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  1. I just re-fied the house and it was tough, the documents they required and so forth. But I was squared up and actually RE here has increased the last few years. CC's I noticed no mail offering new cards for a couple of years. Those are starting to trickle back. Just got an AMEX Delta card with mucho credit limit and another Barclays card I got which lowered the CL, now moved it back up. Did a check on the new house payment amortization yesterday in fact and my principle is 50% of the interest already at this point (3 payments in). Thats a nice change! Had a BK in 2000 so now watch things closely.
  2. Had similar issue with TU. Working with daughter on her stuff. She didn't have a bank statement (no bank account), paystub in prior 3 months (was out, had a baby), they didn't take the W2's from last year. No utilities, (lived with me). etc. I did send other stuff, (DL), birth cert, nothing worked. So wrote a BBB dispute. They then put the file in special handling and accepted what was previously sent. I mentioned that their requirements are not correct, not all people can comply, which was true.
  3. No idea on how that is reporting. Never seen any report. I'll write AFNI again, reminding them of previous note. Hope they just remove it. comes off 9/2012.
  4. TTT Again, the CA is reporting it like I would expect an OC to. haven't seen it before. Charged off assigned to collection agency Account status: closed ?
  5. Not understanding "IDS"? At this point, neither is reporting correctly
  6. Sent letters to all 3 CRA's on an AFNI account. The OC is Verizon landline. TU deleted it. Experian ignored it. Equifax changed some reporting (doubt it was from AFNI since info doesn't match. I then sent a 623 letter to AFNI, and also asked for copy of the bill. They did send the original Verizon bill, but nothing done on reporting as far as I can tell. However, Equifax reports it as a Charge Off. (for a CA?) Comments say consumer disputes (charged off account). It DID say factoring I think, now says collection agency/attorney Experian says under payment status : seriously past due/assigned to attorney/collection agency or credit grantor internal department. (again for a CA?) Account Status : Closed (the other CA accounts also say closed) I'm about ready to reply to AFNI and ask why the reports are still incorrect. Its a 79.00 bill, DOFD 10/05. Or just ignore and wait a few months for dropoff. Scores are in the 625 range across the board, better than before, AND CapOne sent a letter for a card! This is my daughters mess I'm helping with. I put her as AU on my Cap one from 2004, and got her a card when I just got my new AMEX (both cards hidden in safe)
  7. I tried calling HSBC on this very issue Monday. Haven't yet got through. I have a card since 2002 with a 29.00 fee. 2K limit. Now I have Amex and all kinds of things, this is my lowest credit limit AND a fee. Not sure I should dump it though. I use it rarely, it stays in my golf bag and pays for my golf rounds etc. I pay it back right away.
  8. I just 623'd AFNI on a Verizon bill from 2005. They sent the bill. The actual bill, not some made up thing.
  9. I recently also sent the 3 CRA's a letter regarding how AFNI was reporting. TU delete Equifax - changed the info. Experian - ignore Experian changed status from open to charge off Type of loan from factoring to Collection Agency/Attorney And they did very quickly. So I since sent AFNI a letter (got the card yesterday) saying the CRA's either ignored or changed data that didn't make sense and wanting to know if they provided the data, before I started legal redress with the CRA's. DOFD is 10/05, so near dropping off, verizon landline. Will see what happens. In fact I had a thread after, since it was unusual response from CRA's.
  10. I was doing some searching in my local court system for cases involving debt collectors (original reason for search was to find cases involving companies reporting themselves as factoring when that is a lie. Not from my local, but federal). Anyhow. I did a local search and saw that this case I copy here is typical in the timeframe. A case is filed, WITH affadavit of service and with the order for default (I know that some papers are filed at the beginning), which is where I get confused, how is one to know when to appear if that is filed the same day as the case? Within a couple days, slam bam thank you mister and case closed in favor of creditor! (unless I'm reading this wrong) So case filed on 5/31 and default ordered on 6/3? 05-31-2011 FILING FEE RECEIVED Filing Fee Received #06060 230.00 001 05-31-2011 CASE INFORMATION COVER SHEET Case Information Cover Sheet 002 05-31-2011 COMPLAINT Complaint 003 05-31-2011 SUMMONS Summons 004 05-31-2011 AFFIDAVIT OF NON-MILITARY SERVICE Affidavit Of Non-military Service 005 05-31-2011 AFFIDAVIT/DCLR/CERT OF SERVICE Affidavit/dclr/cert Of Service 006 05-31-2011 MOTION FOR DEFAULT JUDGMENT Motion For Default Judgment 05-31-2011 DECLARATION Declaration 007 06-03-2011 DEFAULT JUDGMENT Default Judgment 06-03-2011 ORDER OF DEFAULT Order Of Default 06-03-2011 EX-PARTE ACTION WITH ORDER JDG0005 Ex-parte Action With Order 008 06-23-2011 CERTIFICATE OF MAILING Certificate Of Mailing
  11. This week my new AMEX Delta card arrived with a very nice limit almost in the twenties. Then today a letter from Barcalys that they double my CL. It used to be at the new level, then they reduced it a couple years ago when lots were doing so. Also in mail today from BOA, a credit card offer. (they are the devil so that goes into the trash).
  12. That is curious considering it is a traffic ticket. For some reason, there was another entry from that same CA for an ambulance bill. It is gone. I had not (I don't recall), sent a HIPAA letter to them. These are the longest to stay on the TU, so it will be nice to get them off (2014 and 2015). fyi with TU they are always attached, per TU "if its on your reports then we attached the SSN" "we make the provider submit the info for a match, if no match then we remove"
  13. I just went through my mail today. I had an approval for a Delta Amex card. They said it was based on my credit score (778) equifax. said also that the score was impacted by too many inquiries. The only ones I can think of. Last Nov started a refi (which I didn't finish). This July, same thing, did a refi (which I did complete). no other credit cards that I can recall, have received no new ones in years. So that statement perplexes me, however, they Did note it.
  14. he was pretty quick to say yes, the SSN was attached, and also quick to say dispute all 4. so we'll see.
  15. I tried this today with TU. There are 4 collection items from a local company for traffic tickets. All had been paid. So I called, and because I recently had an issue with TU getting the right address, and this included a BBB complaint, I am now in special handling. At least it was english first speaking. I said that there are a couple of people with my name (true) one being a cousins new wife. he indicated that the TL did have a SS#, but said, lets just question all 4 (one is from my current county, the other 3 from another). So, now in waiting mode. hope it works.

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