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  1. Do not understand why the Dolphins did not go for Quinn. They need help at QB.
  2. Thank you for responding
  3. I had an inquiry pulled and do not know who or what? It was on Experian and I do not have a service with them only Equifax so I need a contact number if anyone knows who this is. Only a P.O. Box on Equifax. Thanks
  4. Of course you can buy two homes at once. With the right history and enough cash anything is possible. But i would suggest using the same lender. They could do one pull and also save you on costs. Good luck.
  5. No just try for the plain old Delta Sky Miles Card. No fees!
  6. NO NO NO do it yourself. Study read up take classes do whatever you can to achieve your own financial goals. I do not trust anyone else with my money and damn sure would not give anyone the power to purchase or trade without my approval first.
  7. Get this Citi has decided to discontinue the ATT Universal Cash Rewards Card for business reasons. This in itself is no big deal as their are other cards. The thing is if you have earned cash rewards and it is under $50 as of June 30th they will not issue a redemption on cash earned. Can you imagine how much money they are going to screw people out of here. Millions of customers who will be unable to redeem what they earned due to them closing the account. Do I smell class action here.
  8. It really just needs to appraise for at least the sale price.
  9. First off it should be the title company which should order the survey. They will almost always request a new survey when insuring a deal. That Realtor is inexperienced and it is a shame you got stuck with her. But you cannot do anything about it except call the Broker like you did. Too many negligent agents have gotten into the business in the last couple years. This too shall change now that the market is turning.
  10. Sometimes they put into contract that if you do not use the lender they request the deal is then like an all cash transaction with no mortgage contingencies. Make sure you check this out.
  11. A general letter summarizing should be sufficient. They will let you know if it is not. Just make sure it is succient and to the point do not over detail it. And we do hope you have good reasons for the lates.
  12. I have several different funds and the only ones doing well at this point are the overseas equity funds.
  13. So, he might get a collection from an entity that is not legal in the U.S.? I'd think this is akin to a drug deal that goes awry. If you stiff your dealer, can said dealer send you to collections? Uh, don't think so. Your friend has no recourse if an offshore betting firm stiffs him -- so I would assume that they have no claim on him, either. That's the risk everyone takes when gambling offshore. That doesn't mean Vito can't come to your friend and collect. If you are a good friend you will get that salamander into a program for degenerate gamblers. They exist in every city. And tell him to pay his debt. He incurred it legal or not. And by the way I do not think they can LEGALLY collect on the debt. But there are other means.

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