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    Jet skiing, water skiing, snow skiing, lets do it !
  1. Trying to sue me over $1100 with Wex Fleet Some jackazz called me about "I'm a Private Investigator" Blah Some Ms. Cerrato wants a check sent in her name to a P.O. Box ( Uh NO! ) Anything on these debt collector clowns would be helpful. TIA
  2. No Military affiliation, I can't join..
  3. What CRA Did they pull? I have freezes on EQ and can unfreeze EX
  4. Need advice on dealings with this company. I'll share more info soon..
  5. Called Sync today on an account to reduce debt, no DICE..
  6. Yep Care Credit closed my account after a year of non-use $9600 limit..
  7. CK showing 88 yikes! Score hit of 12 points on CK MYFICO still 703
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