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  1. Could this be a record? Applied for my number one week ago today. Friday got a call for "more information" and got the run around about how Ineeded to buy something to have the number do anything for me. I told the guy on the phone, "Let's pretend that if I'm smart enough to be the CEO of a corporation, I'm smart enough to know you're bullsh!tting me. Just process my app." Today, 7 days later, I received my number. That was QUICK!
  2. Is it me or is most of the stuff in that group discussion about how to illegally obtain credit?
  3. My apologies. Just learned a lot recently and figured I'd put in my two cents in case someone else searched the same topics.
  4. I would LOVE to see one example of a finance company ever successfully being able to report the car stolen. Also, be very mindful of Americredit. They are not famous for following the rules, so educate yourself on what they are legally required to do during all phases of their collection practices, right to the deficiency stage.
  5. Does he still get mail there? Why would there be a warrent for his arrest? This is a popular misconception. The bank NEVER owns your car until they get possession of it. The car legally belongs to the registered owner until the repo guy either gets their hands on it, or a judge steps in and demands the vehicle be given up.
  6. Period, point blank, he shoots, he scores! According to OSI, they don't have a recording, but "two people were on the line and heard it".
  7. I read this part and to me it says that if you call and talk to them and give then your bank information that it means you are going to sign and send back the required paperwork. So now they have verbally confirmed you want to do this and that they can take the payment out of your account. If you didn't want them to do that then you should not have called them. I bet they are going to say that. The key here is "After you have completed". I never called them when I received the papers, and I never signed the papers and returned them, because they sent them out too late. They had hit my account before the papers were even in my mailbox.
  8. After reading the replies here, I went back through the paperwork. It was dated the 28th of November, and I received it the 30th of November, which was the same day they hit my bank account. Now, it seems to me, and please, someone with a little more experience feel free to interject, that this states that this document is required in order for the "program" terms to be valid. It says if I don't sign them, I can't participate. Then it states that I'm to call them after the docs are returned to "participate in the program". So how was I participating in the program if I didn't sign the federally required forms? Am I way off base here? Looks to me like even they are saying that I can't participate under federal law without this step being taken, so if i wasn't participating, then why did they hit my account?
  9. Ok, just because I'm slow, what happens if you do not start this within 30 days? Will you have no recourse?
  10. Fighting with OSI Education Solutions over my defaulted student loans. We set up rehab, and I gave them the information, and they said they would send me the papers to sign, and outline of the plan. On the DAY I got the papers, they hit my bank account, and I got an NSF on it. I never signed the papers and returned them, because it was my understanding that the plan would start when they got my signature, etc. They have violated several times. First, I have them on my caller ID at 9:30pm. They've called me at work several times after being told not to, they've encouraged me to borrow money to pay them, and they've left a message on my answering machine stating details about the NSF. The very first time I talked to them, they asked me to verify information. I refused to tell them my SS, and DOB, and tey gave me my last four but said they did not have my DOB. So I told them to call back when they had all the info they needed, but they never provided that. I guess what I need to know, is if it's worth sending a DV, and going through the process, and if it is, what makes it worth it? What will my eventual accomplishment be if I follow the validation route to the "T"?
  11. Ok, help me out here please. If I send a VL to a CA, and they do not report with validation in the specified timeframe, then what do I do?
  12. Well, it also occured to me after the fact that there was no "This is an attempt to collect a debt" memoranda in her email. I have the feeling that that was one of the biggest reasons they responded as they did.
  13. Well, let's chalk one up for the little guy I guess. This is the email they sent: And this was my response: I noticed yesterday that the email had been read by them, and today, FedEx delivered the following letter: I feel very lucky today.
  14. Who'd have thought it would happen? I fell victim to the payday loan thing, and not being able to pay the whole thing off have been stopping in each week with a little as I have it. If I miss a day, there are 5 or 6 calls on my ID from them, or they come to my work, or to my house. I didn't make it in before closing this week, and they actually sent me a message on MYSPACE! The internet is not even safe:(

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