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  1. If I open a new Amex card, will they report it as opened the same time as my oldest Amex?
  2. It's not a story about Walmart, it's a story about digging oneself into a hole. An experience of hell customized to your expectations.
  3. I think there‘s no reason for TU to create the enhanced reports other than to sell them to their main business customers who, I assume, are lenders. So I would expect lenders to switch to those over time, assuming they do contain more info. The fact some of you are able to see such reports might indicate some lenders could have already bought them from TU.
  4. No other choices or no better choices? Banking services are no different than food produced by farmers. You pay for food because your only other choice is to produce it yourself or die of starvation. In fact, you have a much better chance to survive without credit than without food.
  5. To be fair, both sides benefit from the system. There wouldn't be a credit system if consumers didn't value the received services more than the money they part with.
  6. I don't know if I would close my Amex accounts in case of FR, however, if I did decide to close them, I would let them do the FR first. First, it would cost them money and second, that would be a better way to send the message across, since they would know for sure they were losing a good customer. As for them having my tax info, I don’t see much difference between them and any mortgage lender.
  7. If you keep them open, you can always close them, but not vice versa. Keeping them open gives you more options.
  8. I would immediately kill the 5800 one for its highest rate and go after the 1200/19.99%. Then you have a choice between saving little money (18.99 vs. 17.44 is really small) and psychological satisfaction of having fewer cards with balances. I would chose the second option: 1200/17.44, 3500/17.44, 9000/18.99.
  9. One man's late fees are another man's reward dollars. Someone is getting a discount because of your lousy credit. If there's no correlation between credit score and auto insurance claims, then you should be able to find a company that takes advantage of this fact and thus is able to offer you a lower price.
  10. Find a company that doesn't use credit for rating. Problem solved.
  11. If gas prices were lower, both merhcants and buyers would be better off. Dividents oil companies pay to their shareholders are passed down in cost of gas. Therefore, in order to make merchants and buyers better off we should limit oil company profits. Same idea - picking somebody else's pocket makes you richer. What you forget is that both gas and plastic have value to both merchants and buyers. If the cost of taking plastic was higher than the value it brings in, they would switch back to cash a long time ago.
  12. If no two consumers were alike, those models/formulas would have no credibility.
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