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    Margarita's, Sangria, Tequila, Fuzzy Navels...<br />
  1. My mirror is still firmly attached.... not even a bit loose...
  2. I do. I feel like I missed my boat about 5 1/2 years ago when the H FIRST cheated on me. Instead, I sat around sure that things would get better, 'cause... dude. How could they NOT? We're great friends. But, somehow , here we are, 5 years and a kid later, and oh, look. Nothing.changed. Yep. I feel you.
  3. Sweet. As. Pie. She's even placed another order since. C R A Z Y. Um. No. I really hope underwear isn't illegal anywhere... Word.
  4. Yay!! Labs are pretty awesome... no Boxer, but still awesome
  5. I'm calling us both lazy and easily persuaded to drink beer vs run.
  6. I'm..... not I failed. Starting tomorrow! HOPEFULLY, Snork's impending nuptials will inspire her to not ditch me anymore. But congrats on continuing!!!
  7. Isn't that the truth? Unless it's a special occasion, I'm the mean mom that makes my kids go to sleep at more or less the same time on weekends and vacation. Me too.
  8. I guess it's a good thing I didn't come over for a movie and beer last night.
  9. I didn't tell you about juice because we're discontinuing it. She likes juice t bedtime, but we no longer allow. Qua is a real word! We play a lot of word games ( quiddler).
  10. What sirrowan said. I'm the queen of stealthy documenting, if you need pointers.
  11. . Y'all got some shoes to show me?! If not, kindly march away from my shoe whoring thread. You're mucking up what's important to me. Hmph.

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