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  1. How about a revolving account that reports as installment? One was supposedly in existence years ago. I put some effort into finding one but stopped at some point. I believe Tyra was interested in this as well. I believe it was CV that said a CU in SD did it this way. I never found that unicorn. The installment loan trick gives me the FICO effect I was looking for albeit with a definite end date.
  2. Where did you read that? My own datapoints say otherwise. I opened a regular 2-year installment 5 yrs ago, prepaid it down, and got the boost. Due date did not push out so it closed 2 months later and my scores reverted; IOW, the closed installment had no effect. When I did the Alliant hack I got the same boost and it stuck. Account is still open. Many others report the same (check out Konrad's thread). Has anyone with only a closed installment ever NOT seen a FICO boost when they did this? Has anyone ever NOT seen their FICO drop when their only open installment closed? Everything I'v
  3. That is correct. FICO claims that only .0001% of people have a 850 FICO, which is 1 in 1 million. Congrats! https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-08-14/obsessives-have-cracked-the-perfect-fico-credit-score-of-850 "Some 200 million U.S. consumers have FICO credit scores, while just under 3 million, or about 1.4 percent, have perfect 850s." "Members of the 850 Club can be broken into two groups. There are the super-knowledgeable tacticians trying to crack scoring algorithms, and the naturally prudent. Some are prepping for a loan. Others are just credit-score hobbyists."
  4. No, because it's CCT's computer which is screwing up how it displays the data. So your scores are not calculated off what CCT displays to you, but independently by FICO from the data on your paper reports. +1 I have the same thing on CCT with Equifax and it did not change my FICO scores from CCT. So it's pretty clear that it is a CCT display issue. Doesn't affect the FICO score you get from them.
  5. If you have been letting all cards report with a balance, you might gain something like 20 points if you only let one card report a balance. The amount doesn't have to be $2 and it doesn't have to be 1%. Any amount between those two will likely be fine. If you have the funds, a couple months before the secured card is scheduled to unsecure I would add as much as I could to it. Some banks will then leave the limit at whatever it is when it unsecures. You get your money out and the limit stays the same. They don't all work that way though.
  6. I'd contact Regions and find out the details of what happened. Tell them you didn't understand how the secured feature worked and ask them to explain where your funds currently are at and if there is a way they can delete some of the lates on your report since you misunderstood how it all worked and thought the deposit would cover what was owed without any lates on your report. It's worth a shot.
  7. Look for a link on the right hand side of the page, "View all offers" about half way down the page. You may not have any offers. Look at the screen shot in the first post of this thread https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=572423
  8. Select which offer would you like to accept. Select Offer Max Amount New Boat Loan $39,900.00 New Motorcycle Loan $40,000.00 New Motor Home Loan $39,900.00 New Travel Trailer Loan $39,900.00 New Auto Loan $50,000.00 Used Boat Loan $39,900.00 Used Motorcycle Loan $40,000.00 Used M
  9. To help others in the future, can you briefly list the steps you took that were effective in getting the comment removed?
  10. Enter a checking account number on the website and see if it takes it as an account.
  11. Again, BT checks from Disco. You can call and ask them to stop sending you BT checks. Worked for me.
  12. Besides the 15 months 0% APR on purchases, my offer also has $500 cash back after $4500 spend in the first 150 days. Your offer probably does too. All that makes it worth getting for me.
  13. I got the same offer in the mail today. I also received the 12 months 0% APR on purchases and BTs offer for this card via email a couple weeks ago.
  14. I don't think there are any special or best cards. Look around and apply for whatever you find desirable.
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