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  1. The charge off is still there with 1 year to go. I can add him to one of my cards. It appears it was FICO8.
  2. Because he doesn’t have that much of a credit history established and yes at one point he had a charge off.
  3. He’s new and maybe didn’t understand what I was asking for. Will ask again.
  4. Thank you everyone for your input. I need to go back to my son and get some more information. I’ll come back after Work.
  5. Thank you for clearing that. 😅 Now his score didn't drop like that the first time and wondering why it did it the 2nd time. If I understand you correctly, it went down because the second time he had an inquiry, that one knocked it down the 26 points? I thought that when someone does an initial inquiry, any others that follow prior to 30 days will not impact your credit score? I may be incorrect but thought I saw that/heard that somewhere. Thank you
  6. I am a little lost - why would an auto dealer pull his credit? He's shopping for a mortgage. Did you mean mortgage?
  7. I am asking for my son. We live in California. He applied for a mortgage on May 10 and they did an inquiry. The lender wasn't a fit and he went to another one and they did an inquiry last week. His score didn't go down with Equifax or Transunion, but it dropped 26 points with Experian. He's upset and doesn't understand why his score dropped like that. I told him I'd ask the question in hopes to figure things out.
  8. I have an item that was added as paid collection after I paid it by Sequium 2020. A paid car balance 2018 and that's it.
  9. I am trying to get myself ready to buy my first home and feeling frustrated with my scores. They seemed to be on the move up but dropped a few digits. Currently they're at Experian 627/Equifax 635/Transunion 704. I pay everything on time and keep utilization down but scores just seem stuck. I have one late 4/2020 that I am trying to get removed. No collections. Not sure if there's anything else I can do to get scores moving. Any suggestions on what I can do or what I am doing wrong?
  10. I just realized that I've been calling you Hitman when your screen name is cv91915. I am so sorry 😣😣
  11. Thank you again. I don't have an issue with down grading the car. I can get something I like, used for less. Will look into getting out of this car. Just a heads up that I will probably have more questions, so thank you in advance for the offer.
  12. Hitman thank you very much. This information is really helpful. I hate that I purchased this car because I didn't want a new car, but my decision was based on panic. I had a car that broke down and I was trying to get back in a car. Can I do without a car? Yes, I didn't have one for almost a year and took the bus to work. If I wanted to do something special, I'd just rent a car. Comfortable? Not really. I am in a one bedroom with one of my sons. Me wanting to buy is a personal goal but feeling discouraged because there's nothing coming up that fits my price range. There were some early on (April - Sept) but they're gone now.
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