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  1. Just starting to think of a new home! It has been a minute since I completed the mortgage process. Is there a general rule of thumb on earnest money? And how do you estimate closing cost?? Or is that included in down payment? What happens to the earnest money if one party backs out of contract? Meaning the offer has contengencies ( inspection, appraisal, etc) and contengencies are not met! How do you select a realtor? Credit is good, idk scores- nothing derogatory on any credit report, yearly income is 280k, are there conventional loans with 5% down payment?
  2. hancock

    Where is ????

    Thanks Liverichly! Good to hear!
  3. hancock

    Where is ????

    Where is DallasLoanGuy??? Have not heard from him in awhile! Hope all is well!
  4. Curious as well! Approved for an auto loan with GM at 7.9 with a 715 credit score. We have other loans financed at 0% and of course the credit union is closed til tuesday. Thinking of just getting and refinancing in a month or two with credit union. Needless to say, i was not expecting 7.9%
  5. Personally, I would never go test drive a vehicle, if I was not in the market to purchase- just to receive anything for free! My time and the sales persons time are valuable.
  6. Interesting, wondering if salesman was pushing the 16 model just to get rid of it! Idk if buying a new 16 is wise! I may rather buy ised 16. New would be nearing a 2 YO vehicle with a 5 year note.
  7. hancock


    No new agreement was ever signed! I have every document related to the BK! The BK atty will help if I pay a retainer. I hired another atty that supposedly credit issues is his specialty! He agred to take the case and I paid his required fee to obtain his services. Now, atty states he is not sure how to proceed and has offered a refund.
  8. hancock


    Disputed as paid, zero balance online
  9. Possibly 2016 chevy suburban LTZ
  10. hancock


    No new agreement was signed. Monthly payment with interest was paid thru the trustee. The loan was cramed down based on value of the vehicle. Basically, nuvell received 8k less than original contract. We were willing to pay the 8k- not sure how the 8k is now 25k.
  11. What exactly is a lender looking for when they ask for a mortgage verification??? I received a mortgage verification from current mortgage holder, however, the numbers just do not add up. Example: contract term 252 months, remaining: 209. Original contract 8/2004
  12. hancock


    We knew my husband would be liable for the remaining balance on the account. We have had zero luck getting an answer how the balance was calculated. The. NUmbers do not add up, and nobody at nuvell can tell us how the number was arrived at. Nuvell sent a letter stating the title would not be released until balance was paid, after we had already received the title. Theaccount was paid thru the payment plan.
  13. hancock


    The atty was obtained to help either pay,settle, dispute account. Husband and I have both tried to obtain info from nuvell as to where their balance is coming from!
  14. No, would get 4000 in rebates plus poss 0%.
  15. hancock


    Maybe I was not clear, it has been disputed with CB, stating account has been paid and title provided! Keeps coming back verified!

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