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  1. bump for those that could provide input
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  3. Hello All, What is the best way to go about re-paying an Auto Repossession so that it will be deleted from my credit report? The repossession occurred in 2005 and it was with the Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. I have the remaining balance in full and when I called to try and resolve this with NMAC and they told me that all they could do is change my account from an I-8 to an I-9 :D And I know this is not true!!!!!!! Please Advise.......
  4. I have been here for a while..........however I rarely post. Tnx
  5. I love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Do you know of any banks that would give me a personal loan. Like CitiFinaical?
  7. Marv, I was approved with a co-signer through honda!!! However, they want me to put 3000 cash down in order to drive off the lot with it. I am expecting a 5000 check from my company in January, but I do not have it now. Who can I go to get a personal loan from for 3000? Given my credit situation.
  8. I applied for an auto-loan with my bank and was pre-aprovaded. So I went to the dealership to see what they had to offer. I told them what car I wanted and they came back with an exact match. However it had a lot of miles. Which was ok since it is known for lasting a long time. I told them I had gotten a pre-aproval from my bank so they told me to take the car and bring them the check back. I bought my insurance that day and drove off the lot. However, the next day when I conntacted my bank, they asked me how many miles the car had it (which they had failed to ask me before). I told them that it was over 100,000 miles. They told me that they could not finace me due to the amount of miles on the car and the year. I then called the dealership and told them what the situation was and they told me if I could get finacing that they would take another 2000 off the car, since there banks do not fincance care over 100,000 miles, excpeclly since my credit is not that good. I have 3 collections that prob equal 2500. Not a lot but it still looks bad. I also have a recent repossestion that is in dispute but it is still affecting my credit score. I would wait untill everything is clear, but I just got a new jog and I need a way to get there. Who can I go to get finaceing???? Please help. ASAP I don't wanna loose this car it's a great deal!!!! And no...I do not have a co-signer.

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