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  1. Refund? What's that? 😃 I've been in six-figure land for about a decade and haven't seen a refund in years. This year I cut a six-figure check to Uncle Sam for the first time. Talk about brutal.
  2. 858 from my Simplicity card. Have a Dividend too, but didn't check to see if it was linked to that one also.
  3. So if we wait until next spring and our AGI for 2014 is give or take $300k, we should be good to go?
  4. Considering buying another home and keeping our current home as a rental property. Owe about $315k on current home (valued at $400k) with just under a $3k PITI monthly on a 15 year note with 14 years remaining. I own a business (LLC), but it's taxed as an S Corp, and myself and my wife are both on payroll (only employees). The company's annual revenues this year are projected to be $$350k - 450k with very minimal overhead. Last year was $300k with AGI $215 after deductions. Prior year was AGI of $165k on revenue of $250k. Credit scores for both myself and my wife are approximately 800. Want to purchase new home in the $700k range w/ 10% down. Could possibly go to 20% if necessary, but would prefer not to. No credit card debt and monthly installment loans total $925 (one car and student loan). Is this doable without a lease contract on our current primary home? Also show $200+k in combined retirement accounts if needed for assets.
  5. APPROVING BANK: American Honda Finance BUREAU PULLED: EQ CREDIT SCORE: 798 CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE: MO NEW/USED: New YEAR OF VEHICLE: 2014 MILEAGE: 26 RETAIL/LEASE: Retail AMOUNT OF LOAN $43,000 ADVANCE PERCENTAGE TERM CONTRACTED: 60 APR/LEASE RATE: 0.9% MONTHLY PAYMENT: $735 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: Bought a 2014 Acura MDX w/ Tech & Entertainment package. Paid $500 over invoice and had $11,400 equity in my trade. Financed taxes, 8 year/100k mile extended warranty, & 5 year wheel, dent, and windshield protection.
  6. Congrats. It's nice to get pre-approvals from companies not named First Premier huh? No kidding. My mailbox is filled with them daily now!
  7. AAOA is 7 years on EQ, 8 on EX, and 9 on TU Oldest CC is from 8/02.
  8. I found CreditBoards back in 2005 when my credit scores were in the 400s, and I have finally made it into the 800 Club!!! Since my rebuilding process, I have been pulling my FICOs once a year for several years now, and today I finally saw what I've been working for all these years: 829 EX, 827 EQ, and 782 TU. Just another CB success story for all of you currently engaged in your own rebuilding process. It does not happen overnight, but with time and effort it can and does happen.
  9. Student loan lates are almost impossible to remove. I was in the same situation with 120 day lates that appeared multiple times. Even after I consolidated, the closed loans still showed as negative for 7 years. Time and no more baddies helped get me to low 700s, but my scores didn't get to high 700s until the old loans finally dropped off.
  10. I got a similar email yesterday for my Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier card. Perhaps $3500 is the standard bump for these targeted CLIs. My limit went to $18,600 from $15,100 (with no hard pull) when I responded.
  11. Hey there... Looking for advice from the experts here. I would like to refi my six year old mortgage that is a non-jumbo, 30yr fixed @ 6.125%. The current loan was a special program through BofA that was a 100% LTV w/ no PMI and isn't backed by Fannie or Freddie, so HARP2 is not an option. I hear there may be a HARP3, and if that ever comes to fruition it could be an option. For now, however, assuming the home would appraise for exactly what I owe, what is the max LTV that I could get with today's available non-HARP options? Are there any 100% or above LTV options available now outside of HARP2? I would like to refi into a 15yr fixed with as little money out-of-pocket as possible. With the rates so low, if I can get a 100% loan for 15 years, my payments would actually be less than what I'm paying now on my 30. On the financial side, I have a three year old LLC that has been taxed as an S Corp for the past two years. Tax returns for the past 3 years show 6 figure+ AGI that would fully support a 100% refi of what is currently owed on the home. Only other debt is one outstanding car loan with roughly $12k owed and about $20k left on student loans. Always pay my credit cards in full every month, but the lag in payments posting shows minimal utilization on my credit reports. Current FICO scores for TU and EQ are in my sig below. Thanks in advance for any advice offered!
  12. My credit used to be horrible, so I got a FP card in 2002 to rebuild. Had it for a little over a year before closing and moving on to better, non-subprime cards. The FP account still shows on my reports to this day, but as you can see in my signature, I have had no problem in building a solid credit file with top notch creditors. My experience is that having FP on my reports has had no effect on getting good cards or large lines. YMMV. Good luck!
  13. Bump... Heg, SG, Bob? Any experience with this?
  14. I have a Chase Southwest Visa Signature w/ about a $9000 limit and recently I've been running it up to about $7k per month and PIF. It's one of my lowest limit cards, but I'm using it for the rewards and to get the Southwest Companion Pass. Anyone know if it would be possible to request a CLI to say... $20k or $25k and get it? Anyone done this successfully? And since it's a Signature card, do I even really need a CLI assuming I'm not going to try and charge over $10k a month on it? Need advice and opinions. Thanks!

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