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  1. It has been more than seven months, actually, and my reason for doing this is simple: I had no choice. Just like people who file BK, right? They go months without making payments, then essentially use the BK to escape the bulk of their obligations, right? I have thus far been able to avoid BK, but who knows? What is the two primary objects people want to keep when they BK? House and car. Negotiating down is part of that process. I just figured it out, and it has been almost 11 months, not 7, since the last payment. The same company just wrote off a $15,000 CC with me, and again my gut feel
  2. OK, let's say I decide to keep driving it, and move to another state. Again, not the current state of my residence, and not the state where the CU is located. Any chance I would be breaking any laws by transporting across state lines?
  3. I agree with George on this one....it is truly hard to believe he made it this far.
  4. Yes, I believe I fully understand this. That is why I am interested in purchasing clean title. The point I was trying to make about leverage is that their inability to get possession of the vehicle has shown they have more to gain by negotiating than they do just saying " No, we won't consider it ". I am willing to bet a fair bit of money there have been no lawsuits filed on this. I have lived in this same home for 3 years now, garaged the SUV here for the past two years here, and have received no summons, letters beyond the 21 day letter some 7-8 months ago. State laws allow service by pu
  5. At least one person noticed your workaround. Me...lol! Are you saying that you have used the Number first, PO second, on a range of new credit applications, and it has worked each time? Or are you saying you later switched the address TO a newly acquired PO box, and succeeded in getting the online change for the CC to accept the PO address after your CC was in hand and active?
  6. Thanks again. I fully understand the CU might say " pay it in full, or give it back. " If they do that, and cannot get the vehicle, then it does not matter what they want me to do. This is why I mentioned it is an out of state CU. If they say simply " Hell No ", then I can either say " fine, I will keep driving it, and you won't get a penny ". Leverage seems important, if they have tried to repo, have failed, and it is too expensive to go the next step relative to their chances of getting a court order. It may have been cheaper to simply write it off, which they may have done.
  7. Thanks for the rapid response. I am thinking the CU cannot or is not willing to work to get a court order, or they would have done that already. That is why I mentioned the 7-8 month period, because it seems they would have done what was necessary to get a court order already. They have not done it successfully yet, so I am guessing there is a specific reason for that. I don't give a flip about credit rating right now, and don't think I will in the near future. The main objective: purchasing a clear title for as little as possible. I have an advantage over the CU: they are out of state, th
  8. 2004 vehicle, $20K owed to out of state CU. True value, since it is an SUV, is probably only wholesale $14 K. They tried to repo it many, many, months ago. Because it is garaged 24 hours a day, and no summons, repo, no docs other than the 21 day letter has arrived, and I have enough cash now to pay for it, I am interested in reducing the price to the bare minimum and purchasing it from the CU to get clear title to the SUV. Nothing appearing on any of three CR's except late, no repo noted there. It has been some 7-8 months, probably, since I have made a payment. I don't necessarily want
  9. How many of the inquiries are older than 6 months? How many are older than 12 months? The effect of inquiries varies with each FICO scoring model applied to the raw data given by each CR. The negative shown on all three CR comment sections may not apply to the FICO scoring model used by the tri merge in May.
  10. Sometimes the most important CR to clean is the one which is closest to being clean already: then you can literally search the board for creditors who pull that CR in your area. If the CR is nearly clean, and you have just one or two to be deleted before it is spotless, then you can shop for new credit using only that CR. Likely, that new TL will be reported to all three CRA's, which then strengthens your other two. It is like rock climbing: use the best grip to pull yourself up.
  11. You are working too hard here. Have you deleted your addresses from your CR's, if the one connected to the CA is old, and disputed the account with the CRA as " inaccurate "? If you have not, at least send a basic dispute to the CRA reporting the account.
  12. You have to learn the different laws which govern the actions of OC's (Original Creditors, like CITI), and debt collectors (CA's, collection agencies). It appears at least one of the companies, LTD, is probably a CA and is therefore governed by the FDCPA. Look for one of the moderators' posts, CramitCCC's, who has major threads for both strategies. Also, if it turns out the company calling the UPS office is a CA, learn what a DV with limited Cease and Desist clause is. OC's must verify information only, where CA's must Validate. Debt Validation letter is meant for CA's only.
  13. I have no idea what might be going on in your credit life to require money each money for three FICO scores. I guess my opinion is clear on that, right? Your FICO v FAKO question has literally been asked tens of thousands of times on this board. Using the SEARCH function, and putting both those kewords in the search field, then clicking on the TITLE only thread in the bottom right of the same screen, will yield a ton of threads on this subject.
  14. Are you sure your state does not allow service by publication in extreme cases? That would be one last thing to do before pursuing a motion (or two in this situation) to vacate. If you PM me I will send you a .pdf file on vacating a judgement.
  15. All these questions are directly related to the BK and reporting after, so might it be better to post this in the forum dedicated to that subject? Many people spend time in both forums, but those who frequent the BK forum usually have a very solid understanding of the idiosynchrosies of BK reporting. Just a suggestion.
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