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  1. L_SON

    midland funding

    I'm saying this from the bottom of my heart. Good luck with Midland, the devil himself filed the paper work to start that damn company!
  2. Who did you pay? The CA or the OC? I have had CA reporting to my reports in the past, and I was able to pay the OC. Once the payment was made, I sent a DV to the CA, and diputed with all 3 CRA's. They are all gone now!!!!!! (Many thanks to the CreditBoard members)
  3. Have your disputed the late payments with the CRA's yet? From what I learned on the board is that, most CC companies don't keep very good records past 18 months. If you have late payments as far back as 2006 showing, I would try a "never been late" dispute, and put it on them to prove you were.
  4. Wow that is great!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!
  5. For EQ use: usaa only for 85 days OR use mpm, usaa, and ec for 28 days For TU use: sc for 56 days What is SC? I have EQ down packed now, and want to focus on TU. Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  6. Is smartcredit premium any good for daily pulls? Am I reading the chart correctly....CreditCheck Total is 3 pulls every 30days? I have Equifax Complete Advantage Plan, MyPrivacyMatters, and USAA. I want to add one more for better bumpage results.
  7. L_SON

    My Plan

    I would take LKH's advice, and start with the oldest stuff, and look for any errors in reporting. You can always come to the board with questions on it. Depending on the dates of your late payments. I would dispute anything older the 24 months, for what I have read, most companies don't keep good records after 18 months. So to be on the safe side, I would just challenge anything late over 24. You have a lot of medical collections in there. Make sure to check the whychats medical form on the board, lots of good advice, and good steps to follow in there.
  8. L_SON

    Chase DELETED!

    Great news, and congrats!!!!! Can anyone PM me the exec email? I have a mortgage with Chase and went through a MOD, and they reported the late payments during that time period. I would love to get them removed, and move chase out of my negative category.
  9. It's not the best terms out there and they only report to EQ, but it can be used to help rebuild credit.
  10. L_SON

    Credco and B*

    Credco hard codes their INQ so they don't get bumped. If you look at it you will see a numbered code next to it, something like CREDCO AUTOMOTIVE::26986XXXX.
  11. What is the 4th puller you added? A better questions is what 4 pullers are you using?
  12. Maybe I worded it wrong. I just got approved for a Creditone CC. The first thing I did was fill out their pre qualified online form (Link), and that told me i qualified for one of their cards. Then I filled out the actual credit card application online (hard pull), and got the credit card. I was looking to see if there is something on the same lines as that for a auto loan.
  13. Hi Team, I am thinking about a car loan for a used car, but I don't want to waste a hard pull on something I might not get approved for. So I was thinking is there a way to get pre approved with auto loans like you can with some credit cards? Thanks

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