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  1. FICO score won't count multiple auto loan inquires (I think over 14 days) as more than one inquiry PROVIDED that they are coded correctly. Sometimes they aren't. With that said, multiple inquiries aren't very likely to be the reason that financing was declined.
  2. The other option is to prepay the principal down to get the LTV below 100% or even lower. If you can refinance to get a better rate before that is needed then buy all means do it as 25.5% is something you want to get out of.
  3. +1 Santander should have the documentation somewhere. You might have to send a written letter to get it. You could also try sending an email referencing the broken link.
  4. Possibly. The only problem is that you have a 580 score and as others point out that leases are harder to qualify for.
  5. Run the numbers to determine the lease cost. This can be somewhat challenging as computing the cost of a lease is more difficult than the cost of a loan.
  6. The problem is that we have a huge glut of college graduates. I remember getting into an interesting discussion with someone from the College Board given the standard line that over 40 years a college graduate earned more than a non-college graduate. Only problem(s) are: (1) Fewer people graduated from college in 1960 than in 2000. So future performance for 2000 to 2040 isn't guaranteed. (2) If you invest the college tuition and the foregone income then you come out ahead over the college graduate. (3) Your financial return depends on the school you go to. If you go to MIT (e.g. have brains) or Harvard (e.g. get the contacts) then you come out ahead. Otherwise, you don't.
  7. Meaning that in theory the account could stay on the CR until August 2022. I would just wait and ride it out.
  8. I haven't seen that. PRA will update to say it is a paid collection.
  9. Having helped people deal with PRA before the big issue was always the account being reaged which in this case meaning that the account stayed on the CR until 10/23 being 7 years after the day PRA getting the paper on 10/16 instead of being deleted on 10/21 being 7 years after the last payment. (To be technical the item could stay on the CR for 7 years + 180 days after the last payment)
  10. Just because PRA says the account was opened on 10/2016 means that the DOLA is 10/2016. Most likely the DOLA is 1 to 2 years before that. If that is the case the DOLA is something like 10/2014 and the best thing to do is probably wait it out. At least your CR says On record until August 21 and make sure you keep that credit report handy because when August 21 comes around it isn't a guarantee that it will fall off the CR.
  11. The ideal scenario is that the executor is someone else besides the apparently sole heir to all the assets. In that case, the executor could probably do the above with minimal hassle. Could you just sell the vehicle off and pay off the loan ?
  12. Test before you guess. Get an accounting of the loan. Although if I was a betting man, I think MarvBear got it right.
  13. Consider yourself fortunate that at least in NY you won't lose your drivers license for unpaid parking tickets, as in many other states you can.

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