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  1. Thank you for that insight. I'm trying to locate company that did it he inspection.
  2. First off I LOVE this board. I've searched but not sure how to go about this. I left in the middle of a apartment lease in 2007. It shows up on CR as collection for 3300. Professional Debt Mediation validated with Experian, and also Professional Debt mailed me a copy of my lease from 2007 after my dispute with Experian. This is past the SOL in Florida so I don't think they will try to sue at this point. I left because we had a hurricane that summer and blew out a window in my apartment and the complex refused to address the subsequent mold after numerous calls and complaints. I had a home inspection to verify mold done but unfortunately I cant find the report. I don't want to wait till next summer to try to get it removed by past SOL. The apartment complex is still there and in business. Professional debt said they will continue their collection measures. Any idea how to go about removal? Threaten CA with reason why I left and sue both? I really appreciate any strategy here...
  3. lol I will.....Just wanted to verify if this was the route you would suggest...
  4. I have a six year old repo stating my date of last payment was 11/2007 by the original dealer who is still in business. I believe it was six months prior. Anyway it states date reported 08/01/2009 on Eqifax. Anybody know of a good strategy here? I have another year remaining but would like this off! Thank you and Happy Thnaksgiving!
  5. Hello all. After getting divorced I decided to just wait seven years without using or applying for any credit. Well using the approach has successfully removed most negative items on all three reports. My question is, I see a few accounts where the date reported delinquent is not the actual time I stopped action or ceased any communication with the creditor. How does one go about disputing the start date? I live in Florida and anything left on my credit report should have been removed or getting ready to fall off. My second part of the question is Midland funding has a collection account. Last reported activity is Nov 2006, yet it says says reported by them (Midland) as 2013. Can they re age a debt without me ever contacting anyone concerning it? It should technically be gone this month....Thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply..
  6. Breeze Some of my accounts ( for example apartment complex) are past the seven year reporting limit. The CA is called professional debt. They list themselves as opening the account on 02/08 I haven't lived there or participated in any interaction with them (apartments) since 2005. Going back to my original question, am I complaining to CRA to remove or CA? The CA is raging the dates on last account activity. FYI I'm studying out here..Great info but overwhelming lol!
  7. SOL in FL is 5 years on general CC accounts( visa, mastercard ) - 4 years on retail installment or Store cards FCRA is 7 year reporting limit. read the pinned topic your collection score - are these JDB's or CA's who work for the OC. - if the original account is still on your reports, it should be noted sold or transferred if it was sold to a JDB. So your saying that even though the accounts are past SOL, CRAs can still report them on my reports for seven years? All these accounts are teetering on that time frame. None of these listed are original accounts except for an apartment complex listing rent still due from around 2006.
  8. Hello all. I'm looking for an expert opinion on statute of limitations. I have not participated, initiated, or have contacted any creditor in over six years. Without surprise I pulled my CRA's, and all list re-aged debt through various collection agencies. My question is, should I state that these accounts are all past the SOL? Or should I state the accounts as not mine. I have read on here that opinion varies on admitting the accounts were previously mine. Even so, they are all past the SOL. I live in Florida and the SOL is four years. I am hoping to get the CRA's to remove the accounts, as if I contact the collection agencies it may start a string of new collection effort to collect on old debt. If the CRA's verify accounts that are past SOL, is there a very strong second letter threatening the CRA? I appreciate all answers, and I will continue to do my due diligence, and keep researching all the great information on this website. Thank you
  9. No trade lines that were reporting. I am going to buy a cc that reports to cbs and get some positive lines started. Many accounts went into default around the time of my divorce. Problem is the CA s that are buying the debt and re aging it.
  10. Hello all. Through the help of this board I was able to clear my credit many years ago. About seven years ago I got divorced after learning my ex maxed out my credit and wasn't paying the bills. In the end I know its my fault but had to walk from the mess due to all the other financial obligations I was left with (house, kids). Fast forward to today. I have not applied for one line of credit nor acknowledged any creditor for over seven years. My credit is even worse now due to collection agencies re aging the debt. My question is I am ready for a fresh start and was wondering, do I use the past the statute of limitations on all items on my credit? I reside in Florida. I will be reading these boards for the next couple of weeks to catch up on the credit world. I also need fresh copies of my credit report. It feels good to be back! Thanks in advance for any advice.
  11. Also any really good credit attorneys out there?? Email me. Thanks
  12. I understand what you guys are saying, but what about my $9300 credit line with CITI?? They said under no uncertain terms "its gone"! They reduced it to $750 with my account in good standing as always. So I get a credit line deleted in the end, but I lose an oustanding account? Citi says take it up with the CB's. The big three supplied this erroneus info to CITI. My attorney says they are responsible. That account was my emergency fund and now I have no way of getting it back. Citi was in fact rather rude and adament that its not thier problem I lost the account after explaining what happened. For what it is worth there is a class action lawsuit in place against PM. Also Lastly money paid to PM had nothing to do with anyones personal credit. They picked my name basically out of a hat to try to get even.....unreal.
  13. Just to follow up for you guys... Property management had been fired due to incompentence. So they decided to report each officer in the HOA into a collection agency claiming each owed past dues when in fact all had paid. Attorney for that company also coincidently owns the collection agency. So as many as five people are in the same situation as me. Current property management is assisting in a lawsuit on our behalf. Basically old PM wanted to get even and placed innocent people to a collection agency. Then in turn the big three is now notifying all creditors of us being delinquint even though none are. I am now going after the big three for contacting all my creditors with this erroneus information without ever checking what the situation was. They had no right to place any of this erroneus informatiom and malicous placing of my name to any of this.Not going for the endless letters for removal. I am seeking one and better clear it now or face legal action very quickly. My credit lines are being ruined as we speak. Thanks to all that read this!
  14. Thank you for the responses. I am going to give an update on this next week. The old property management is who started this. I have had my CITI card for a long time. Im not sure why I should stand by and have my card reduced thousands of dollars in credit line because of someone elses mistake? Ive done absolutely nothing wrong and now I lose a huge credit line?? Talk to you guys soon!
  15. I was an elected officer for my Homeowners Association the property management company KW Properties managed our association for one quarter in 2007. They were fired due to incompetence and we hired another. Now i am finding out that I have been turned over to a collections agency for a past due amount of $160.00 which I have no idea why. The dues were paid in full and I have my cancelled checks and statement. In saying that it is my understanding that if there is any unpaid balances for the association or individual home owner that would be turned over to the next management company to handle. I have called and put in writing to the property management company asking for an explanation but have not gotten anywhere. I am being harrassed by the collection agency all hours and days and in addition I now have been notified that my credit line for Master card (Citi)has been reduced significantly due to being turned over to a collection agency. How do I rectify this with CITI to prove the property management is at fault? Also do I have any legal grounds? As I now have to spend many hours making letters to the Big three explaining the situation and hoping or a removal of the collection agency.

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