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  1. I'll take a look at my records when I get home and update. Thanks Marv
  2. Several years ago while my head was in the sand (thank you depression) I had to get a new car. Mine gave up the ghost and since I was in a bind, I went to Drivetime - yes, I was an salamander. According to their website, I still owe ~6 grand over the next 18 months even though it was a five year loan and I should be at 12 months. Do I have any options at all or do I just keep sucking it up for the next 15 months and then get something new at a much lower interest rate. The only positive is that it shows a nice green payment history. Edit note: HRM, I said salamander and it corrected to salamander - weird
  3. I still have 2 on TU...one was from a CA that couldn't validate, but they didn't pull the Inquiry off. However, EQ dropped another one today - that leaevs 1 that isn't part of my mortgage, and 2 that are. I've heard that mortgage Inqs go and I've heard they stay, BUT it looks like I'm about to find out.
  4. I've recommended CB to several people. One of them has had amazing results.
  5. July of next year for me. I'm counting the days.
  6. I've restarted my daily pulls from TU. It's a pain, but I want the few Inq's to go away where I can get them gone. Well, today showed a loss of one more on my EQ. 4 more to B there, and 2 on TU. I'm just not talkin' about EX.
  7. Midland is a pain in the rear. I've sent a second dispute letter to EQ asking if they are stupid or what since the reported address comes back undeliverable. If that doesn't work, then I'm off to the races with the violations. They seem to thrive on them.
  8. I still stand by my claim that Tenet is the devil incarnate. They rank an F with the BBB which means: We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices. Why am I NOT suprised. They are both the OC and the CA.
  9. At the time I had very little assets, very few TLs with not much history, a few baddies out there. plus a higher utilization. Assets are still low - but MUCH higher than they were at that time, and they are growing daily. They've doubled what I had this time last year. I have 19 positive TLs, all but one of which will be over 2 years old when I refi I may still have a medical baddie when I refinance, not sure if I'll get rid of it or not. And my utilization should be around 10%. I had thought I'd get an Alt-A with my scores, they were a bit higher than I am now, but new TLs dropped me, and I'm comming back up. However, due to some timing issues, we wound up with a subprime.
  10. Okay, I know I'm early, but after talking with a good friend, and seeing the nightmare she's gone through with her refi, I'm trying to determine when to start. My rates increase on 1 July, 2008. Right now I have an 80/20, with icky rates. My plan is to pay off most of the 20, and then roll them together into a much better rate over 15 years. I'm staying on top of my credit, and still working on the few baddies I have. And once the credit amounts are reporting the very low balances, I'm sock drawing the cards and just pulling them out every other month to make a small purchase to keep them alive. My appraisal came out much higher than what I'd paid for the condo, so right now, I have 6K in equity, and by the time I get that 20% down to something managable (it's at 16K right now) there should be a nice little sum so I won't have to worry about PMI. So, all that said - when do I start looking for the refinance?
  11. I don't see any reason why you couldn't try. It sounds like you may have a shot at it. Good luck.
  12. Send them a DV with a limited C&D - DO NOT talk to them on the phone again.
  13. Congrats, they pulled Lexis Nexis on you.
  14. Here's the letter that is going to go out just as soon as I have the paper copy of the report in my hands. The first question that comes to mind is – are you stupid, or just incompetent? On <date>, I sent a letter to your offices asking that Midland Credit Management be removed from my Credit Report because the address they were providing was incorrect. To support this claim, I sent copies of the still sealed envelopes. Both of these letters were returned to sender undeliverable. Instead of doing as I had asked, you had the account validated – something that the incorrect listing of the address prevents me from doing. The listing you have now still has the invalid address. Since I am unable to contact Midland at the address they have provided you, and I have sent proof of such to your offices, the only conclusion that I can reach is that you don't care that you're reporting incorrect information and violating my rights under the FCRA. I have enclosed a copy of the letter I sent you, and copies of the two envelopes. I expect a deletion of this account within ten days.

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