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  1. Does Discover do a hard pull for a credit line increase? I'll be 91 days in December with only 3 payments toward Discover account. $6K was my starting limit and I did some balance transfers. Don't use it because it has a balance of $5.8K.
  2. It asks at the end of the application at the signatory section.
  3. My friend, who has owned 2 mobile home parks for 17 years, had no issues with his personal credit ever until 2014 when he went delinquent on 2 Discover accounts, a Citi Cards account and a Chase account. These credit card accounts were all personal as he never borrowed under his business credit which only has a few business accounts which he established over those 17 years. He is trying to refinance his mobile home park loan with a credit union at a lower rate and better terms, as the bank he is with now doesn't want to change the terms in any way, shape or form. The credit union seemed to be interested in doing the loan as the LTV is 40%. They asked for a letter of credit explanation for why he has unpaid negative accounts not being addressed which with interest and fees tacked on totals around $35K. The Iowa statute of limitations on these credit card accounts will be 5 years in September 2019 so he doesn't want to negotiate until he gets more leverage at that time. He is hoping he doesn't have to wait another year or so to negotiate those negative accounts. These negative accounts are all still with the original lenders and no collectors are involved. The letter of explanation was a good one and showed his sincerity with wanting to get past this hiccup and grow and build his business and stressed that he would address the personal credit issues later but that it shouldn't affect his business credit which is thin but has no negatives. He has updated information on his DNB and has a Tax ID #. This letter to the credit union was sent off 6 weeks ago and they won't return his calls, although they said they should be able to do something. I suggested that since he hasn't gotten a no yet to just leave it in the credit unions hands and even if he wasn't ready to negotiate that maybe he could re-establish credit with the card holders that went delinquent by applying for secured credit cards which Discover IT and Citi Cards both have available on the personal credit side. Chase has no such secured credit card as they deal with good credit only as their business model and would shoot down any applications for personal credit cards. However, they have 2 business credit cards with no annual fees. However, the application for Chase asks for both business and personal information which of course includes a request for his SS#. I myself have Discover It and would be willing to allow him authorization to use my credit to help his credit, so at least 1 account will have reestablished credit with a delinquent account on the personal side. He is also going to apply for the BOA Business Card which has no AF and doesn't ask for ss# and Capital One secured personal credit card, where he has a Capital One car loan with good payment history on his personal credit. If we can get some of the above approved he can start showing payment history on personal and business credit reports within 90 days. At that time he can reapproach the credit union to show how serious he is in reestablishing a relationship with at least some of the delinquent accounts. My questions to this forum would be: 1) Will Citi & Discover IT be willing to approve a secured card when he currently is delinquent accounts with them? 2) Would Chase accept an application for a business credit card using only his Tax ID # if he simply left off the SS # on his application, so they are looking at just his good monthly income, time owning business and Paydex?
  4. What is the date of first delinquency on the 3 chargeoffs? If they are in 2011 they can be removed as obsolete by the credit bureaus. If the late months came early in the tradeline payment history, say before 2012, you may want to let them age off and use what would be the positive tradeline the remaining 2 or 3 years for AAOA.
  5. The better option between these two choices depends on what else is reporting on your credit report. I get the sense that you have a moderate amount of additional negative trade lines reporting. If so, then removing this trade line may not buy you much. It could prove, instead, to be more valuable as an aged positive trade line down the road (advising the first choice above). I have 2 negative accounts with the same credit union (PENFED). This account and an old paid off car loan that will fall off this fall. I did a loan modification on the HE Loan in March 2016 that paid off the HE loan. The concept of "First Date of Delinquency" only applies to accounts closed in an adverse status, and ONLY refers to the most recent delinquency from which the account was never again brought to a current status. Since they are reporting negative pay history it would be my assertion with PENFED that they show a date of 1st delinquency which was 10/2010 and which would enable me to request the pay history be deleted. I believe according to how I read 623©(5) and 605©(1) that adverse accounts that were charged off or forwarded to a CA were the exception where the 7 year rule wouldn't come into play.
  6. My last late payment for that account was 3/2016 which means it will stay on as a negative account for quite some time. I was wonder if anyone had the payment history deleted to show account as a positive with the Paid as Agreed. Maybe if they had put the status as Paid in Full, was late, that might have been better for me because it could be considered obsolete with the date of 1st delinquency 10/2010. As a side note, I did make a request to Equifax that I wanted the account deleted because it was obsolete and the rep said they didn't do that. I knew Equifax was the strictest and only would omit like 1 month into the future but now they are saying by law they can't do it.
