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  1. 1. Are those scores FICO or FAKO? 2. Do you have a nice mix of types of credit? Im not sure that drop in UTI will raise 80-100 points. 3. If you dont have a nice mix of credit, work on that. 4. If you do, then let stuff age and keep <10% UTI
  2. Personally, if you dont have at least a couple of months income in savings, I would put it there. But thats just me.
  3. You have to be careful which product you buy at Equifax. Equifax Complete Advantage provides an internal Equifax score, but NOT a FICO. Scorewatch gives you a credit report and a FICO twice/year. 3-in-1 report gives you 3 reports, and an Equifax ONLY FICO 4x/year. And finally, theres Score Watch, at the most expensive, which is an EQ FICO.
  4. I would also wait and make sure, aside from Amex, you start looking at some higher limit prime cards. With your tentitive plan, you'll have a LOC, an Amex, and a car loan. Thats apretty thin file. You need a couple revolvers IMHO.
  5. My guess would be the OP no longer does enough travel to make the annual fee worthwhile / money well spent. Most likely. The reward/point structure is better on the PR Gold anyway IMHO for a daily card.
  6. They treated me ok and they served their purpose... just didnt want to pay the AF on low limit cards since Ive been able to hook up better ones since then.... Dont really understand the idea of wanting to get these TL's removed from your CR tho... a positive is a positive right? Some of the elite banks don't like to see rebuilder cards on your reports. There is another loan type they don't like but the name of it doesn't come to mind right now. What are you considering elite? I got an Amex Gold (preapproved for Plat also but gold was better fit) and a Chase siggy card with a FP reporting...and as others have said, the Orchard card reports as HSBC so theres no way to know its a "rebuilder".
  7. Others have already mentioned about FICO scores. For reports, I suggest creditcheck monitoring from USAA (it's $12/mo for all 3 reports + 3 FAKOs, but there may be ways to get it to $6/mo. Search the forums on how). You dont have to be military to use it. You should probably get your hard copy free reports initially, then suppliment with USAA to check your progress. There really isnt a need to monitor your FICO's through the cleanup process. Maybe once is all cleaned up, then check to see where youre at.
  8. OR is still bound by HPAA laws. As SBA suggested, head to the medical forum and read up on WhyChat's medical dispute process.
  9. I also closed my Orchard card down today...with the $300 CL...lol. Can you tell me how to go about disputing them off your credit reports? Why would you want to? Congrats OP I hope you have other TL's to replace them. They served me well enough and got me to where I am today so in spite of the fees, Im not disappointed in them.
  10. I appd for this a couple of weeks ago, went through manual review. I ended up talking to the processor, and I was finally declined. The reason on my decline letter? Too much credit available to income, and utilization too high. I have a bit over my annual income in available credit, with about 11% UTI (just bought a house in Aug and made some big purchases). The processor said everything else looked fine. *shrug* I dont really need it, but I was going after the points lol. Maybe I'll try again next year after my UTI is back down to <1%
  11. Yep its an NFCU program, and it requires, among other things, a back end DTI ratio of 29%. FYI. I apped and qualified in Aug, except I was at 31% so couldnt go through with it. Ended up with FHA instead. edit: also, the interest rate is a bit higher than FHA, the break even point, if I remember, due to no down payment, is about 8 years.
  12. Grats on the approval Before you take your Amex to Brazil, do some research (if you havent already) and find out how accepted Amex is. I do a bit of travelling to SE Asia, and with the exception of the big cities (Hong Kong, Shanhai, Taiwan, etc) Amex isnt taken very many places so I usually take a Visa.
  13. Yes, the gold card will be back dated. Whether or not it's "woth it" is personal preference. I have the PR Gold, and make 4 times the annual fee in points. I do a bit of travelling, and go to alot of concerts, so I use the bennies that the blue and other cards dont have. You really have to decide where your spending will be, and what youre looking for for rewards.

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