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  1. Just found out that the BK mistake was fixed and my account is open again. I still don't know what caused the error, but Barclays handled it quickly and efficiently.
  2. Yes, on the low interest cards..
  3. Since I don't carry a balance on the Barclays Amex card, but do on other cards, wouldn't percentage utilization (go up (and my score drop) if the Amex is closed?
  4. Yes, a BK would tank credit scores more, but closing the account would also have a not negligible impact. I tend to believe this is a big Barclays error...so far, there's no BK showing on my credit report nor are any other creditors claiming I declared BK.
  5. Not yet... Barclays is "still looking into it." They'll need to step it up, though...they'll tank my credit scores if they don't take corrective action and this mistake causes the account to report as closed. I'm not a happy camper. Will keep you posted.
  6. Thanks. These responses have been very helpful.
  7. I haven't heard back from the cc company in response to my phone call (they said they would investigate), It sounds like I should send a certified letter stating that, while they said they received information last week that I declared bankruptcy, that is wrong... I have not declared BK. Please advise if that seems an appropriate course of action. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. Is the credit card company required to tell me the source of this information?
  9. Sorry for being a bonehead... not sure I understand. What is AA? Thanks,
  10. I've checked TU... guess I'll have to bite the bullet and check the others. About a year ago, my work had a data breach involving personal information. Unfortunately, it will be bad news for me when this credit card reports as closed. Is the credit card company required to disclose where they obtained this (bad) information? It's very frustrating. Thanks.
  11. Not that I'm aware of...
  12. Not joint, no AUs...I'm the only user of the card. So far, no BK on my credit reports. Card is a Barclays Amex. It's very strange...
  13. I tried to make a purchase with one of my credit cards and the card was declined. I was shocked... I've had this card for years, always paid on time and have good credit. Anyway, I called the credit card company and they said my account was closed because they received notice that I recently declared bankruptcy. I have not declared bankruptcy and have no idea why they would think that. They took my information and said they'd get back to me, but so far I haven't heard anything and the card is still closed. Any idea what might be going on and how to handle? I don't know whether it's just a big mistake or if I should be concerned about identity theft. Thanks.
  14. I applied for a mortgage, and the broker told me that I have a 30 day late on my Experian report. I was surprised, since it doesn't show up on the reports that I ordered from EX. A few years ago, EX did report a 30 day late for this TL, but I disputed and it was deleted. Now my mortgage broker said it's showing up on the report he pulls, but it's not on the reports from EX that I order..matter of fact, this TL is listed in the "Accounts in Good Standing Section." Any ideas what might be going on? I'm not sure where to begin to take care of this. Thanks.
  15. It turns out we are EA1-Eligible because of the tax liens (which were satisfied and released back in 2006) and 10% down payment. From a practical standpoint, would like to know what EA1-Eligible means in terms of obtaining a mortgage. Thanks.

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