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  1. Anyone know a good resource to find a lawyer who knows and does consumer credit law
  2. Yes, they are trying to get you to do their job for them. If it were me I would send a letter back stating my dispute is I have no records of ever having owned this account and because Midland is trying to collect THEY are responsible for proving the debt is mine, what I owe, how they calculated that amount, and that they are legally entitled to collect because they own the debt. Thank you! Thats what I thought, but I really was not 100% sure! they have a lot of nerve!
  3. Midland sent me a letter, asking me to tell them exactly what my dispute is and to send them written verification and copies of anything I have to back it up. Am I wrong in thinking this is not up to me to validate my own account? should I respond or just ignore? I disputed the CRA based on massachusetts law that says a CA can't report, but I think I misunderstood the law and they can report. but I also send validation letters. So I am not sure if their letter to me is in response to the validation or the cra dispute.
  4. I have 2 accts charged off and sold to midland. They are being reported by the OC ( chase ) and by midland. In massachusetts can they both report? I read gen law 209 18.11 and i am not positive but it seems like midland should not be reporting.
  5. I had a chase visa I defaulted on it got sold to midland They never responded to any validation letter I sent. So I got a letter from a lawyer saying they are representing midland. I did not send a dv letter to them yet . 30 days is just about up. So today I get a letter from the attorney offering to settle for 70 percent. I also get a letter in the regular mail from district court that jam being sued in small claims by midland. I have no idea what to do. It says if I want to settle prior to contact the plaintiffs lawyer. Do I send another request for validation. I am stuck on what my next step should be.
  6. I sent the letter to Focus today. I will also send a DV to Asset. I looked them up online for the address. They are not reporting with the cra, I checked today. I should have sent it today, I will send it Tuesday. I have another account that was a Chase and it was purchased by a different company, they had apex send me a collection letter, I dv'd apex and never heard back, and I dv'd the creditor that purchased the account, they had never sent me any letters but were reporting, they never responded. so now they have placed it with another ca, I will be sending a dv letter to them as well, but since no one is responding to my letters, why do they keep trying to collect. it is still within sol
  7. I received a letter ( 1st communication ) from Focus Rec. about a charged off BOA account. the letter said my acct was purchased by Asset acceptance corp and they ( focus ) are assigned to collect for them. I never received any communication from Asset Acceptance. I have my validation letter ready to go to Focus. Should I also send a validation letter to Asset even though I have not received anything from them?
  8. Great idea. I didn't even think to do this since I have no clue what they are calling about. I do have a couple of accounts that I know I owe, but have not had success getting anyone to validate much less agree to a settlement offer. also do they have to send an initial letter within 5 days of the first call? so it must be dated within 5 days, not received by me within 5 days?
  9. I have been seeing on caller ID a new CA calling me, they do not leave a message, and I have never received an initial letter, so I don't know which account they are calling about. I don't talk on the phone, and was waiting for the letter, but it has never come and it has been about a month at least since I have been seeing it on the caller id. if they never leave a message can they just keep ringing my phone indefinitely without ever sending the initial letter so I can dispute?
  10. Would you go into a local branch or call main customer service number? If I go into a local branch with the old acct number I wonder if they could take the pymt
  11. I had a checking account ( joint) with BOA. we switched banks so left the BOA acct open, didn't use it. I had 2 BOA credit cards was paying but got a bit behind, entered into a payment arrangement to get back on track, I let them withdraw the payment from the BOA checking account. I gave verbal author. so for one payment I knew the money would not be there on time, so I called and withdrew the authorization to deduct from the acct. i told them it would not be there. I need to change the date to pay. but they attempted to withdraw it anyway, went ahead and took the amount from the checking ($300) which was not there and applied it to my credit card. so now my checking is in the red. I was able to put some back in, but not fast enough as they closed the account, I asked them to reverse the transactions because I had told them not to do the auto withdraw, but they refused. I thought since they took from one account to put into another they could have just reversed it. Honestly I forgot all about this, it happened over a year ago. yesterday I get mail from NCO stating it has been placed with them for collection and if I don't respond and pay they will forward it to a collection agency? i thought nco was a ca anyway, should I just pay it without asking for validation? since it says overdraft on it, I am not sure if I should be treating this differently. not sure how to proceed on this. or should I be sending a DV letter as with other ca accounts? thanks for any help!

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