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  1. The expedited fee is not so much the problem. In my case I made a payment on Jan. 30, 2006 @ 11:39pm PST. The problem was they said if you make an online payment for at least the minimum amount due prior to 01/31/2006, no payment fees will be applied. They did not credit my account as making the payment on Jan. 30, 2006, they instead posted the payment date as Jan 31st without taking into account that I am in the Pacific Time Zone and evidently they are in the Eastern Time Zone. So that is my complaint as to them charging me this fee, how am I suppose to know that they are in a different time zone? Also the payment wasn't even due until the 4th of Feb. I called them and the CSR said if I was unhappy about this I could dispute it.....I have but I doubt it will do me any good. A very unfair business practice on Chase's part. I guess they enjoy alienating their cardholders.
  2. I have been here since Nov. 13th. Thanks!
  3. AVG has a free edition of it's anti-virus programs for home users only. If you go to grisoft dot com and click on their products link you will see a link for AVG Free. I have used it for about a year now and it's very good about detecting any virus activity. If you want their Firewall it does cost and they also have a Professional Edition whic h you can purchase. The AVG was actually recomended to me by a Dell Support Tech.

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