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  1. as per the business venture I think i made the mistake of taking the debt in my own name instead of a business. to be completely honest it really wasnt a business venture when i look back at it. it was more of getting a ton of credit cards to buy inventory or antiques then resell them at a higher price like flipping or arbitrage.
  2. Thanks for the responses. To go into some more detail these accounts are from my limited understanding in collections and because of the sheer number Im thinking maybe I should consolidate it but im not sure what a reputable service is or who to reachout to to handle an amount thats about 21000 across around 28 accounts that are in collections. I just dont want to get sued by everyone haha.
  3. I wont take much of your time and truly appreciate anything. With that being said to put it simply. I once had good credit, hated my job, saved money and then went on to acquire a lot of credit cards. I was reckless and acquired around 30 separate small accounts in order to purchase an inventory for a business venture. I missed some payments and you can imagine. It became a tangled mess and I let time pass. I'm overwhelmed, lost but I know I need to face the music, accept my responsibilities, and clean up. I need help because I don't think I am equipped to handle this. Is there any place that can help me? What do I do?
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