  7. I have a home equity loan closed in August, 2016 with a zero balance tradeline on my Equifax credit report. It shows a status of Paid as Agreed which means it will report for 10 years as a positive account. However, there are many lates in the payment history listed in the tradeline which makes this a negative account, as stated in the beginning of the Equifax report. In other words, this negative history will stay with me for 10 years instead of 7 years from the date of first delinquency, which shows as N/A because it's a "positive account". I need to have this account either report on Equifax as Paid as Agreed showing no payment history and a positive account OR a status that would allow me to have the account show my date of 1st delinquency which is 10/2010 and then I can have the tradeline deleted as a negative account. If I waited to have the negative drop off I would have to wait until 9/2022 instead of deleting the tradeline immediately as obsolete which it would have become 11/2017. FCRA 7 year rule 623(a)(5) and 605©(1) which sets forth the delinquency method of calculating the obscelescense period. Any ideas from any members who may have gone through a similar experience. Thanks in advance.
  8. Discover pulled all 3 credit bureaus in March, 2017, in Iowa. I was denied a card but my scores were around 600 at that time and I opened a lot of new accounts. I have since cleaned up my credit with Experian and TU showing no adverse accounts or collections and Equifax showing old mortgage lates on a paid closed account and an account that shows as a paid charge off; and lowered total utilization to about 35%. I am going to request the bureaus send a revised and updated copy of my reports to Discover and a few others I was denied for in March and see if they will approve me without reapplying and getting a hard pull. The bureaus are required to do this for creditors that denied you within the last 6 months. I know I can also call the Discover recon phone number but I have 4 or 5 creditors that I was denied with and I thought why not have the credit bureaus do the work for me. I'll request they send me an email when the updated reports have been sent out. .If this doesn't work I will call the recon number. My scores now are in the 640 range. Has anyone had any luck with this method? If I later decide to call the recon # how far back in months do they go from original application that they will reconsider without reapplying?
  9. My efforts to dispute the unpaid collection from the CA through the credit bureaus for erroneous information failed and no response was received from them with my letter requesting validation. I went ahead and filed a complaint with the CFPB and finally heard the CFPB response from the CA 15 days later. They outlined the entire 5 and 1/2 year history of their side of the story with this medical collection. It was the only correspondence I remember getting from them which was satisfying and even though they said their information was correct. They said they would delete the account from the credit bureaus as a goodwill gesture. 24 hours later all 3 credit bureaus showed the collection was deleted. I saved this arrow in my quiver as a last resort and it worked out for me in the end. If their response would have came back with no deletion, I would have at least had acknowledgement that they had a relationship with the original creditor which I felt I didn't have before their response back from the CFPB complaint. Then I could have sent out the HIPAA letter to the original provider/creditor.
  10. Thank you for your responses. I found your answers very helpful for the route I will eventually take and was a great soundboard to work out some different ideas. Of course in the end anything I do will be my way as every ones situation is different and logical may or may not work, but in the end I am still dealing with people and I have had success in my credit repair. I am leaning toward giving them the HIPAA letter along with the money but I'm still unsure if I have established a relationship between the OC and CA as I laid out in my other posts, which you state in your HIPAA section I need for the letter to work. I am suppose to bring in the money when I settle so I will be handing the HIPAA letter to the OC rep. at that time. I still am a patient with them so I will need to do it this way. Again I appreciate your contribution. My momma taught me properly thank people who help you and momma's always right!
  11. There will be something in writing as they will have me sign an agreement when I give the OC the settlement monies. What would it hurt if they put in that agreement they will rescind the CA relationship. Then at least I would have proof to send to the CRA that the CA is no longer in the picture and have paid directly to the OC and they will delete the account. I thought that the HIPAA letter wouldn't work for me since I haven't established the current relationship.
  12. There is a relationship between the OC and CA as both parties verbally said it over the phone but the collection just stays out there with no action on the CA's part except verifying my disputes. Maybe I'll try and get something in writing when I settle my debt with the OC.
  13. I don't think I have confirmed a current relationship between the OC and the CA to be able to send the HIPAA letter with A inserted along with my settlement monies as I have no documentation from either party. Would I want to ask the OC rep. who is working with me on the settlement to send me proof of a relationship between them and CA or would this not be wise?
  14. HIPAA LETTER LETTER TO HEALTH CARE PROVIDER Letter To Health Care Providers This letter should ONLY be used AFTER the initial dispute letter has provided you with a documented current relationship between the Health Care Provider and the reporting CA. "It will ONLY work if the claim is either INACCURATE, or you remit the valid correct amount due with the letter, and ONLY if you have confirmed a CURRENT relationship between the OC and the CA." I don't think I have confirmed a current relationship between the OC and the CA to be able to send this letter as I have no documentation from either party regarding the other.

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