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  1. you would need to know the minimum payment of each supplier. as a rule you can use a "constant" to figure out what any given amount would take per month to pay off in full. A loan, at an 8% interest rate, is amortizing over 25 years with monthly payments. The annual mortgage constant is 9.262%. Total principal and interest payments in a year are $9.262 per $100 borrowed. see: http://www.answers.com/topic/annual-mortgage-constant
  2. Dell is known for approving orders, then asking for more information and verification after you already have the "cheaper" components en route. I'd also advise you to take the on site guarantee-- its worth it.
  3. Many times "no financials" means two different things. To You: No Financial information needed at all To Them: We'll take you signature and do the financial vetting for you. You should always confirm before they do a credit pull in they need a 4506 or 4506-T or not.
  4. wow. I'm honored. I somehow missed this thread, until Tee pointed it out to me hi everyone!!
  5. The information in the original thread is still more or less correct.... as the years have passed and the economy moved into high gear and then slid into recession, guidelines have changed, companies have tightened and loosed and changed the rules.... you should read that to get an understanding of what is going on, and then check up posts of recent successes and failures to see how the information there has changed over time. BizCredit
  6. Does NEBS fit the bill? what kind of labels?
  7. I'd call them both- maybe even pay by credit card or check by phone. were you five days past the due date, or five days after you got the bill? I ask because you should be paying the bills as early as possible even before the due date- this will raise your paydex.
  8. BizCredit


    Before spending $2500, see how much a similar aged corporation is worth- you may be able to buy one for less- or you may find that its worth your investment even if you were only doing it to sell!
  9. you cannot add vendors to an Experian profile (nor to equifax business)- but you can add them to D&B... with that rip-off called creditbuilder from D&B.
  10. I wanna be # 2,222,222 who cares about 2,000,000? in case I miss that I'll settle for 2,345,678 .

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