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  1. Real estate broker Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  2. I went from 10k to 50k in about 4 months. No PG Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk Wow, how did you go from 10k to 50k in 4 months? Did you max the card out and paid it off in 4 months? No maybe ran a few thousand through and paid in full each month. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  3. Duh... LoL You're probably right on the money OO. I'd bet my last dollar on that too. My Spark carx reports to EQ and EX. I don't know about D&B. Spark reports to personal, this commercial line does not. It's the same setup as the Costco Capital One business account.
  4. I hope some others can chime in as Citi seems bizarre if they don't like you. My scores are now about 700 and have multiple 20k + card limits. I am in with pretty much all banks except for Citi. I burned them a few years ago so I know I am on their black list. Really want the cotsco card. So I decided why not try a secure citi card and move from that later. Nope. They didn't even pull credit. Denied waiting on letter. My wife is on cotsco membership as well so I had her apply for secure (she was denied cotsco card as well) She has similar scores but had never burned citi. She is getting
  5. I went from 10k to 50k in about 4 months. No PG Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  6. I thought I read here where someone requested to have their accounts receivable account rolled into their business revolver? I would like to do this if it's possible. For some reason, i am getting increases all the time with A/R but no go on Lowers revolver. Been stuck at $1,500 on revolver for a year, and really is hard to utilize for rehab projects with that low amount. My a/r side, they increase consistently. I just asked for increase from $7k to $14k and granted, but can't get above $1,500 on revolver. I have perfect business credit, 18 trade lines reporting...
  7. So I have looked over the credit line increase information and here is my awesome results! Wife and I both have seperate Navy Federal Accounts Opened up with them about 9 months ago, each of us picked up $500 secured nRewards Visa's...ran $400-500 through them each total, then havn't touched them since. I applied for a Go Rewards about 6 months ago(scores in the middle 600's. Approved for $12,700. Applied for $15k CLOC at same time, approved for entire amount. At same time, I had my wife apply for the same two cards above, declined for both. She still had two unpaid collections(
  8. So back about 10 years ago I owned around 80 rental units. Long story short, got notes called due on some that were commercial notes, which caused issues with others that were residential loans. I got most short sold or sold for break even, but ended up with 2 that were foreclosed on. The last one shows the foreclosure was about 2 1/2 years ago. I have no credit card debt, everything has been paid perfect for past 3 years, and scores are now in the high 600's, low 700's. Have about $2,500/month in debt monthly between house and my two car payments...make about $165k/year. What is requ
  9. hopefully they are easier on non PG with business than my past experience. I can't get them to give me more then $3k at Home Depot on their net 30 card, but I get $50k from BJ's and $27k from Sams on non PG mastercards...
  10. did they ask for revenues/income? Can you share approx. income for your business? I was turned down 3 months ago but had gone on an app spree, they told me to many new accounts. Over $200k income. Already in on personal side with a $13k credit card and $15k CLOC). My scores thought are at about 700 right now(had some baddies in past)
  11. update on here. They are now reporting to D&B as "wholesale roofing/siding/insulation" I don't know if they report to equifax or experian business. now have 15 lines reporting to D&B.
  12. is this link legit? It's pointing to a website you can setup your own forms online.....
  13. Anytime you post you give me hope showing us one day soon we can be approved too. Keep upbthe good work n descrptive post ,did they check credit n make you pg?No PG and didn't pull personal credit Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk Congrats!!! Do you have a link to the exact application you filled out? Thanks You have to go into store to get the application and fill out paper form and fax back
  14. I uploaded 3 months bank statements, last two years business tax returns, and a profit/loss statement for the past year. They called and asked a few minor questions, heck, a lot easier then trying to get my darn Chase Ink card I still can't obtain.... Someone else wrote about the PG, I had mispoke, correct, it's PG, but doesn't report to personal. I don't know yet about what hard pull as none has shown up yet...
  15. They also didn't pull personal credit. I believe they soft pulled, but no hard pull has shown up on myfico. I was approved late late last night so don't know interest rates, etc. but could be useful for short term 2-4 month financing. Pretty easy process, just filled out app online and got approved in about 1 business day.
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