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  1. One if offering %40 settlement. Is this what I should shoot for, for all? I think my States SOL is 3 years, Arizona. Of which I have about 1 1/2 to 1 year left.
  2. They are all charged off and closed
  3. Hit hard times, death in the family, lost job. Didn't pay mortgage for 1 year. Was about to get forclosed on, till I finally snapped out of it and got back to work. I was in a bad depression. 1 year after death, I got my mortgage on track, and my car loan current. here I am 2 1/2 years later and working on settling my un-secured credit cards and personal loans. I've got about 40k worth of this. Question is, after 2 1/2 to 3 years later, how much of a percentage settlement rate should I shoot for? 10k credit union loan, 30k credit cards Thank you all
  4. Man That really %**((^%% What would be considered reasonable number of inquiries per year?
  5. When applying for card (with experian and transunion frozen), whats the best response to creditor asking why their frozen and adamant about wanting to pull from them?
  6. You saying #3 inquiry bumpage/bunch of soft pulls no longer works?
  7. Hello All What is the recommended # of credit card apps per app spree? Is this a common scenario? 1. a. freeze eq and exp b. Apply for 3 cards under transunion 2. a. freeze TU and exp b. apply for 3 cards under equifax 3. a. bump TU and EQ b. wait till inquiries fall off ( month or 2) c. repeat
  8. Thank you for your response Im trying to decide if i should pay for some high limit tradelines to bump my scores past 770+ Im at 720+ now, and am planning on doing some credit card app sprees, and applying for some LOC's Just want to marigolds how much of an impact this credit score increase and high limit tradelines would have with this?
  9. Hello everyone Is there a difference between having a 720 personal credit score, compared to a 770+ as far as credit card limits, LOC, etc go?
  10. Hello all Mid personal credit score 740 2 dings on personal credit report 1. 90 day late student loan, approx 1 year 10 months old - on all 3 credit bureaus 2. Foreclosure. 6 years 9 months, on equifax only ? Is. Will these impact me from qualifying for "high limit/the top" pg'd credit cards? So far I have 2 personal credit cards. 11k discover. 8k Barclays. N 2 store cards. PayPal n wallmart low limits 3 trades showing on business side. Net 30's. 4th one about to show any day now In business 1 1/2 years. Can provide taxes/docs. 1 year
  11. Hello all Are there any benefits from switching an existing cell phone plan from personal to business plan? From what i've been reading, looks like cell phone providers wont report on your business report unless your late? Only benefit i see is if you default, it will hurt your business credit and not your personal correct? appreciate any input
  12. I am not very knowledgeable in disputing But not to long ago I paid some credit repair company to clean up my report and they were able to get this account off of my Transunion and Experian Don't know why but it did not come off of Equifax

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