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  1. I am putting down 5. the 4.325 I am referencing are soft quotes, after talking to them, so the %5 is factored in.
  2. hi I'm on contract on a house and a local broker I started working with got me a 5% quote (as of Friday). I thought is was high, considering my scores are 730, 733, 760 (mortage score), I have excellent job history, and no debt. Looking at bankrate, many lenders were quoting around 4.325 for a 30 year fixed for me in my score range in Texas. are bankrate advertized scores fake/unrealistic to obtain, or is my broker taking me for a ride? I'd since applied with two bankrate brokers and expect to get official quotes on Monday. Thanks
  3. ok, I'll wait until the remaining balances post. after the Refi, I will apply to a PenFed and add another card. my Experian Fico8 is 716, but the mortgage Fico (Fico2?) it is reporting is 738 Trying to get the Refi done within 30 days or so.
  4. Citi $2 out of 500 Stupid CU $1,512 out of 3000 (50.4%) Wells Fargo $72 out of 1000 Amazon Store $788 out of 2100 Currently reported util = 2374 out of 6600 or 35% These are all paid off, so next month Util drops to < 1% Car amount outstanding is %53 of original loan @ 4.9% APR
  5. Thanks Centex, I was thinking more in terms of it impacting the rate I would get. I'm below 724/725 which is a threshold to "good credit". having the T/L would bump be above it into the next interest rate tier (me thinks)
  6. lol nothing to do with my old corrado.. just a regular 2013 used car auto loan. I have had this loan for 2 years, paid 100% on time, every time. the trade line is just not there.
  7. let us know how it goes. I burned them too 8 years ago, off my reports now.
  8. hi, I have a positive auto installment T/L from my <small inefficient credit union> not showing on TU, EXP. on equifax it has not been updated in 4 months. They claim to be having problems with experian and their file format. I've been trying to get them to fix this for 2-3 weeks, and I need this fixed to refi a HELOC. question Do I wait for this to get fixed, or should I just refi with PenFed and that way I get a reliable reporting going forward. not having this T/L is impacting my scores. EQ 733 TU 719 - no auto TL EX 716 - no auto TL I am tempte
  9. another option would be to buy subject to the existing mortage? is that still done these days? Assuming he was some equity in it, you could assume the first and an owners note for the equity?
  10. Light a fire? put a compliant in with the licensing board? seems like they have more volume than they can handle..
  11. ugh!!! only 5 months left on my chase mortgage and they sold it off to SPS. they keep calling. Mortgage is current. From what I read they are pesky collector types and I can foresee tons of calls from them. I always paid on time with Chase. anyone else in this boat?
  12. I tried NAWBO and was rejected. (last year when someone mentioned it).
  13. hi credit forumers! it's been a while, so here is an update, I am nearly done with fixing! Only one 2k charge-off left on my report and it's due to falloff next month (90 day window). All I have left are a couple of OLD 30 day lates on a mortage from 2013, aging rapidly. I have 3 credit cards WF Secured (For 3 years now! SMH) 1K Greater Texas FCU VISA (Just CLIed from 1k to 3K) Citi Secured (7 months old, 500) Amazon/Sync Store card (300, not budging on CLI) One car loan Two mortgages (Rentals) one Heloc (soon to refi into conventional) My scores are in
  14. Report it lost, no big deal. You get a new one.
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