice join a class action currently against them and seek judement to then hopefully use to clean off my report. OR somehow use this new found knowledge to write a demand letter to get them to reove the debt under threat of being sued. Being that I don't really know how to word the letter and am a newbie to this I was wondering if I could get the boards opinion. I don't really want ot have to sue them, I just want the mark off my record as I want to buy a house in about 6 months and I need my credit as clean as possible.
  13. Yeah I think I am, it is not only the best offer I have received, but it is also the only one. once I established my credit better over the next year, I will refinance it. Speaking of repairing credit, have you considered removing your name from your ID? Some on the board think it might be a good thing to do. Radi8 is online tonight, and he may be able to shed some light on why others have chosen to remove any personal information from the board's posts. I tried the other night, I eed to send the request from the right email though and haven't had access to it this weekend, I will try again tomorrow
  14. Yeah I think I am, it is not only the best offer I have received, but it is also the only one. once I established my credit better over the next year, I will refinance it.
  15. Lender: Triad Financial Lender Website: www.triadfinancial.com Your State: CA CRA(s) Pulled: Equifax Your Score(s) per CRA(s) Pulled: Friday 546, Saturday with a collection removed 583 New or Used Vehicle: Used Approved Amount: 27000 Approved Term: 72months Approved APR: 17.7% Monthly Payment: 625.00 Additional Pertinent Comments: Company went way out of the way to get approval when no one else would, They worked with Elk Grove GMC and even agreed to my terms and needs, I was able to move from a 2004 2WD, with 30000 miles @ 30000, to a 4WD(which is what I was wanting) 2003 in much better condition, originally priced at 33,000 negotiated down to 27000. Payment is high, but I was able to offset it by negotiating a lower insurance payment, getting me what I needed which was a new vehicle, a new positive TL and one more step towards my goal.

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