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  1. Ok, she pulled all 3 reports, every one of them show her as "joint" account & not AU. Her mother swears all she did was request an additional card for her. At this point, should she file a dispute with the collection agency, kohls, or the 3 credit reporting agencies?
  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU! We are pulling her CR's at lunch and starting there.
  3. I think I have asked this before and cant remember what you guys told me. I have a friend who is just in tears over a matter with her mother and I know this is one of the best places to look for an answer. Her mother requested an additional card for my friend for Kohls many, many years ago. My friend always had the card and would use it occasionally and then pay her mom when she did. Last year, her mother had to file bankruptcy. Kohls was included. Since then Kohls has been on her to pay the $3K balance and now it has been transferred to a collection agency (jc christenson). Her credit score when from high 750 to 620. She recently had to purchase a car and found this out the hard way & was devastated. Is this right? I have this feeling that it isnt, but how are they ever going to prove that she was only a additional cardholder? Or, does being an additional cardholder make you responsible? Her name was never on any bills and she never signed anything to get the card. If it is wrong, where should she start? She nor her mother have the $3k to just pay it off right now. Any advice, suggestions? Thank you!
  4. Bummer. Thats a good way of looking at it though - the $350 towards the car for the next few months. The more I think about it, the more I like that idea. I expected interest rate of at least 15-20% too...thats why I just dont really believe him, feel like he is just blowing smoke up my a$$. I bought my first car there brand new and remember it took all day, super high interest rate, and I never got to look at cars, I was just told, you want an Altima? Here, this is the one we have. It was rushed and I panicked and really hated that I accepted the loan, because I had better credit than I knew I had at the time (same year I joined this board!). I dont want to do that this time...but what if the car craps out again this week & its a bigger fix than before? (they mentioned the words catalytic converter when I picked it up- I dont even want to know what that is).
  5. Looked into NCFU, dont think I qualify. My father was in the Navy and husband in the marines, but neither "retired" from the services. Also heard back from the dealer guy. Not sure what to think of him...told me there was an 09 Nissan Altima on the lot with my name on it. I said, well, what are the details? I meant for the financing. Ohhhh, its about $16,000, 10-11% interest, payment around $350, I figure we would give you about $1000 for your trade in. I said, I am not trading in (cant imagine they would take it anyways given all the work its been through), ohhhh, okay, well do you want to put something down? No, not really. Ok, well I am sure thats fine. Come pick out a car. I'm not holding my breath on this one. I guess I mostly wanted to know if I could get a loan or not. Sounds like I could if needed! (although not the greatest). Now I need to decide whether to jump on it, or hold off. I held off on the Cap one blank ck and got denied the next time I tried. Also, not much in their inventory that I want. Do you think they ran a lot of inquiries? If I went to another dealership, would it make it even worse?
  6. Havent looked into NFCU since way back in the day when I first joined CB. Not sure if I am eligible or not, Im in MN. I was with PenFed (?) for awhile, but closed that out awhile ago. I will look into it. If the car can just hang in there until maybe October, I wouldnt need a loan now at all. Wonder if this car guy will even call me back.
  7. OMG, its right...3 payments were declined and returned apparently before I fixed my name. When I fixed it and paid online, I fixed it exactly on the 30th day from the previous month when it had been declined - I thought I was fixing that month. Thats the 30 day late. I had no idea! I remember thinking the late fees were high & being annoyed with the balance, (min pymt was like $186 at that point) so paid it off in full with my next paycheck, but that wasnt until after all this happened. Well. Thats a bummer. I used to be so good at this stuff....ugh! SON OF A...well, can only go forward I guess.
  8. Ahhh...that explains it. Then if a day or two past due date is not 30 days, I know I have reason for a dispute - its one of those Cap One cards that you do credit builder steps on before limit increases - there is no way I would have allowed that to go 30 days. Logging on now. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP.
