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  1. I know Authorized Users generally pick up the entire history for the credit line, but does this also apply to newly added Joint Account holders??? Remember - Joint Account holders are different than AU's. Example: I'm an AU on two cards that are my mom's (Chase and Wells Fargo). My mom and I have different last names and live at differnt addresses, and for 6 months the cards have not reported anything under my name. If mom adds me as a Joint Account holder at this point, will I get the reporting and more importantly pick up the entire history?? Or will it show as a new account on my credit and potentially lower my score?? OR should I simply tell Chase and Wells Fargo that I now live with mom, therefore showing the same address and possibly picking up the reporting history as an AU at the same address?? Am I making any sense???
  2. Thanks Zombie-- I was able to find some other information on this subject, and the consensus is that you need 6 months of reporting. I have been an AU on a Wells Fargo Platinum card and a Chase card (both for 6 months or more) but they are not reporting. I would guess it's because I have a different address than the primary cardholder. I will send letters to Chase and Wells Fargo next week saying I now live at the same address of the primary cardholder and see if they start reporting. I want to apply for a mortgage, but it would be nice to know my real scores in advance...
  3. BUMP By the way, I am curious about Chase and Wells Fargo. Do they report entire history for new joint account holders?
  4. I just attempted to buy my 3 credit scores from MyFico. After a few failed attempts on the web, I called them and they said I do not have a credit score, so they were unable to sell me anything. The rep explained it's because I don't have any credit activity for a long time, which is true. I do have some collections, but no revolving or installment accounts. TrueCredit had generated scores for me that are around 580, but I wanted to see the real thing. Does this mean my credit is so bad that I'm not even on the scale??? Is it really possible NOT to have a score at all???
  5. I am kind of new to this, so please bear with me. I am going to get added as an AU to a few of my mom's cards to hopefully boost my scores. Chase will be one of the CL's, and they are sending paperwork for her (or maybe both of us) to fill out. Is there any potential harm in giving my SS? I am going to be in the market for a mortgage very soon and need to bring my scores up. By the way, mom and I have different addresses and different last names. I have absolutely no active revolving or installment CL's of my own and it's killing my scores. Have some baddies, but most of them are old and my total debt is around $1,600. ANY advice you guys can offer regarding this technique would be greatly appreciated. If the scores don't come up fast, I'm out of the housing market for awhile. Current Scores: TU 558 FAKO EX 551 FAKO EQ 584 FAKO

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