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  1. It's been a while since I've been here, but I have a question that someone on here may be able to answer. I am building a garage with an apartment above it on my property. The city planner is telling me that city code requires such a building to be connected to municipal water and sewer through new main lines (separate from the mains that connect the house). City code only states that it must connect to municipal sanitary sewer and water - it does not state the means in which it should connect. The building inspectors said I should be able to connect through the lines already on my property - there's nothing in the building code stating I can't. I contacted the city councilman for my ward and he has been less than helpful. Ignoring phone calls and e-mails. He keeps telling me he'll get back with me on "Monday" which he never does. Installing new main lines is going to cost ~$10k. Do I just take their word and their interpretation and fork over the $10k or is there something I can do? What type of lawyer would I contact to get their advice? Thanks all!
  2. Thanks everyone. You've been so helpful and I will pass on your kind words to the rest of my family.
  3. I hope this post finds all of you in peace, health, and happiness. I feel a bit self-righteous posting here after such a long absence, but I'm sitting at work with no one to talk to and I need some kind words. My niece had her second surgery yesterday and she didn't make it. We are obviously devastated. Go, hug your loved ones. Take care, Loch
  4. Somedays I wish STBX would be less of an involved father. I know that's bad, but I wish I could just wipe him out of my life. I keep telling myself "Everything happens for a reason." Maybe your H's un-involvement is a blessing in disguise.
  5. Taking DS to his first movie-theater movie...Wall-E. I'm excited!!!
  6. At that point.... let me go....... I don't want a life of the next 6 years of staring at the ceiling, not being able to feed myself, go to the bathroom by myself, or enjoy any other simple pleasure in life. It's always struck me funny that we can have that kind of compassion for our animals, but not for our own race - especially if someone asks for it or had the wherewithal to write it down in the case they should end up like this but not be able to speak.
  7. Not to mention that a piece of cotton is hardly good protection for whatever creepy crawlies might be living on the undies from the person that tried them on before you. Blech.
  8. SG - After all the trying, the wondering, the waiting, and yes, the crying, filing for divorce was uplifting. A decision had finally been made and I could move on. It seems so wrong to say, but I'm happy for you!!! I know you've been through some trying times in your marriage - this is the first step to a better life for both you and your DD. (((SG)))
  9. Hand-write. Does he type-write his greeting cards too?
  10. OK, question about this. When you (general you) learned to drive, were you taught that EVERYONE pulls to the right, not just the people going in the same direction as the emergency vehicle? I frequently find myself being the ONLY person pulling over on the side I'm on. I thought that was the rule too. If the ambulance is coming down the other side of the interstate, I don't pull over, but if it's a 2-lane highway, absolutely.
  11. OMFG. :rolleyes: I love your dress!
  12. I've never heard of a wedding reception without music and dancing! I'm sorry your sister has issues. How is her marriage? I was starting to have self esteem issues when H was being a real jerk - telling me how fat I was (I'm not), how my hair was ugly, etc. Maybe her husband helps perpetuate her self esteem problems.
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