  9. Thanks for the encouragement...I pulled my EQ credit score from the EQ site and it said 530 - but the dealership pulled and said EQ was 579. AND, they said they showed the late payment as from 6-8 months ago. That would have been when I first got the card. The more I thought about it, I know I was never late. Thats my goal for today, find some time to look at that. I worked way to hard to just not make a payment one month - its on auto pay! I think something cant be right with that. The only thing I can think of, is when I first set it up, I entered the wrong middle initial on the auto pay, and my bank declined it, but, I went online the next day and paid it and the late fee they had already assessed. If you pay it a day or two after the due date, is that 30 days late? The dealership guy seemed to think he could get me a loan, but, I havent heard from him. With my last loans, I have never had to put anything down so that was a new question to me. I had just paid a ton of money to pick the car up from being fixed and told them that - just paid anything I would have had to your service department. If I can keep this car running a few more months, I wont need a car loan right now and have some time to work on my report. I have alot of inquiries. I need to stop applying everytime a website invites me to. Does anyone know why the dealerships pull of my EQ and report would be different than mine from their actual website? Thanks for all the encouragement, seriously, I was way bummed out on Friday.
  10. Feeling totally like a loser today. Pulled my EQ and it was 530. I am almost 2 years post BK, so was doing really well with it getting into the 600's. Was so proud. Kept saying I was going to do credit repair, but just figured time would help settle things. In February, I started a LOA at my job for some medical stuff. In March I had some car problems on my owned car and applied for the Cap One Blank Check. Was approved right away. I never went through with it, fixed the car and came back to work in April. The car has been on the fritz for 2 months now. Its got high miles, almost 200K, and after todays bill, it appears it may have something bigger and maybe now its time to look into a new car. Re-applied with Cap One...declined. Wondered what had changed...pulled EQ and BOOM, there is it. 530. I had sent in a preapproval application with the dealership before I pulled it. Now I know why they arent calling. I have re-read the credit repair post over & over. I just feel like I dont have the strength to even start. A cap one card reported me as 30 days late in March, which I just cant remember being late. I think that and inquiries, small credit limits and high balances is hurting me the most. I dont really have a question, just wanted to vent. Sometimes this credit stuff can sure bring a person down and this isnt something I can exactly bring up at lunch with my girlfriends. So bummed about that damn score. Now I know I cant even get a car loan. Back to the drawing board!
  11. We just got started on thinking about reentering the mortgage world. I put up a topic last night on where to start & wouldnt you KNOW IT, I get a call today asking for my husband and all they said was, please let him know Credit Advocates called. CA? Anyone heard of them? I googled that, but didnt get far. Searched in here, but dont know if I did it right.
  12. Hi - Thanks for all the advice. We live in a suburb of St Paul, MN. We do have our certificate in hand, just dont know where to start or who to trust. We used a family-friend realtor in 2004 and they assured us they knew all about VA loans and do did the loan officer who was going to do our mortgage. When it came down to it, he didnt and that was how we ended up in that awful 80/20. I think I will just have to start calling around & see what I can figure out. Hard to trust people after our first experience! Thanks!!!
  13. Hi, I trolled thru a lot of posts....where do you even start....just call a bank and ask if they have someone who specializes in VA lending? Back in 2004 we got out first mortgage. My husband is a veteran and has never used the VA loan. We live in MSP, MN area and were given the run around everywhere we went. Either they knew it ony a little, or thought it was hard to do, etc....we were eventually talked into an 80/20....told that was a far better loan than a VA loan. This time around, we want VA experience from top to bottom....real estate agent, bank etc. We do bank with USAA and have for over 10 years, but they have declined us credit every time we have applied and the mortgage reviews are not that great. I want to deal with someone in person, or, at very least, the same person throughout the process. It's going to be a long one and we need someone experienced. I have tried googling my city, etc....where do you even start? Our other bank is US Bank. No thanks. Any advice? Any other places I could solicite advise for help locally? Thank you in advance for any help
  14. I did finally go with that one - thanks!
  15. Help...I read the entire post...they own everyone one of my GEMB accts and I am currently claiming bankruptcy. All my letters have a servicer, then the current creditor (which is lvnv) and then previous creditor (GEMB Sams, etc) - Does anyone have a good address for LVNV? They dont list one on my credit report at all & I have no actual letters from them. I plan to list servicer, LVNV & GEMB, but really need an accurate address for LVNV. Google searches have given me 2-5 different addresses....can anyone help? If so, greatly appreciated!

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