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  1. Equifax you can do it online or call in....easy Transunion - same Experian - You can call them but they will only remove addresses not attached to have account on your report. Doing it in the mail is fine but will just take longer....
  2. All pulls for auto financing in a 30 day span count as one inquiry as far as your credit score goes. You can also dispute those inquiries via the better business bureau or contact the company directly and try to have them removed.
  3. File a complaint via the BBB. Include details of what happened and include what attempts you have already made to correct the situation (emails to corporate office etc). Hopefully AT&T responds that they will delete it or provide you with a letter that you can fax over to EQ with the complaint to have EQ delete it. You should be able to get this off....you never authorized this inquiry.
  4. DaviG, what exactly is your question.....not sure I understand what your looking for?
  5. Non authorized Inquiries can be removed in ways other than b* and time. File a complaint with the BBB or CFPB. I would go with the BBB first as CFPB is sometimes finicky. The company that pulled the inquiry should be able to look it up with just your name and date of the inquiry and credit bureau. No need to give them a Social Security number or any other info. Chances are they will respond with either a "we can't find a inquiry in your name", "we have requested the inquiry be removed with the CRA" or the "inquiry was requested by you and cannot be removed" there is also a chance they may not respond at all. In some cases they may agree with you but state they do not have access to remove the inquiry. If they respond that way print the complaint (option is there to print entire complaint) and fax to the CRA. Sometimes they will upload a letter in their response statement to the BBB.....print that letter and fax it to the CRA with a short note telling the CRA to remove it from your file. May or may not work but it can't hurt. Some people worry about "fraud alerts"......there is no need to, you are not disputing that you have no idea where it came from.
  6. Seems like a decent amount of work/data entry for the creditor/CA/OC to spend on a dispute. I would imagine that at this time of year with everyone shopping and requesting new credit and so on that these folks are all very busy (and less temps hired due to the economy and costs of additional labor) they may not be able to get to all the request in a timely manner (30 days) or maybe just not verify or do a half a#$ job and not verify properly. Sounds like a good time to get those disputes out and hope for a little xtra special holiday gift :-)
  7. Yes very interesting...so ACDV stands for "Automated Consumer Dispute Verification"....makes sense :-)
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