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  1. Sundays and even holidays are fair game.
  2. You can dispute anything on your reports.
  3. They are allowed to report the name of the OC. It sounds pretty old. Have you checked the collection SOL for your state?
  4. I doubt they'll budge. I would go to my credit union and talk to a loan officer.
  5. OC can still report as a CO. However it must reflect a 0 balance.
  6. They should not be contacting friends or family if they have already located you.
  7. Wonder when they started sending them certified?
  8. You'll need to be very specific as to what is not reporting correctly.
  9. They think you are doing a FCRA dispute instead of a FDCPA dispute. A FCRA dispute requires one to be specific about what they are disputing. It seems the 30 day deadline is what triggered this. There is no 30 day deadline under the FDCPA. However there is one under the FCRA. That's why I stress not to mention a 30 day deadline in a FDCPA dispute.
  10. I'm all for the replies here. But let me throw a monkey wrench in all this. Just a question. This is the wrong debtor. This person is not a "consumer" as defined by the FDCPA. So does the DV request/dispute still apply? I mean unless they send the info proving this is not the correct debtor, then it's worth a shot.
  11. The courts, and caselaws have yet to determine what constitutes DV. But to me, a simple copy of a bill isn't sufficient. I would DV them again. Are they reporting?
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